Any Given Sunday.. View from the Inside of Twin Peaks

It was a lazy Sunday morning. I wanted a Bloody Mary. we were just having lunch… Thats all.

 imageWe were just having a lunch date. I know nothing about bikes or bikers or biker clubs or even what the meeting was about. I just wanted a Bloody Mary. We got there and saw all the bikes.. We just thought it was a benefit. So, we went inside and had lunch. The shooting started right after we got our food..

I can start from the beginning and even provide a picture after cops FINALLY had us come out with our hands up. They had my phone, but I had one of the waitresses email me a picture she took.


So, once upon a nightmare.. I smiled at my friend over my Bloody Mary. I could see some (Boozefighter) bikers at the bar. Shortly after they brought my food, the first shot was fired. Soon after those men at the bar protected us, saved us, and were standing over us like leather guardian angels throughout all the stuff that happened. They were watching the doors of Twin Peaks at every entrance with grim, calm determination as hell broke loose outside them, bravely, stoically making sure nobody was coming in shooting. Yes, They had guns, but they were resting them on the table watching the doors to the patio in the front entrance. They weren’t fighting, they were heroically risking their lives in the deadly, silent scream of bullets hitting walls and bikes and autos.. and people. They stood right there throughout the terrible ordeal, the air becoming pungent and the sound scaring me to death. They were the ones who told us to crawl to the freezer. We hurried into the freezer with the other diners, our belongings forgotten on the tables standing in a light smoky haze that seems to settle what transpired beyond into my very pores. My gut twisting, my mind, an empty cavernous hollowness crowded with confusion.

No, I didnt see any of how it began.. I was just happily beginning to have my lunch. when the shots rang out, We just hit the ground. We saw a bunch of them who had been shot after it was all over and we came outside… With our hands on our heads like we were involved. Surreal, primal fear etched on the faces of the bikers scattered across the war zone that used to be known as a parking lot.

They wouldn’t let me get my purse, wallet, keys, phone.. Nothing at all.. As we were marched single file out into the daylight that seemed overly bright over such a gruesome panorama. When we FINALLY dragged home like penniless vagabonds, we wound up having to break in like cat burglars to get in our own house that night. After we get home, and watch the news and realize how serious it really was, mind you I didn’t know anything about biker clubs at all, until that day….

So, once I realized how serious it was or could have been, I really seriously starting to get freaked out. My face was on the news that very Sunday, and then again at 10 p.m. that night. I am not sure if it was a chill or a cold sweat that threatened to overtake me. I felt raw, as if my skin were peeled away, exposed and vulnerable, and so undeniably angry that I was almost numb at the same time. My hand felt strange with no phone to offer its modern creature comfort… In a weird way, Waco effectively made me a prisoner too.. In my own skin. Then.. I get this phone call that sent a chill shivering down my back. It was message from a biker, asking if I could tell him what other clubs were there that day. My heart pounded at the ratcheting fear and initial paranoia. It’s better now. I’ve been pretty quiet since then, so if you could, please forgive me for this anonymous story, for the sake of my sanity. When you are quiet a lot, you have a lot of time to think and notice things. I have noticed that news is all full of shit. They don’t care about the people or the truth.. Only the ratings.

As I said, I cannot tell you how it started. I can’t really tell you anything that happened, we were inside. The cops said there were thousands of rounds shot… Then twelve.. I say maybe closer to a hundred? I don’t know, really, I wasn’t counting. It was absolutely carnage and hardcore chaos, terrifying. But..I honestly just don’t think it was that many shots fired?

Cops said they were there for a fight… But you know what? That’s not what I initially felt there.
When we pulled up and saw all the bikes we didn’t think anything of it. We thought it was a benefit, and we didn’t hesitate to walk right on in.
Cops said these are vicious criminals there to fight, dangerous men, villains, murderers. When my friend pulled me through that entire crowd of them to get inside, they were all so polite… In retrospect I don’t think I ever been that upclose to even one biker.. They were such gentlemen! They made nice comments, saying things like, ‘ Why excuse me Ma’am!’ Or ‘Happy Sunday!’ in my opinion very cordial, well mannered men. They all smile at you Ina way that makes you feel pretty..or safe.. Or free as a little girl running barefoot as fast as she can go. I absolutely, in no earthly way felt a moment’s discomfort, never felt threatened at all.. until the gunfire.

I really couldnt say one way or the other what th club stuff we about. I was completely oblivious to all of this, until that day. I DID see one vest that said Bandidos, but I never heard of them either, up until that day. And again, he was just this super nice person to me. He didn’t look angry or like a man spoiling for a fight.

There WAS some extremely intimidating, frightening people there, though. The cops came rushing in like foot soldiers, stomping and yelling ‘Get your fucking hands up, get down, then on the fucking ground..” And the line that maybe echoes through my fears the most, ‘put your phone down, i WILL shoot you.” They were so much more terrifying to me than the bikers.

It was this black cop, that had some kind of assault rifle, pointed at me. He kept screaming profanities and threats and he was just extremely frightening to me.

I am, of course, still yet trying to process it.. Analyze it as I replay it over and over. What they are all saying in the media? I just can t get it to add up in my head? I KNOW which ones made me feel safe and which ones made me cry and gives me nightmares. Like i told you earlier, the men who were really protecting us? They are bikers.

They had weapons, yes.. But they were SAFELY, legally carried and handled.. well.. this is Texas! Who doesnt? My mother carries! They behaved wisely… Like perfect gentlemen, even when facing corrupted chaos.
These men were the only ones on their feet in the entire restaurant, while all of us customers and staff were cowering on the ground. If they would release the damn video, you would see.. Nothing is like they are saying.

The bikers were the ones who were trying to herd us into the freezer, get us to a secure environment with no concern for their own well being.
The cops were the ones pointing the guns, from what i saw. Which doesn’t add up to their side of things. They also said it started in the bathroom.
False. I was in the middle booth on the left side of the restraunt. I was facing the bathroom the entire time.
Would i have missed a huge fight and gunshots? I wouldn’t think so.

I have spoken with several detectives in attempts to get my property and I get nowhere. They just transfer me, then transfer me to someone else, who then turns around and… well, you know. They aren’t helpful at all. Can’t tell me anything, and have no clue where our $800 a piece phones are. let me show you something…

WPD won’t help me out at all. I have t kids, i dindn’t have $700 laying around to keep my damn phone on! I dont even know what to think. This seems more like marrial law than civil liberties and rights. I feel like they should be responsible for this. They took our phones, our autos, then wouldnt give them back! Am I supposed 3 weeks without a car, still phoneless, just for eating lunch… with 3 kids much less?

It’s hard to bring it up to my friend. He tries to be all strong for me, I guess. I know he’s having a hard time, too. There was blood everywhere outside and guns all over the ground. We watched four of them dying on the back side of the building. They WERE alive when we first came outside, but cops wouldn’t go near them. The just kept on pointing their guns…

It’s really hard for me to sleep, I’ve lost 20 lbs (which I don’t REALLY mind). Sometimes late at night, I hear the sounds again… I fear sometimes the sounds will begin and never go away. My life may never be the same.. Maybe nothing will.


16 Responses to “Any Given Sunday.. View from the Inside of Twin Peaks”

  1. stephanie Says:

    Thank you so very much. .I wasn’t there. I have no current affiliation with bikers but my dad rode. . And many family friends still do. . Your story brought tears to my eyes. . I’m sorry for your stress. . But I Am very very very thankful you wrote this. .I Will share this a thousand times.. Bikers are not cruel animals. . They are human. We should treat them as so. WPD in my mind is and will forever be a bunch of men with”size” issues and are trying to make it up somewhere.

  2. Terrible events for this women. The phone bill is quite disturbing and it seems like no one is questioning where the $700 charge comes from. Can some light be shed on this?

    • Yes… It’s because.. If you have a contract, that one charge for anywhere from $100-400 for LOSING the phone. Then you have to buy another phone.i can also tell you why the nonchalance.. We are used to it. A friend and I have been collecting used phones and sending them down there from all over the country… It’s common knowledge that the Waco cops KEPT all them phones.

  3. Sandie Sykes Says:

    I feel for you honey, must have been like Hell. The press never get it right, they say what they think they are supposed to.
    The Motorcyle groups, knew why they were there and as you spell out clearly, it wasn’t to hurt you are your friend.
    We have ridden for years, we pray for our safety and the safety of other bikers also.
    I’m glad that you and your friend made it out alive.
    It’s horrible for the ones that didn’t. I have local friends that lost good people because of the Vest they were wearing.
    That’s all from me.

  4. I would print this story on bright colored (like-hi-liter yellow) paper and pass them out to anyone that will take one in front of the main police station. Take your children with you, dress comfortable but nice. Call the Texas Rangers, call a lawyer or judge. If you were not involved & nobody will talk to you about returning your property, there’s got to be a law about releasing your property to you. They cannot keep your property forever. You broke no laws. If they must speak with you about your involvement to clear you as a suspect to release it, tell them to talk to you, that their actions are costing you & your family money that you do not have, therefore is putting you in debt. It’s pressure Is effecting your nerves & all because you wanted to go out for lunch and have a Bloody Mary & a meal. If you don’t have a lawyer friend, call Legal Aide & find out what you must do to get your property back. Tired of making phone calls? Suit up & show up to talk to the Chief of Police. Try to reason with him & you might get lucky. When they tell you he’s busy, tell them you’ll wait & have a seat. He has to come out sometime. Legal Aid is a good place to start. The district atty is also a good way to go. Just be strong & stop at nothing! Until you get answers, remember: THE SQUEAKY WHEEL, GETS THE GREASE!!
    The bigger pain you are, the quicker they’ll want to give you your things back. If they don’t, sue the hell out of them for your losses!

  5. Nila Barfield Says:

    I am horrified at the actions in Waco. I grew up around bikers, my dad is one as am I and quite a few family members, mostly independent riders, not members of clubs. I have met and know quite of few club members though, and most of them are big teddy bears, love children and most are very kind. Thank you very much for writing this and verifying what most of us bikers already know. We are not criminals, we just love to ride!

  6. Thank you for posting this. My grandson rides a bike and he was inside the restaurant, I know he was just as scared as you were. He hasn’t been in Texas very long and as soon as he can he is coming home. He just wanted to ride a motorcycle with some of his family and friends then gets caught up in this nightmare. and it has been a nightmare for all of us. I am glad you and your children are safe but you might want to get counseling for you and your children.

  7. Lookit, Bitch. I’ve been a reporter for over 15 years. Massively published. I also worked personally under Bill Cooper (and if you don’t know what that is you have no business talking about freedom in the 21st century). And I just want to say I’m damn happy with what you wrote, how you wrote it and why. Thank you.
    I’m up for an exclusive if you’re of a mind. If not, you keep on kicking ass.

  8. Boom, goes the dynamite! Thanks very much for the story, by far the most compelling to date. I must be on the Waco Trib shit list- I tried unsuccessfully to post a link on that page. Sooner or later someone will.

  9. I was miles away, in prison. but from what was said by the people sent there from waco. The cops started it all. Do i think different NO I DON’T. The city of waco is full of coruption! We might never know the real story. But we already know the truth. If the bikers had come there with bad intentions. Things would have been ALOT worse. Open your eyes everyone .It’s very easy to see who really started it.

  10. Jennifer Says:

    I was there too. And on the news as well. They never contacted me. But guess what. Neither did the police. And they were the scary ones. That cop. I know exactly who you are talking about. He pointed that assault rifle at all of us. And shouted profanities. We were calmly walking out of that freezer with our hands on our heads. After protecting us those bikers distanced themselves from us to show we had no affiliation. They did what they could for us considering. And that was a whole lot more than the police did. We had just finished eating when the shots started. Two small bangs, and then it was all assault rifle. The news is really portraying this wrong. Completely wrong.

  11. Reblogged this on HOMELESSNESS: THE GREAT AMERICAN TRAGEDY and commented:
    A terrifying truth. Be aware, you’re group is next. They target homeless, Veterans, public school teachers, patients suffering from PTSD (no, medical records aren’t necessarily covered under HIPPA Law anymore) single Moms, private businesses, and whom ever will not readily conform or will be difficult in controlling ; All need to read this,

  12. I would like to see the ballistics to determine who’s weapon shot who.

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