The Truth About the Bandido Who Did NOT go Out Bad….

So… We have dealt with a nasty rumor today.. Three people have told me that Tommy Jennings went out in bad standings. It isn’t true. I do not know who or why that rumor was started but… He is still a Bandido in GOOD STANDINGS. I told you I would contact him and ask him. And while he is not happy with me, and has every right to be, I have apologized to him and promised to tell everyone the truth. He isn’t convicted of any sex crimes and that is straight from the horse’s mouth.

Next off. The Waco Tribune and cops posted lots of dubious information about MANY things throughout this ordeal… There were Cossacks reported as Bandidos… Mohawk, the Purple Heart vet who wore no patch, was reported as Cossack, Bandido, and even had the wrong name given out.. He is Jesse Rodriguez, not Jesus. There are even reports of witnesses saying they saw the opposite of what they actually said… With that in mind, and this is just my opinion, but I kinda think that Tommy’s situation could be a case of mistaken identity. There IS a Thomas Jennings in his area who has sex crimes and is registered… It’s not him though.

This is a different Thomas Jennings.. In his same area and everything. I’m not positive, but it’s certainly possible this is what happened in the Waco Witch Hunt.


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