All the people who have been interested in the Waco Bikers have been on the edge of their seats to see the videos of the Twin Peaks shooting. They got what they hoped for as hotshot Attorney Clinton Broden, who represents Scimitar Matt Clendennen in a federal civil rights lawsuit succeeded in his subpoena of one of the various mysterious video recordings of the May 17 cops on bikers bloody massacre, went head to head and WON against McLennan County District Attorney Abelino Reyna, Assistant District Attorney Michael Jarrett, Waco Police propagandist W. Patrick Swanton and Waco Police Chief Brent Stroman.

We have had our prayers answered and the cloak and dagger crap is coming to a close as he took on the entire City of Waco this week, appearing at the hearing this morning.

District Attoeney Reyna is no stranger to sidestepping Civil Rights and laws that get in his way.. Today, during his tap routine, he stepped in something that may not wipe off.


… His truth is marching on! Hahaha


12 Responses to “Breaking News.. TWIN PEAKS VIDEO RELEASED”

  1. Now they are saying only the defense attorneys can view the video, not the public. AND there is a gag order on both defense and prosecution so no one will be able to talk about what they saw on the video

  2. Yes, and no.

    Let there be no mistake, what sort of “Justice” system we have.

    While it may seem to be a partial victory, only one question needs to be asked: Why do authorities promptly release video when it supports their case, yet not related to this incident? Oh yeah, there is another question, too: Why the gag order? How is this supported by the “Constitution” or the “Rules of Law”?

    “Judge Matt Johnson of Waco’s 54th State District Court has ruled to allow a Dallas attorney to obtain Twin Peaks surveillance video from the restaurant franchisee to help him prepare for an August hearing, but the judge placed a protective order on the video, preventing it from being released to the public.

    The judge also placed a gag order on prosecutors and attorneys involved in the case, limiting both sides from discussing the case in the media.”

  3. But only state attorneys will be able to view this video and a gag order has been issued.Judge Matt Johnson said that he will allow the defense to view video but a protective order will be placed on it. The video cannot be viewed by the public in any way, shape or form.The gag order will limit only the defense and state attorneys from discussing the case in the media. So we will still be in the dark.

  4. Except I presume Clendennen will be free to comment on it.

  5. ilsa Mendez Says:

    Too bad, it came with a gag order. 😦 but it doesn’t surprise me.

  6. Dan Fox Says:

    i’m 66 years old and i learned at an early age that if you give the typical cop any authority, he will abuse it 99 percent of the time. The only way we will regain control of this country is to arm all the citizens and fire all the cops. i estimate that in about two years from that time we will regain control of our country.

  7. The two Legal Filing PDF files linked here are worth the read, to understand just how deeply some players are electing to obfuscate the discovery process.–Bikers-Attorney-Seeks-Video-From-Neighboring-Restaurant-311789481.html

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