Ok I have removed the story of a Tommy Jennings who supposedly was put out bad by the Bandidos… We have conflicting stories coming in now and it seems that someone has spread some rumors somewhere. I never publish anything that isn’t verified three times by close sources but… I am giving Tommy the benefit of the doubt here and holding tight til we get more info from the Bandido higher ups to clear this matter up. I suspected all along the ‘sex crime’ is likely a Romeo and Juliet situation with two young kids as he also showed to have a ‘harboring a runaway charge’.. We are going to hang tight right here and wait for the truth. I have contacted Tommy himself to see if perhaps he can get word to us on what’s up… Be patient guys.. It’s Bandit Time.

I own my mistakes, even unintentional ones… I will now do my best to clear Tommy’s name if he is innocent and still a Bandido. My apologies for any confusion.


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