The Astronimcal Amount the Bikers Will Be Able to Sue For.. good News and Bad News

“I’ve heard enough about my person was a victim and most of the people were victims. Well, guess what? If they’re victims they shouldn’t have any problem coming to law enforcement and cooperating to be sure justice is done and the individuals solely responsible are brought to justice – and through the first round of interviews we aren’t getting that,” Reyna added, then went straight up So a of Anarchy with “We’re gonna get to the bottom of it and law enforcement is all working together as a team, and I’ll bet on our own gang before I bet on their gang,” Reyna promised.


With this one statement the District Attorney of Waco has violated around 200 people’s Civil Rights… NOT counting family members who are suffering for a month, mind you. That triples the cases, conservatively… There was a case in Houston where close to 300 people were arrested.. And a judge determined it unconstitutional, and that their time incarcerated is worth about $2,500. PER HOUR.. Taking this settlements with other cases, a comparative analyst was determined of $2,500-$5,500 an hour.. Keep in mind, this is one hour of ONE violationof the Constiution with one person. The amount of money four four weeks, if I figure it right comes to around $5 million dollars a person..JUST for violatingyour Mirandarights. The way they have been treated? If the Miranda Right violation was a bowling ball rolling down a razor blade, it would look like a BB rolling down the coast of California to what each person endured.. For nothing. Except cops wanting to play commando and infiltrating the Cossacks and starting shit.. Oh yea.. Should I mention I would sue the cops too? They are liable for the same amount if not more. This is amazing news, right? Wrong.

The city of Waco is broke. I would bet the FIRST case bankrupts the city. Then hey.. Let Texas pay… Before he was Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott was Texas attorney general and spent $4.25 of taxpayer’s money suing the federal government, or as he liked to call it – “suing Barack Obama.” Abbott knew that most of these suits were completely ridiculous but he liked collecting frivolous numbers, I guess. That $4.25 million does not count the money the federal government had to spend to defend against Abbott’s retarded lawsuits. So, just to be fair about it, let’s say it cost Texas $8.5 million dollars total.


It’s ALL your money, whether it be city state or federal government. You paid for the cops to lock up and murder innocent people. You paid to keep them incarcerated and bankrupt every one of them and all their families. You will THEN pay astronomical attorney and legal fees and suits that very likely will bankrupt the state of Texas.. Look over at Swanton and Abel and the rest of those nations and say thanks… No wait.. Swanton is hiding.. From me. Hahaha… So EVERYTHING going on right now? You pay on both ends.. And PROBABLY because all those COPS in the Cossacks and Swanton QUITE obviously planned the whole thing.. From the cleaning out of the old jail cells that were used for storage and painting cells to get ready the week before… ESPECIALLY since they were practicing for it at swat practice.. At a SCHOOL.. A few days prior..


And because Swanton’s daughter Sabreena showed up at Twin Peaks with curly hair like Snow White instead of her police uniform… She was dressed for TV.


Anyway, as attorney general Abbott had Texas sue the federal government 31 times. Here’s the scorecard with Greg Abbott as team manager … do you expect his silly self to help? I don’t. I have to say it will be karmic Justice when all the people who are right now no better than the cops, the two bit, two faced, cop loving, gun toting, SWAT team and snitch club class attending hypocrites for not caring about these families have to MOVE out of the crap hole Waco will become. Congratulations, Texas. You let this happen to yourself.



You asked for it, you bunch a cop worshipping holster sniffers. And bikers will pay for it for years to come in the public eye. Thanks a million. Really.

Update: this is where I see they were doing SWAT practice… On the Waco Police Association’s facebook.




10 Responses to “The Astronimcal Amount the Bikers Will Be Able to Sue For.. good News and Bad News”

  1. LadyRavenSDC Says:

    Amy – I found a swat exercise at a Montessori School last August but cannot find anything recent. Link please?

  2. I just got back from the future. I got a Waco chamber of commerce flyer. It reads, Come to the Biker mall/Clubhouse situated in beautiful downtown Waco. {formerly known as City hall and municipal building}

  3. So much crap even Texas will not own it. Let them secede after they pay those who chose to stay in jail.

  4. Sidenote: I have worked as a research assistant for an investigative journalist for years. One of our recent focuses is the Patriot Act. And how much bs the whole idea is. And the news reports with the police claiming they “KNEW” something was going to happen reeks of the illegitimate reasons we have members in congress defending this act which deniesour rights. Swanton admitting to previous knowledge that something was going to happen? Four deaths attributed to police fire? How many injuries?
    Oh CNN…. Keep on interviewing Swanton. He is an idiot, and loves the sound of his own voice.
    And, I am not the only one listening. Wonders never cease.

    • Try this number for Swanton: (254) 750-7596. It is his direct line.

      • Ahahahaaaa Now to find the missing daughter..

      • I found something very interesting. There is a law firm in Waco with the name Swanton and Frederick. They are defense attorneys. I didn’t delve too deeply. Conflict of interests? A rebellious relative? I don’t know.

      • Sabrena has an instagram account under SabrenaLynn11. Its private though…..I am a tired woman, and I know this because of my lack of sleep. My nephew commited suicide 2 nights ago, and then yesterday a friend of 40 years died.

        Over 1000 weapons. How many bikers? That has to add up to about 5 weapons per person. lol I wonder if they included the mag lights. So idiotic. Now, I am reading the police fired first. We have good weather today. I think I am going to take my heavy heart for a ride.

  5. LinkdIn is a great resource for finding people who want their information and skills made public. He, of course did.

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