Bikers vs. The Clap



So… It has come to my attention that all the pool party crap is because that little girl was selling tickets to something called ‘Make It Clap’. I went googling for what that means. So I am now going to tell you how to catch The Clap. Best I can tell, it means, first of all, you have to have a floppy ass, or I guess you would look like Miley doing the chicken butt…This is what I would look like doing it by the way..

So. The clap. It means you take a big floppy ass and squoze it into a size small pair of booty shorts so that the part that should theoretically cover some portion of ass is actually wedged up in between the two fat flabby cheeks so far that it could serve as a hysterectomy… This causes a valley of sorts between the fat cheeks in which The Clap will soon occur. So, then you play some sort of gangster rap music, and you jump and grind and gyrate wildly and bend over and flop the large ass cheeks around and around until you get them to flopping in some sort of motion to produce a back and forth wave, so that when the two slabs of ass collide, it will make a ‘clap’ sound from the cheeks slapping together. Sounds like something every fourteen year old should know how to do, right? I have no doubt this practice is perfected in school yards all across America. In essence, children all over are catching The Clap. Everyone knows how contagious the Clap is, and it seems that now it’s moving rapidly through America’s youth.

No wonder we bikers can’t get any media attention. How do we compete with the Clap? I mean, look at this mind boggling feat of intelligence and studious knowledge on display…

How to Catch The Clap






2 Responses to “Bikers vs. The Clap”

  1. negroes: they contribute so much to the magic and euphoric splendor of diversity, which we all value and appreciate.

  2. The clap? Really? And do they really “catch” The Clap? For FUN? Bhahahaha, not lol, or roflma just doesn’t portray the unbelievable laughter that erupted from me, but Bahahahaha, kinda get there.

    ACLU, Militant Black Goose Stepping Panthers, and that for profit sector are up in arms over “The Clap”?

    I am sobered by the thought of the 125 still in Waco’s Jail, and the others paying over $300 a month for a monitor so they can pretend to be free. What the Hell is wrong with our Society?

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