Another Eyewitness to Police Slaughtering Bikers in Waco

Tired of hearing about the Cossacks, do not use my name but I can give you a few details. The Cossacks set up a hit for the Bandido’s, not only were they infiltrated by the cops having some as members and not knowing, when Stanton spoke he said they had been watching them for 10 months prior also that morning Wayne Campbell member of the Cossacks told his ex wife he was picking up two of his brothers in his pick up and heading to waco and probably wasn’t coming back! Prior to leaving gave her money for kids and separate money for car part and repair, you can verify that with ——. And waco police had 14-16 marked waco white cars at every entrance the Cossacks had a prospect jump in front of arriving Bandido’s to stop them where they needed for the ambush once there 2 shots were fired by Cossacks which triggered the cops that were hidden inside the perimeter of waco cops to come out of vehicles already wearing flack jackets and gear armed with AR’s and started shooting into the groups mainly targeting cossacks 8 dead and only one Bandido. I counted around fifty rounds in less than one min. Also cops doing the shooting came out of unmarked civilian cars all inside perimeter of waco cars they were ready.
They say the bikers fired back but only Cossacks fired two rounds that was all the time allowed before cops jumped. look at how there are no cones in any pics showing shell casings from the alleged weapons. Cossacks sent a hit team but so did the cops and guess who won!

Again please do not use my name or number as I have family and I was there, I was able to slip away when a stray bullet went through the windows of a pick up two vehicles from where I was standing..whew!


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