Can Ya Hear Me NOW?! stop the silence, stop the violence

Why exactly are the cops allowed to basically STEAL the cellphones of all those people? Not many people have house phones anymore. The cops took innocent people and held them hostage, and THEN kept their phones and took away ALL contacts they had to jobs, family, and friends. Of course when they got out they need a way  to talk to attorneys, apply for jobs, etc. the cops don’t care. In fact I suspect they did it on purpose in an attempt to keep them silenced even after they got home.

I bet the two hundred weapons added to their tally was cellphones.. About as dangerous as a nail clipper after all.

As always, the bikers refuse to turn their backs on Waco. A prepaid and used cell phone drive appears to be a raging success in less than 24 hours… several of the recently incarcerates bikers have already got their new phones in hand.

Speaking of silence… The cops are bullying every single person, drilling into their heads how they are ‘monitoring every word they say to use against him.’ No offense, but I call bullshit. There are 200 of them… Throw in the family members and the support crews and the random other people like me. The city of Waco is already pretty much stagnant and broke… I don’t believe for a hot minute they are monitoring all those bikers because I don’t believe they can afford the massive effort of manpower it would take. Beyond that, they are still INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN guilty. How are the law enforcement dweebs telling them ‘you can’t talk to bikers or media?’ Says who? This is still the United States of America. They haven’t been found guilty of a damned thing except wearing a tshirt or bandana or LEGALLY carrying weapons in their vehicles. They bonded out. Just who the hell are those lawyers working for anyway?! I suspect all their phones are destined for Sgt Swineface’s little scrapyard that advertises How they ‘take all used electronics.’ I just bet you do, Patty.

People warn me all the time to ‘be careful or watch what i say.’ Well, I don’t think it’s me who needs to change my behavior. I don’t understand why every single biker, every single American ISNT just as pissed as I am? Why are they not raising nine kinds of hell for nine kinds of hell? if EVERYBODY stood up at the same time, they can’t get us all.

Its time TO STOP THE NAZI BULLYING and propaganda and hidiing evidence and murdering and lying and bankrupting  and kidnapping being done  by the Waco Police. It’s time to speak out and tell people what has happened to them. It’s time to help them be heard… It’s time to tell the truth.


4 Responses to “Can Ya Hear Me NOW?! stop the silence, stop the violence”

  1. I’m with you. Bullshit doesn’t ever stop unless people make it stop. Don’t wait and think everyone else is demanding justice- we ALL need to scream at the top of our lungs for the Waco pd and all involved to cut the shit and show the videos and right the wrongs. NOW

  2. In the parking lot of Twin Peaks. She came dressed that day ready to be on tv and hiding the face that she’s a cop.

  3. This WPD is corrupt as horseshit! It always has been !!
    That DA and JOP judges is right along with them. They know this has turned to shit on them…. They just don’t know how bad yet?
    They need to pay Big Time for this injustice that was caused by them!

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