All for What?! Will This Be Another Gunfight at the Waco Corral?

Waco Texas is once again garnering public media attention on a Sunday as the admins of the All for 1 Rally clamor for attention from everyone, even asking for a sidecar to carry HBO. They are hosting a ‘silent protest’ tomorrow in support of the bikers killed, injured and Incarcerated due to events that occurred at Twin Peaks on May 17th. This event has been plagued with uncertainty from the start as the Texas CoCI and U.S. Defenders advised everyone not to go..  From the onset it has been glaringly obvious that no patches are openly present on their page. We covered this all in a previous post… While it seems that new admins who know more about the biker world have stepped in to help out, it may be too little too late to get a hold on the raucousness that is ensuing at this late date.

Today, the day before the event, it appears that there is basically a clusterfuck of ‘patriot groups’ squaring off in Waco.. it seems that the ever present instigators, the 2 Million Bikers to DC, have once again stirred trouble. Some of their compadres, Open Carry groups, are now going tomorrow, open carrying long guns in the middle of the biker event. Their page has reached a meltdown of epic Jerry Springer proportions… They have argued every amendment and playbook it appears, and even got down to threatening fisticuffs.

While they seem to be very in touch with what the COPS are up to, and maybe even are quite friendly with them….image

They seem to have very little understanding of clubs and patches, Mel even going so far as to say he was ‘advised’ none should be there.. Then deleting it.. What does that mean?!



Some of the provocateurs who have ransacked this event are of course, the ever present thorn in everyone’s side Belinda Bee Blake, a non biker most known for her alleged theft of $77,000 collected for 9/11 victims and first responders after hijacking the 2013 2 Million Biker Ride to DC… She seems to be up to her usual tricks, such as posting crazy conspiracies by someone name John Bostick, ripping off victims stories from this blog, telling people the bikers are being released due to Bowtie’s work which is incorrect, starting rumors, and generally just being a pain in the ass. I just hope no one sent her money and expects it to get to Waco.


I openly own my hatred of her and the fact that I have attempted to warn the biker community of her scams for two years now.

My favorite radio broadcast of all time

Another character is this guy from the Open Carry side, Murdoch Pizgatti..



All I can say at this point is I pray for the people who are going to this event.


5 Responses to “All for What?! Will This Be Another Gunfight at the Waco Corral?”

  1. with TwinPeaks closed/gone they(all) will have to find a new shooting range – maybe if the cops end up arresting great numbers from this ‘event’ they will have to let the bikers out to make more room

  2. calvin, john Says:

    Anybody whose still planning on attending this circus needs 1. A Retained Attorney, 2. Life Insurance, 3. Experience with incarceration, & 4. All their paid sick leave & vacation time handy. Regardless of whose at fault, this event has been hijacked by either the provocaturs, law enforcement and/or the media none of which will do one good thing for those still unjustly held. To quote Dante’ “Abandon hope all Ye who enter here”. This cluster of insanity has ” Set Up ” written all over it. Freedom loving Bikers should ride, just in the opposite direction. Above all, be safe.

  3. Ed Crochet Says:

    Everyone that goes there is giving $$$$$$$$ to a city
    as well as the ENTIRE BIKER COMMUNITY
    NATION WIDE!!! Waco is already making
    plenty money as those having to wear
    monitors will be paying FEES.
    IF they release the bikes
    and cars there will be
    YOU WANT TO SHOW WACO HOW YOU FEEL “RIDE THRU” with cash in your hand waving it as you go some where else to spend it!

    • Ed Crochet Says:

      We need to pick a date, such as the 17th of each month and as many as possible converge on every STATE’s CAPITOL demanding WACO BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE
      and each Officer, Judge, DA etc who have
      jobs, there by BREAKING TEXAS LAW
      be CHARGED WITH their

  4. I read that as many as 7 had been released, but that they signed an agreement not to sue? Is this correct info?

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