We Got To Fight, For Our Right… to… Nevermind

I have disgust dripping from my pores and oozing through the crevices of my consciousness every time I see something about that stupid pool party. I think that cop, Charlie’s Angel’s Barrel Roll notwithstanding, was a grade A horse’s ass. HOWEVER..

Can someone please explain to me how, as shitty as it was, one mouthy kid getting her hair pulled gets more press that 30 Americans, mostly veterans, getting shot up and murdered, just a couple hours away? How does being made to sit on the ground warrant more attention than 170 people being jailed under a million dollar bond?

Why do reporters keep saying white privilege when in fact a lot of the men jailed were Hispanic?

Why did it take almost a month to get so much as a press release from the ACLU but they were all over the pool party the next day?

America is nothing but a ridiculous shadow of her former self when a bunch of idiot Muslim black panthers goose stepping down the street is more important than a complete and total gutting and raping of every civil right on the books two hundred times.

Nobody cares about the bikers.. They will believe cops are assholes right up until they attacked bikers.. And then suddenly people had rather animalize and dehumanize us than actually DO anything about liberty falling victim to snipers with silencers. The hypocritical bastards wouldn’t even miss us until Christmas rolled around and no free toys fell out of the sky. image

For the first time in my life, I have no problems saying the words I am ASHAMED to be an American.


4 Responses to “We Got To Fight, For Our Right… to… Nevermind”

  1. Numberz Says:

    Unfortunately… I agree with you.

  2. AshleyS. Says:

    I think the problem is that whites don’t riot. When we protest, we do it nice and orderly and everyone feels free to ignore it. There’s no threat from people who don’t riot.

  3. Numberz Says:


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