Whatever Happened to Sgt. Swanton


There has been a lot of speculations about why Sgt. Swanton seems to have gone missing since June 10th… His daughter is kinda scarce too… Maybe we should investigate!

He does kinda seem like a family man, don’t he?

Or maybe he was kidnapped by Clyde and the Black Widows…imageOr maybe he got a second job…. image


Maybe he doesn’t want all those nasty subhuman bikers getting twitchy cock thinking about his pretty blonde COP DAUGHTER..

(Do not look at the picture and think of Sabreena)


Maybe heee’sssss… BATMAN!


OR MAYBE.. just maybe.. Officer Combover is just a big lying, conniving, sleazy, sissy punk pussy bitch who loses the wind in his Chuck Norris with PMS attitude toward the Bandidos when you know this…he and his entire family seem to have disappeared off the internet and haven’t made a peep since one little crippled, helpless ol lady biker wrote a little bitty harmless blog about him… Hahahahaha


When they swept the Internet to keep me from finding more info, they forgot one little place…. The Waco Police Department page! HAHAHAHA


And if I’m not mistaken, shouldn’t this photo get him a Waco dad of the year award? Nothing says father daughter bonding like taking her to a premeditated murder, right? Look at how this tomboyish cowgirl all dressed up and hair curled on a lazy Sunday morning.. By the way..



13 Responses to “Whatever Happened to Sgt. Swanton”

  1. LadyRavenSDC Says:

    Amy – the pic of daughter – at one of Dad’s press briefings?

    • Yes.. In the parking lot after the Twin peaks shooting. What rookie cop wouldn’t wanna wear her uniform? Her hair is curled.. She came prepared to hide who she was and to be on tv if it IS her. sure looks like her.

  2. Well he was promoted to Chef Swanton
    at his new job in the Texas Prison System

  3. Scumbag hater Says:

    You sure are showing your ignorance. You need to attend that church you go to more often. You know exactly what you are doing by placing a seed in people’s mind to hurt that family or any family for that matter. You need to start focusing on the DA instead of the cops. If
    You were so intelligent you
    Would know the DA is even over the chief of police. So go learn how the justice dept works first before blaming officers. Do you even know the Texas laws? No! Your no journalists, you build yourself
    Up because no one else does.

    • Oh look a holster sniffing little bitch. Hahaa and not a very literate one either! That must be a cop becUse it’s in the same ‘language’ as those fifth grade homework police reports. Hahaahaa

  4. LadyRavenSDC Says:

    Reblogged this on LadyRaven's Whisky In A Jar – OH! and commented:
    Since your original post “introducing” Swanton – having seen earlier the quote from the link below – I have always wondered who the rookie was –
    “[…] Eighteen uniformed Waco police officers including an assistant chief, sergeants and one rookie were standing by outside the restaurant Sunday and responded within a matter of seconds after the violence broke out between members of five rival gangs, Swanton said”

  5. jjsolari Says:

    you oughta be up for the pulitzer prize for this coverage lady

  6. LadyRavenSDC Says:

    Reading your work for several weeks now I find your description of yourself as – one little crippled, helpless ol lady biker – amusing.
    Crippled you may be – helpless you are not.
    The path you have chosen, that of truth seeker and champion to the Waco bikers and their friends and families, requires grit and much more that so very few possess today.
    Reading the profile of another “cripple” writer this evening – his further description of himself (former LEO by the way) I knew to also be Amy.
    A “grouchy old cripple” who “prefers the tempestuous sea of liberty to the calm of despotism.”
    With heart and soul and mind I know you will keep searching for the truth Amy. Just please – watch your back.

  7. Lisalisa Says:

    You’re effing awesome!
    Thanks for your courage to stand up and speak your mind and I might add, your voice does not quiver. A little LOL helps now and then in regards to this unbelievable, frightening, horrendous Unconstitutional, ongoing nightmare that everyone in America, not just bikers, should be screaming about.

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