Texas Prime Grade A First Class Bullshit


A Cossack named Scoot went before a city council and gave this big speech about how they are all Boy Scouts on motorcycles and no Cossack on earth EVER wanted to be a 1%er…

I call bullshit. I know a lot of journalists out there are tip toeing through the tulips with the Bandido-Cossack upheaval… Well, not me. I have absolutely no qualms about saying I think the Cossacks are ranking right up there with the Irom Order with douchebaggy jackassery. I believe there’s something stinks all to hell about the news story saying four dangerous bikers beat down a former prospect, and are arrested, the night before Waco.. Complete with growling commentary about ‘we won’t be toleration’ that behavior around these parts.. Hock, chew, spit..’ from a Boss Hog Texas cop…


And again on Channel 9…


Yes one of the Cossacks, Justin ‘Bear’ Dill, supposedly arrested, posted this photo of him posing for selfies with a cop car the night before Waco…


On top of that, we have that bullshit testimony from An unnamed Cossack about the Bandidos setting them up and not wanting peace.. Kinda funny when you read their day to day posts on facebook about how badass they are…


Then we have ol scoot up there talking about how friendly they are and NEVER wanna be associated with those hateful gangs! Umm aren’t these lightning bolts on the same par as a 1%.. Which some of them DO claim, as well, by the way… Such as one of their Regional Sgt. at Arms…



Now.. As if this isn’t enough proof that they are liars..

Take a good look at the photos. The very few Bandits in attendance were at least half grey beards. They were wearing their cuts. They didn’t roll in with Nomads and Enforcers and all their big, strong, young boys.. They in no way entered that situation like a club going to war. If the Bandidos had an inkling there was going to be a fight, there would have been at least thirty of them in the area an hour before anyone else. They would have POLICED the meeting themselves so that nothing ever happened. I don’t know why nobody else will point out these glaringly obvious points. I will. It’s not fair the way the Bandidos are being protrayed and to me, ANY journalist who isn’t raising just as much hell as I am should be ashamed of themselves.

Now don’t get me wrong.. I still believe the cops did almost all the shooting and killing.. But it’s time SOMEBODY said hey, the Cossacks have been trying to break up the CoC for months, they have been jealous of the Bandidos for years.. You want to find criminal bikers.. Look at the ones who started the whole damned thing.


One Response to “Texas Prime Grade A First Class Bullshit”

  1. Joe Friday Says:

    Good points. It’s been one of their talking points that the Bandidos charge clubs $100 per chapter to wear those rockers, which threw me off as I’ve never heard that. Then it dawned on me: previously, they had complained that to join COC, each of their chapters had to pay $100 to participate. Funny, Bandido chapters each pay that as well. For whatever reason, the Copsacks (not misspelled in my eyes) think the Bandidos make money from the COC. If that’s true, then do Bandidos also get money from California COC’s, New York COC’s, etc? That’s their “extortion” argument. They weren’t allowed to pay $100 for their entire club with a hundred chapters, many with one or two members, in spite of everyone else having to. But I guess since most of them never prospected, or prospected less than a month, they missed that part.
    Oh, and I am almost certain that Scoot was seen in Waco, but no arrest or bond listing? Guess he has a badge to flash somewhere hidden in his cut? Wat about it Scoot?

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