ANOTHER EYE WITNESS STORY…. And then another….

Tonight I have spent about two hours on the phone with one of the Waco Widows. She told me about a group of men who were parked or parking at an empty building in the strip mall in a truck… The windshield of the truck was allegedly shot out, and SWAT immediately ran out of the building and surrounded them…. They were let go but the truck was confiscated. I though all cops were in their cars, Chief.


About the time I hung up the phone, I got this story in my inbox. I changed nothing…. It speaks for itself..

I was in the Don Carlos restaurant the entire time, from the first bullet shot until the police said it was safe to leave. As me and a friend started to exit the building two swat style cops snuck up from behind shouting get down throwing us to the ground. I had turned my hoodie inside out during the event due to watching what happened to others outside by police, I didn’t want to get caught up or shot in the situation as you could imagine. Don Carlos employees and customers apparently pointed the finger at us due me turning my red and gold hoodie inside out/ my friend was also wearing SYLB related gear. I told the officer I was inside the restaurant the entire time and had done nothing wrong at which point he added my friend and I to the line of bikers being detained. We sat outside for an estimated hour when a van pulled up and I was asked to get in, when asked why I was told I’m going to jail. We went to the convention center to be questioned and was honest to the Lady whom questioned me. I told her I saw the officer react in what seemed less than 10 seconds and started shooting everyone followed by if they knew it was going to happen then why didn’t they stop the COC instead of the seek and destroy tactics I witnessed, isn’t it supposed to be protect and serve not seek and destroy? Well that little interview got me a RICO related case, one month in jail and a million dollar bond. I have to say this entire bullshit unconstitutional chain of events is still stressing me to no end. I have an ankle monitor that cost $350 to install and another $250 a month. I can’t work due to the County limit restrictions, most of my work is done outside my county line preventing me from working. I’ve added up the entire cost of being inside Don Carlos restaurant that day watching what unfolded, keep in mind I wasn’t outside during the shooting and hadn’t done anything but tell the interviewing person I watched the cops shooting like crazy killing people. I’ve already spent $2500 in Bail, $10,000 to get my lawyer started and that’s just started, $350 to have the ankle monitor installed and $250 per month for services and I’m unable to work now. I was basically kidnapped by the Waco Police department for telling the truth about what I witnessed that day. If you ask my personal opinion the Waco Police Department just premeditated murder and jailed all that witnessed to keep them from talking, not to mention adding RICO related charges.


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  2. That turned my stomach literally when I read that. There is not a HELL HOT ENOUGH for the Waco police and those who assisted in killing and kidnapping those people! I have shared this and will continue to tell people what happened, and tell them to not trust what the MSM spits out about this.

    • elizabeth ellis Says:

      from first report to present i pray for all lives lost and all people jailed right or wrong is so easy to see in this mess God forgives I have not been able too and i was no way involved just disgusted by waco pd and all law enforcement involved we dont treat our people this way in our great nation i pray all wrong is accounted for it wont bring the dead to life and damage will never be re-payed but sue their asses off make them lose jobs and let their families suffer the shame of their actions God bless each and everyone of those that suffered this terrible act of SEEK AND DESTROY i pray this is shared nation wide

  3. Carlos Dickens Says:

    WHAT CAN WE DO ? Just post you may have a HELL OF A LOT more FOLLOWERS than you realize! KEEP UP THIS GREAT and INFORMATIVE posts ! Maybe another RALLY at twin peaks? Just say it MY ASS is THERE!

  4. Lenny Cravits Says:

    I guess their practicing for Marshal Law that will be next. Bikers with their comradely are a threat to officials that want to control the people. They require very little to become a force in themselves for the people and by the people. Bikers now days have became protectors and givers and will fight to defend one of their own.

  5. I want to know if those police were actually veteran policemen for the Waco police department. Did anyone get names of the arresting officers?

  6. Lenny Cravits Says:

    I guess their practicing for Marshal Law that will be next. Bikers with their comradely are a threat to officials that want to control the people. They require very little to become a force in themselves for the people and by the people. Bikers now days have became protectors and givers and will fight to defend one of their own.

  7. Well my relative still there and won’t let court appointed lawyer get him out so they complain about how much it cost yet they don’t let the innocent out just on a witch hunt how sad wonder how these officials sleep at night but hopefully karma never comes to visit them someday for destroying many lives and family members.

  8. Earn Your Own Way Says:

    This particular individual. If they were “in” Don Carlos at the time, why not show proof by showing the receipt of the order that was purchased that would show the time stamp of being “in” there when this happened. That’s evidence that you were not part of it.

    • He was dragged off to jail and handcuffed and thrown in a cell for a month. Do you REALLY think he had the receipt available? Stupid ass.

      • Earn Your Own Way Says:

        No need for name calling, but if it makes you feel superior so be it. But this comment wasn’t meant for ignorance. So now, THINK about it. During the time with the lawyer getting this taken care of, not at time. Ignorance is bliss.

      • the list of dumb ass comments is so long now…..they KNEW they were in Don Carlos…they did not care….

    • So, yeah probably no one paid or finished their meal. However, video would prove this. Waco pd at least has the outside film for don Carlos. It will be easy to prove when they went in. However, police are holding all evidence which will help prove any innocence.

  9. We need to get some big entity to help spread the word and help get some volunteers in the key cities, to try and put a thousand plus bikes in front of these mane stream media ABC,NBC,CBS,FOX,CNN, ALL AT THE SAME TIME. Good morning America. We need to be heard. I’m tired of fly by reports. It has to be peaceful. But big enough to force them to report and hear what we know and answer what we don’t we need to push them. To put pressure on Waco to get the video and dash cam footage. WE CAN NOT ALLOW THEM TO SWEEP THIS UNDER THE RUG.
    Like · 2 · June 12 at 10:47pm

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  11. Diana morton Says:

    This is going to be a tough battle but if there is any justice left Waco will go bankrupt and those pieces of shit that shot them. Karma will come calling.

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