The Kind of Stories NOT to Read About Waco

Oh Jesus…. ‘With insight.’ Snort.. What is this guy? Steve Cookin training?? Haha

The actual eruption at Twin Peaks in Waco Texas on May 17, 2015 was a joint effort task put together by Federal Agents of several departments under and with the approval of the Homeland Security umbrella.

It was purely politically motivated to keep the two rival clubs from joining together as one voice in the restoration of liberty and justice in this country.

The COCI has been active in the legislative process for 16 years with scores of bills accredited to their movement. The two rival groups of bikers that were meeting in Waco on the 17th were there to agree on settling their differences and combining their voices to strengthen the voting block.

An olive branch had been extended and accepted prior to the meeting and a new political force would have emerged from that day with a voice louder than ever before.

The lifestyle of the biker in 2015 is nothing like the outlaw movie “Sons of Anarchy” even though the sheeply have embraced it as an educational documentary. 90% of all the 1%er clubs are respectable legal voting citizens. That voting percentage is probably higher than the church you attend.

It has been established that the Feds had moles inside the groups. They had the inside information that the petty rivalry that had existed for so long had been resolved. Because of these two groups having members throughout the country and the efforts of their individual voices already making a political difference the Feds acted with a swift and planned move that not only discredited the voice of freedom and liberty but also brought down the respect and admiration for law enforcement another notch.

The Waco massacre is another victory for the destruction of the United States, and the majority of our politicians look the other way because their Saudi oil wealth payola keeps them from wanting to do anything about it. America has the best politicians money can buy.

Opinion with insight
John Bostick
Jun 5


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