More Strange Dealings from Waco

Earlier tonight I wrote a blog with a story from an anonymous source that tells a sinister tale about what happened at Twin Peaks…
The story

Now I have something else rather shady to show you…

Now, I can see how a ‘theft’ charge could have arisen, like maybe young Gage here had bought a gun at a pawn shop that showed up hot or something?



But can anyone explain to me how even younger Daniel here got a DWI.. In jail.. On June 1st?!




5 Responses to “More Strange Dealings from Waco”

  1. As far as Gage’s extra charge I would have to look up what MTR is. However, with Daniel’s extra charges they are obviously stated from Bexar county. So he had warrants for these in Bexar when he was arrested in Waco and they have added the holding for those to their list. I can not stand Waco PD and this incident has left many friends of mine struggling hard but you asked for explanation of extra charges while incarcerated & that’s how.

  2. MTR is motion to revoke, he is likely on probation and with this arrest Bexar County has filed a motion to revoke. NICE .. way to go Waco PD, this kid’s been on probation for a couple of years now and you f&*K that all up by arresting him for being at a meeting!!

  3. these people, idiots, whatever you wanna call them ( i am being nice) are just plain accomplishing “trumping” of charges…anything and everything they can find they are adding just to be assholes…..damn it LET OUR INNOCENT PEOPLE GO!!!!!! obviously they knew they would look like assholes for arresting an innocent man in Waco, so apparaently they went digging. Sadly enough, the stupid people of this world, will believe it all…So sad…ruining a good young mans life who was apparently trying to get his shit all means waco, keep the good ones in jail and let all the rapists, murderers and shit go cause we don’t want you to appear like your profiling……idiots

  4. robert negri Says:

    Young Daniel may have already been on bond for a DWI. Upon being arrested what ever bond company that had done his bond on the charge may of had canceled his bond. So he would have to repost a bond on that DWI charge. On Wed, Jun 17, 2015 at 4:15 AM, Wicked Bitch, by Biker Author Amy Irene

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