The BandIdo Nation has finally spoken out. Attorney Stephen Stubbs released this scathing press statement moments ago..

WACO — Stephen Stubbs, the attorney for the Bandidos Motorcycle club, released the following statement regarding the Twin Peaks Shooting investigation:

The Bandidos Motorcycle Club (hereafter, “Bandidos”) is saddened by the incident that took place at the Twin Peaks Restaurant in Waco, Texas on May 17, 2015. The violence was senseless, completely unnecessary, and wrong.

From the beginning, the Waco Police Department has freely spoken to the press and said many things that have since been proven untrue. This false narrative is damaging to everyone involved. Still, the Waco Police department continues to feed false information to the public, and at the same time is refusing to disclose important information/evidence (such as video evidence and autopsy reports) that would independently prove what really occurred. The Waco Police Department refuses to speak beyond their planned narrative, claiming that they do not want to “influence a potential jury pool” or “interfere with the investigation”. However, this is nonsense as nothing in the video and/or autopsy reports will alter or change any part of their investigation. The release of the video and/or autopsy reports would simply clear up rampant misinformation. If the Waco Police Department didn’t want to interfere with the investigation or influence a potential jury pool, it should not have released its false narrative in the first place and instead should have stayed silent during the entirety of the investigation. They did not, and now, after the false information has been widely reported, the Waco Police Department is content to feed the false narrative and allow the public to believe falsehoods. Therefore, the Bandidos demand that all video evidence and autopsy reports be released immediately to clear up the damaging misinformation that is running wild.

The following is true and correct:

1) The Bandidos were at the Twin Peaks restaurant to attend an organized political meeting and nothing else. A regional meeting for the Texas Confederation of Clubs and Independents (a bona fide political organization centered on Constitutional rights) was scheduled, and a prominent member of the Bandidos was the key-note speaker at the meeting. This Bandido key-note speaker was to report on the National Coalition of Motorcyclist event that occurred weeks earlier. Because COCI members from across the state were expected to attend this special meeting, it was purposefully scheduled in Waco, TX, a central city between Austin and Dallas.

2) The Bandidos have no knowledge of any other meeting. The Bandidos are aware that members of other motorcycle clubs are claiming that there were plans to meet with the Bandidos in Waco, TX on May 17, 2015. This claim is not true.

3) All weapons in possession of members the Bandidos were legally owned and carried.

4) Members of the Bandidos were not aggressors, did not start the altercation, did not strike first, were not the first to pull weapons, and were not the first to use weapons. The majority of the Bandidos took cover, and all involvement in the altercation by members of the Bandidos was in self-defense. Texas law allows people to defend themselves with the same amount of force that is exerted against them, and a few members of the Bandidos acted in accordance with these laws. In fact, members of the Bandidos involved in the incident did not even have time or opportunity to get off of their motorcycles before police came in.

This is the official press release from the Bandidos.. SYLB



  1. Poppy Stick Says:


  2. Sam " MeltDown "Edwards Says:

    Love Loyalty & Respect…….
    Stay strong Bandido Nation….

  3. william wolfe Says:



  5. Always Straight up SYLB forever


  7. Free the innocent- incarcerate the police who took innocent lives!!

    • Poppy Stick Says:

      thats right Marcia.. Put the COPS in JAIL and CHARGE THEM with CAPITAL MURDER. Then charge the POLICE CHIEF WITH CONSPIRACY TO COMMIT CAPITAL MURDER !!!!!!!!!

  8. SYLB

  9. Robert Sise Show Bob Gillespie Says:

    Tell a lie keep telling the same lie until people believe it. Waco PD I’m ashamed to call you Texans pathetic.. I thought Obama hated the constitution. Shameful just shameful.

  10. Two Bandidos down vs 6-7 Cossacks? And the Bandido’s were not the first to draw? The narrative does not seem to match facts. I don’t have a dog in this fight, but from what I’ve heard it was the Bandidos who set the Cossacks up for a parley, and then showed up late and started shooting.

    • Well stop the fucking presses! Phil HEARD a rumor. He knows more than the Bandidos who were there. Hey genius about 6 Cossacks were arrested. There was 25 Bandidos in attendance. If a big crowns surrounded a few guys on a bike the cops shooting would hit the guys on the outside.

    • Heather Says:

      You heard wrong. This was a COC meeting. They have them yearly in several locations throughout Texas. This NEVER happens. In fact, they just had one near me. Went down without any mishaps.

    • From what you heard?? You should knows facts before opening your mouth dude

    • How many COC meetings or ABATE meetings do YOU attend Phil? Golly gee the ones I’ve been to all over the country do not have secret squirrel meetings set up.

  11. Randall Bigby Says:

    Love, Loyalty, Respect

  12. I’ve been to many COC meetings in La. and when I first saw the reports and then seen pics of AMA clubs in attendance I knew it was a COC meeting. At COC meetings all clubs are to leave their dislike for others on the streets and not in the meeting. Because the Bandits are the Dom club of course they were there as it should be. If not for their oversight you would have every SOA fan out there starting clubs and trying to be Billy Bad Ass and then you would see a lot of people getting hurt. I think the whole story is a sham that has been produced by L.E.O. Free every one of them then compensate them for your wrong doing.

  13. excuse my language but this is total bullshit! Society still trying to make the biker the bad guy.. only the ignorant will comply with this theory.

  14. Carmen Ordoñez Says:

    Free the innocent.. And yes incarcerate the police 👮 men that endangered lots of lives Innocent lives..

  15. David S. Coldewe Says:

    I truly think believe the whole thing was a setup by the Waco Police!! I believe the Bandidos and the right to protect one’s self and property. It is a shame that a motorcycle people we always have to be portrayed as the bad guys.

  16. Not in a MC, and i was not there, but i have been a biker all my life and every biker i have come across either lone or a MC has been nothing but straight forward an down to earth and has treated most with respect as long as they are treated with respect, now on the other hand i have seen proof of cops trying to bully and shit on every type of person out there ESPECIALLY BIKERS!!!, so im going to tend to believe the MC over the police. just my thoughts, Free the Innocent and Jail the Pigs.. MLL&R.

  17. Kelley Starnes Says:

    As I have stated before I am not a member of a club but I am being affected by this tragedy. I have someone in McLennan Co. Jail and he is witnessing first-hand the falsely given reports by not only McLennan Co jail but by the person who did The Texas Jail Standards surprise inspection report. There was an inmate who witnessed him give false information about the conditions he found in the kitchen so that they could say they passed. My boyfriend also found maggots in his food among many other things. I find this absolutely sickening to know this is how our loved ones are being treated. The officials have screwed up and now all of us are paying for it. Agian I send my deepest condolences to the family’s and friends of the victims. I pray that someone will help us all and make this right. At what point do they stop lieing and take responsibility for their actions.

  18. Robert Koonce Says:

    It’s common knowledge that the Waco PD is lying. The COCI, has been meeting for decades now, without any violence. We all know the Waco PD’s record of attacking groups that don’t hold to their backwards ass way of doing things. Ask the Branch Davidians, oh ya, they’re dead.

  19. MLLH&R

    WACO PD lies, the truth will come out.

    I, and a good few loosely affiliated group of motorcycle enthusiasts stand with you.

    Peace be with you and ride safe

  20. Jim "Sandman" Andreatta Says:


  21. Question: Where the hell is the Justice Department or ANY other federal organization that can deal with these asshole Waco cops? Funny, they sure don’t have a problem getting involved in every other damn thing going on but I haven’t heard a peep out of them on this issue? This is just sickening. What has this country become when the people are not allowed to assemble. Waco police are cowards and scum. I wish all these innocent bikers my best and hope justice (if there is such a thing anymore) is seen.

  22. JASON C. Says:

    Don’t let the “MAN” kick you down. SYLB brothers.

  23. The whole system is a twisted kind,nothing can be believed coming from any government institution.
    Look at the pitifull people who hold office and the debt they owe in money and to the people!

  24. Waco police department are very wrong for what they did they had no reason to do what they did I have nightmares from what happened that day …..God is always with me and I’m thankfully I’m alive

  25. After I had to suffer in jail for 4 days in Waco get mistreated they bruise my arms they treated me like I was a dog tell me to piss and s*** in a hole ! With No bond !

  26. LL&R-SYLB


  28. Thanks for this post,I am still up in pa and law enforcement is trying to implement rules on us bikers using the Waco incident as their reasoning behind these unconsituational rules.May the truth come out and justice be done to exolorate our fellow brothers who were killed sincluding and the brothers wrongfully accused in this incident.

  29. Nick, aka TinCan Says:

    Like the release states..IF you have nothing to hide Waco, release ALL the films, CCTV tapes, and ballistics with matching results.. that speaks for itself. Evidence doesn’t lie, only the people trying to twist it. Respect to the Bandit Nation.


  31. Respect and Prayers

  32. All cops involved, the DA, their union representatives, the crony Judge, the police chief, and any person involved willing to let these murdering cops walk free, deserve nothing less than a bullet to their heads….

  33. James Moore Says:

    James says I live in Nebraska and we the Bandidos here to and all the clubs in Nebraska get along with each other so why doesn’t the texas governor straighten this out or is he or she afraid of the Waco cops


    I have friends that are Bandidos and they are upstanding gentlemen. What happened to them was a planned coordinate attack by our government and local law enforcement. They have the audacity to call us gangs,which they have been more violent towards citizens then any motorcycle club ever has so when can we classify law enforcement as a gang run by unqualified cowards of the government.

  35. The guilty should pay and the innocent set free. I wasn’t there so I don’t know for a fact HOW it went down. However, I DO know that the police and the bandidos both exhibit aggressive behavior. I’ve had to deal with both groups attitudes at one time or another and frankly, I don’t care for either one!

  36. Spent 25 year as a member of the Bandidos MC, 13 as a Nomad. My second year in the club 1973 I went to jail charged with 2 counts of Attempted Capital Murder. The police publicize such BS lies that they insisted I take a guilty plea for 5 years probation, Just so they could prove their story. I demanded a trail and could not even go before a Judge till I filed a Writ with Federal court seeking relief. After 11 months and 3 week incarcerated I plead to Simple Assault and agreed to not make any statements and leave Houston, Texas. If I broke this agreement then I would be recharged with Attempted Capital Murder.
    So I can understand how the police tell their BS story of an incident then do all the legal tricks to not let any part of evidence or Court procedure recordings dispute their story.
    My Bandido Brother stay strong. I give to you all my love and support.
    Bandido Nomad Bo

  37. I am shocked that this happened here in the usa and now the censorship tells me what happened was the cops executing the bikers. It does not take this long to review the videos that the cops seized so what do you think they are doing right now with the videos .Why isn’t this still in the media? People remember this “if it can happen to this group of people it can happen to you also.’

  38. The Bandidos organization has been around for years, to many people out there alway’s think of the to be the worst of the worst yet they don’t know how thing’s are. I know for a fact that they help alot of people/children in need. I met someone really dear to my heart who was in the Organization and I came to learn a lot if good things from them, just because they carry that PATCH WITH THE NAME BANDIDOS does not mean there bad people!!!!!! I support them and alway’s will. IT’S ALL ABOUT THE RED AND GOLD!!! LOVE LOYALTY AND RESPECTS.

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