An Eye Witness Submits His Opinion About Cossacks

Thank you for your coverage of the Waco incident. I can’t really divulge who I am, but will say that I was there, am pictured in the large collection of mugshots, and obviously, am currently out waiting to see what they decide to throw at us next.

The version put out by Bowtie, where he said the version that the video would show (if they ever release it), was probably the most accurate version of what happened, and I fully believe that he spoke with someone who was there.

The Cossacks are using the rhetoric about $100 and some form of “tribute” to Bandidos to be able to fly patches. What I think they’re referring to is the $100 membership fee that COC charges each chapter of each club. Heck, the Bandidos even pay it, with each of the chapters paying that in order to show that it’s not just “the Bandidos” organization, it’s everyones. And by their logic, 81, 22’s, AOA, and the Mongols all pay their money to the Bandidos, as they are active in their COC’s as well.

They play this “innocent riders” thing, bringing up past issues, but they seem to hide many things. Go to the Smith County Jail website and look for an inmate by the name of Randy Wood. You can also find his page on FB. He WAS president of their Sabine Chapter. They shut down the Sabine Chapter, moving members to different chapters, to distance themselves from him. He is currently on a Federal Hold for over 80 counts of possession of firearms by a felon and for the unlawful sale of firearms by a felon. Pretty good motive to turn on his former group and assist with infiltration? But they stand behind their brothers huh? lol

I imageobviously can’t disclose who I am due to all the legal stuff, but some of the stories and attempts to paint the Copsacks as victims is pissing me off.

Thanks again for all you do.


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