What We Got Here is Failure to Communicate…

image I am going to do a little bitching right now at some red and gold members. While this normally wouldn’t fall under things I would address on this blog, for one thing, you aren’t ACTING like patches so I won’t treat you as such…. And secondly, the WORLD is watching us. Straighten the fuck up, assholes. Two people who belong to a red and gold support club allegedly got drunk at a party in Little Rock this past weekend and instead of listening when people told them not to drink and ride, wound up wrecking into two OTHER out of state bikes, one with a fresh paint job. I can’t decide whether I am mortified at this embarrassment to Arkansas or if I am GLAD this happened and perhaps prevented a much WORSE accident Involving at the least more bad press for the Bandidos or at worse an innocent life. I know that the two people will be punished, probably lose their cuts for good.. However. Where was the leadership? How did someone make it to ‘drunk in a parking lot in a patch on a bike with no motorcycle endorsement?’ You can’t really punish him for that when you have someone else in the club, while not involved in this incident, whose ol lady claims to be joining a WMC and bragging about gonna practice riding by going to the same location as the wreck on facebook.. She has allegedly said she is a prospect, hang around, and associate, depending who you ask… who as far as I am aware, is a VERY new rider who hasn’t been any farther on a bike than pushing it around her yard. I would almost bet MY Harley there’s no insurance on the various rattle trap crap they come dragging up driving and riding, too. What happened  to riding rules? You have a responsibility to your club and the people in it to have nice vehicles, insurance, and be at least HALF ASS legal when you ride, people. Why is this dangerous behavior being tolerated? I have asked many patch wearers this question and they say ‘it’s not their club. Or ‘we don’t really ride with those women’.. Really? I’m pretty sure they make the same events and toy runs as you do and wrecks from inexperienced riders don’t care what colors are on your back. Safety and experience before you are handed a patch is NOT up for debate, no matter who you are or who you know, because OTHER riders will assume you are more experienced Than you are by what’s on your vest…. Neither is getting dunk and climbing on a motorcycle. That is stupidity and nothing else. I am ashamed of those two guys for that. Why is this one faction of this support club being allowed to make not only the other people who wear this patch look bad, but also reflects bad on the entire red n gold nation as a whole even worse than that couple who claims insistence on not bathing shows fortitude. No, it shows you are nasty.  I hate to say this, but apparently SOMEBODY needs to teach these few members of an overall great club some riding rules and general hygiene… And if not, well… If they aren’t being led any better than that maybe they need to look at some new leaders, before they wind up like the Cossacks.


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