Dumb and Dumber: Steve Cook and Patrick Swanton May Have Planned the Waco Massacre of Bikers

Everyone in America has seen self proclaimed ‘biker expert’ Steve Cook on television telling all about what happened at Waco. Nothing he said has been true.

Everyone in America has seen Patrick Swanton on TV telling all about what happened at Waco. Nothing he has said has been true.

I am amazed how many Americans fall for the moronic drivel that spills from these two cartoon characters every time they open their mouths.

First of all.. If someone tells you he’s an ‘expert’ on bikers.. Run. The ONLY people who call themselves that are snitches.

For awhile I was wondering if maybe a Bandido stole Swanton’s girlfriend in High School to cause all the ridiculous one sided blather and silly coddling of Cossacks… Then I saw this….




Some reporters have referred to it as ironic that Steve Cook had a biker gang conference planned in Waco before the event ever happened.. I don’t. I call it a set up to justify Waco Police Department paying $350 a head for cops to take his idiotic class.





Swanton claims that there was this mysterious warning given to him that there would be motorcycle gang activity at a CoC meeting. This makes no sense if you know four Cossacks got in what was an obviously club brawl in Andrews about a hundred miles away the night before Twin Peaks and were let go.. Wouldn’t both Texas towns get the same warning if it came from the FBI?

Don’t worry.. Steve Cook clears that right up! He has stated over and over that even though Texas had no biker problems at all up until Waco, he had ‘warned’ that there would be… And that it would be Bandidos. All this protecting Cossacks is because they don’t wear a 1% and so they don’t register on Cook’s radar. This all fits together even more if you have had the bad luck of being exposed to his crap in the past… He brags how he bravely prowls their dangerous dens of sin and iniquity… By going to swap meets and coalition meetings. Bikers know that a swap meet or meeting is the places they can bring their kids because it’s as tame as a Baptist church there, the calmest quietest gatherings in all of Bikerdom… And every time Swanton opens his mouth, Cook’s words fall out. I will retain my opinion of how they got in there… Suffice it to say, I sure would like to know where Steve Cook was on May 17th.

Steve Cook claims he infiltrated the Hells Angels. It’s a lie. The Angels say he didn’t, first of all. Second of all, any patch wearer would know the places he is harping on have NOTHING scary or dangerous or illegal going on and are usually open to the public. His stories are straight out of Kurt Sutter’s toilet bowl. For a man to earn a patch in a club, he has to learn so many things that Cook has gotten wrong that it’s a no brainer to see he’s nothing but a wannabe snitch propped on a mailbox. He always has a hard on for the Angels.. He even spread lies about the Cossacks belonging to the Angels. This shows his ignorance first of all, in that they do not wear red and white… But mainly because, there were Hells Angels at Bandido Candyman’s funeral.


My friend the Rebel has written extensively on Cook’s stupidity…
Steve Cook strikes again by The Aging Rebel

Cook describes himself as a “public figure” and as an “outlaw motorcycle gang expert and documentary television personality.” That is Steve in the photo above, jauntily leaning on a Hells Angels mailbox as if he owned it.

Cook is both the Executive Director and President of a racket called the Midwest Outlaw Motorcycle Gang Investigators Association. According to one of his many official biographies, “Detective Cook has extensive knowledge and experience in investigating and prosecuting Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs. He has prosecuted members of the Fairbanks, Alaska Hell’s (sic) Angel’s (sic) Motorcycle Gang and Colorado Springs, Colorado Sons of Silence Motorcycle Gang for methamphetamine and firearms charges. He has also participated in surveillance operations of ‘church meetings,’ bike shows, and swap meets of several well known
outlaw gangs.” And “Steve has also been featured in the History Channel’s Gang Land (sic) programs on the Outlaws, Bandidos and Galloping Goose, on Biographies (sic) Gangsters Americas Most Evil twice, History Channels (sic) Americas Book of Secrets and Biographies (sic) Gangworld (sic) One Percenters.”

Cook mostly provides training “for law enforcement officers, prosecutors, corrections personnel and criminal analysts addressing the problems and pitfalls of investigations of Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs.” His assertions are often fatuous and imaginative. He gets paid with public money but most of what he has to say about the motorcycle gang menace must remain secret “Due to the sensitive nature” of his training programs. Generally, “the exact locations” of his training programs can only “be revealed to those who register.” “Special security” is maintained. And his “training programs” are “only open to law enforcement officers, corrections officers, prosecutors, probation/parole officers and other criminal justice professionals. You must show proper agency credentials or identification to be allowed entrance into the training program.”
-the Rebel

His readers don’t think much of Cook, either…

AG Says:
February 25, 2015 at 8:32 am
Steve Cook is the biggest joke in law enforcement. He sells out anybody that will stop him from making a quick buck. He even sold out the Independence police department. He claims to be a motorcycle gang expert. He’s not. He is a self appointed biker gang expert. He is so high and mighty in himself he thinks no one would call him on his crap. This show is a complete joke and doesn’t even hardly show any of the real city of Buckner. This show is 100% fiction, scripted, and fake. The people of Buckner is laughing at Steve Cook and WGN. Save yourself the time don’t watch the show. It’s a disappointment all around. And WGN kick Steve Cook to the curb along with this crap show.


I have no trouble whatsoever believing a dumb snitch and a dumber cop orchestrated this whole damned thing to sell tickets and boost ratings at the cost of innocent American lives and civil liberties. This is worse than listening to someone who curls his chin whiskers into ponytails.


12 Responses to “Dumb and Dumber: Steve Cook and Patrick Swanton May Have Planned the Waco Massacre of Bikers”

  1. JerseyCRMC Says:

    Steve Cook is a lying POS!! So brave to take a pic in front of an obviously empty 81 clubhouse!!!

  2. jjsolari Says:

    this is some awesome fucking reporting right here. that fucking cook, he…….i’m having trouble making my fingers type rather than punch and slam, sorry: that fucking cook – you ever watch a video of his yammering about how tough he is and how douchey everyone else is?…..his mouth is so sideways he probly shovels half his breakfast accidentally into his ear. there’s likely rivers of dried ossified corn flakes all down the side of his face every day. the fact that policemen actually idolize this uncoordinated, waddling, thunder-thighed lummox really drives home the idea that maybe we really dont need police officers on this planet if they are all that brain dead. how much good can a brain dead force for chaos really accomplish over the long haul, you have to ask yourself. and cops really do hang on this sideways-talking “oops, lost some saliva” moron, worshipping his every dribbled word. he drapes club-clothing onto tables like a raja displaying a tiger-hide. You can feel the ardor wafting off his skin like hot vapor, as he’s feeling it, massaging it, making love to it with his fingers like he is autoasphyxiating without a rope and chair and tutu. steve cook, standing on the watchtower of liberty and fair play, guarding the cowering American Public – which doesnt even really exist anymore, we’re now a nation of diverse illegal third world vagrants – guarding the cowering American Public from the scourge of men who wear words and cartoons on their clothing. Cartoons: feared by Muslims and Steve Cook alike. I wonder what mosque that mother fucker goes to for updates on how to be a worthless piece of shit.

  3. Vago 1%er Says:

    Steve Cook is nothing but a drunken fool. Laughed at by most and respected by fewer.

    Kill yourself Steve-O its the only honorable thing left you can do.

  4. jjsolari Says:

    that shirt steve is wearing in front of the clubhouse: they absorb BO faster than a muslim absorbs fly larvae. on the plus side for the wearer them shirts and their attending stench do keep the ladies at bay.

  5. Vago 1%er Says:

    I am curious if anyone has a copy of Stevie’s profound and oh so informative class materials. Or are the LEO’s attending sworn to a lifetime of secrecy.

  6. He’s a fake, let’s move on to something important like requesting police chatter recording right before they opened fire.


  7. $300 per head. (Insert massive eye roll here) Wonder who would be dumb enough to pay that?


  8. Steve cook your a snitch. You a biker? Wait I got to take a shit. Now that I wipe your shit away… You got some balls. You don’t know shit about biker’s you pompous ass. right from the beginning wit
    it all broke out on Waco the first thing I said this is snitching Bob and I will put my whole life savings on it that you were the one that set it up

  9. what a dick

  10. skip stayton Says:

    I know for a fact the nedia can be steered wrong by law enforcement and how snitches make things look different then what is for real. No one can ou about bikers or out law bikers then those bikers.
    If that was the case then why no blue liners were there or lafumalia or any retired cops on bikes that day.?
    like Arnial hall would say hmmmmm.
    May have mis spell the talk show host name sorry for that.

    • Dude, your spelling is ok when you know you thought of something that never crossed my mind.. And nobody else that j have heard of. You’re a pretty damned smart guy if you ask me.

  11. jackiereb Says:

    I don’t know a lot about biker clubs I do have the up most respect the local mc iin my area how do you support a mc club

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