Bikers Protect Beau Biden’s Funeral, Get Color Banned and Kicked Out of a Street Fair on the Same Corner!

Bikers in Delaware did exactly what bikers always do.. They stood respectfully and quietly in honor of the deceased and stopped the three Westboro idiots who looked to have about fifty seven signs each. This particular memorial on the 6th of June wasn’t your ordinary funeral… They were standing for Beau Biden… Showing respect for the son and the office of Vice President of the United States of America, even though Joe Biden may be one of the sorriest, most useless flops of hide the good Lord ever ran a gut through. .image You can plainly see that they stood in military formation, even when one fool threw hot coffee at Westboro and got arrested.. The bikers were not involved. image Wil-Del MC is not a 1%er club. In fact they at one of the oldest surviving law abiding AMA sponsored clubs, chartered in 1947. image At just a glance it’s easy to see these guys are technically still a one piece patch.. I love this beautiful patch and the way you can plainly see where they maintained the outline that wa the original shape of cuts.. Three piece patches originated from bikers ripping the rockers off in protest of the AMA. image These men stood at that funeral.. Then attended an Italian Festival street fair on the same streets, same corner, wearing their soft colors, (tshirts with their patch on the back).. . They were asked to leave because of what they were wearing. Straight up in the middle of the street color ban on a one piece patch. They caused no ruckus.. No whips and chains and nail clippers.. No turf war or patch chasing or rivalry of any sort. They stood up as honorable Americans and got treated like crap in return. In the usual style and aplomb that had bikers sending pizza to snipers at a memorial ride a few weeks ago in Texas, the Wil-Del MC fired back with graceful humor… They put up a ‘Free Hugs’ booth the next day. Respects Delaware, for this class act in the face of boorish, discriminating bullshit. image From a facebook status: Wil-Del MC standing with respect to shield Beau Biden’s funeral procession from Westboro Baptist Church protesters on 06/06/15. There were about 100 anti-protesters present, some organized groups and some private citizens. Notice the Delaware State Police did not have any problems with the WDMC wearing their colors. Of course, the FBI, US Marshals, Secret Service, and several other local and state law enforcement agencies were also present. (From -D) From the ABATE of Delaware page: After being asked to leave the Italian Fest a couple of days ago, WIL-DEL MC came up with a perfect way to connect with the public. Tons of hugs and interaction with the community. Lots of positive vibes. Good example to follow. Yes, you read that right. After they stood at the funeral and protected the body, They attended AN Italian street fair type festival. The bikers did nothing wrong… They weren’t in an altercation with ‘some gang.’ They were not warring over turf or patches or any of the other ridiculous stories that has come out of the media lately. I sincerely hope Joe Biden and every cop that stood under their protection then turned their backs on them get a severe case of crotch rot and the squirts at the same time.


19 Responses to “Bikers Protect Beau Biden’s Funeral, Get Color Banned and Kicked Out of a Street Fair on the Same Corner!”

  1. Gary K. "Hildy" Hilderbrand Says:

    I sent this into the News Journal as soon as I heard about this issue but the News Journal would not print it:

    How amazing can it get? The motorcycle clubs were a welcome sight when the protesters from Westboro showed up at Beau Biden’s funeral services to push back against their ugly rants yet when they came to enjoy the festivities of St. Anthony’s Italian Festival bikers were turned away like they had the plague. What is next separate toilet facilities?

    Gary K. Hilderbrand

    State Legislative Coordinator

    ABATE of Delaware

    1206 Woodlytown Road

    Magnolia, DE 19962



    And to those of you who did nothing, you are welcome to enjoy the freedoms others have provided you!

  2. Brenda Parrish Saulsbury Says:

    My brother Fred was a bike rider in his 40’s and rode with a group of his buddies from work. He had long, wild hair, a full beard and wore full leathers. He was also the most gentle, caring man in the world and an elder in his church. Loved babies and dogs and was so generous to everyone. When my youngest brother passed away at 18 years old, Fred and his buddies rode to the cemetery after the funeral to view the flowers and sit with Carlo for a while. The flowers were haphazardly thrown on the grave, so Fred and his buddies were working on putting everything on the grave so my parents wouldn’t be upset when they visited the next morning. Officials from the cemetery came running out, shouting at them that they were going to call the police. Would that have happened if the guys had been in suits and driving cars? Don’t think so. Hey, bikers are just like you…good people who do good things. Leathers and long hair don’t make criminals.

  3. If they feel that way, maybe then the patriot guard riders and others should leave these people to Westboro Baptist Church and let them enjoy their bullsh*t, since them mean old biker gangs (their words not mine) cause so much trouble and let them have it and see how they enjoy having their family members memorial services with these Bas*ards in attendance???? Just a thought…………

    • Mary Dixon Says:

      That would only hurt the families who truly appreciate the bikers presence. Let’s not punish those that don’t deserve it.

  4. Thank GOD for Bikers we need them.

  5. Dave Johnson Says:

    Character is defined by one’s heart, soul, and actions, not by what they wear or what they ride.

  6. fathercharlescoughlin Says:

    Yours is an invaluable site! Can you help get the truth out to bikers on who is REALLY hassling them? Thanks for forwarding them my blog and thank you for the opportunity to Follow you!

  7. fathercharlescoughlin Says:

    BIKERS NEEDED FOR NATIONAL SECURITY! Beginning south of Boise, Idaho, going on for hundreds of thousands of acres, the communist Chinese are flying in 24/7 with armaments! This is allegedly a massive land area Obama illegally gave to them. We need the bikers to survey the situation and tell the nation what’s going on! They can go down in history as HEROES!

  8. I have been looked at differently my whole life because of the way I look. I must have thick skin, because there sure seems to be a lot of thinskinned pussies out there now expecting to be welcomed with open arms for dressing a little different then joe public. Humans have always acted this way, always will. Get over it or change your clothing attire to maybe a dress.

  9. My biker clothes including all of The Harley Garb that I wear is a symbol of my love respect for all of my Brothers that ride. Our leathers and clothing probably cost more than the suits from Men’s Warehouse that these Washington Lawyers are wearing. Please don’t judge us. Jump into our Brotherhood for just a week and see all of the charitable things we stand for and do. Next time Joe Biden drifts through town, let’s turn our back on him.

  10. Im the last line there – Joe didn’t snub him. Joe wasn’t even at the Italian festival which started a week after the funeral.

    The Italian Festival is held by Saint Anthony’s church (where the funeral for Beau was) on their grounds a few blocks away from where the protestors stood.

    Growing up – they never discriminated or banned patches. But after a few years of bad violence some involving bikers and plenty involving non biker gangs they cracked down on all colors and changed to a paid admission rather than free.

  11. Why protect that piece of trash biden hated bikers

  12. I believe the general public has no idea what patches and colors signify in MC’s, it is a world unknown to them. Maybe, educating them on each clubs implications, views, concepts and objectives, of at least our local clubs can help bring our community together. Positivity and love can rule the world, please keep it positive World.

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