Judge Shady-wick Joins the Beek in Wacogate

Does anyone else notice that every time some crazy or shady person shows up at any tragedy, they are somehow connected to the 2 Millom Bikers to DC.. From her association with the so called ‘doctor’ Jim Garrow and his nefariously creepy Pink Pagoda Girls foundation that steals little Chinese baby girls and dispenses of them in some murky unnamed ‘safe places’… To the all out public battle with Captain Pussypants himself Bill Williamson over his ‘pipe dream’ they BOTH stole from cancer patient Steve Marx… To the shady ‘ex LEO’ Everett Landry and the conspiracy theory to the point of lying insanity John Bostick… Belinda aka Bee aka Beek aka Blake never fails to dredge up the slime of America to bother people in crisis. I’ve known swamp leeches with more morals.

This go around she has stuck her.. Beek… In the tragedies that the Waco bikers have endured.. No doubt seeing little dollar signs as she touts her pink pussy pig patches and ugly ass tee shirts in orgasm rememberance of the $77,000 she allegedly pocketed from the 9/11 victims.


As I have seen screenshots of the LLC and I know literally hundreds of people who want a chunk of her ass for stealing that money, and as I have dealt with her shameful, lying, pandering, back stabbing idiocy in person for two years, I’m inclined to believe EXACTLY what everyone says about her.

So. The coattails Bee and her ridiculous sidekick Bostick have decide to ride are now the ones in Waco. Never mind Bostick writes outrageous lies about what happened that have absolutely nothing to do with the price of pussy in Amsterdam. Never mind I have seen an email where an important patch told her to stay the hell away and she just screeched like a fishwife back at him. Never mind at least one lawyer telling them to clam up. The facetious inanity that prevails on her crappy little page and one hit wonder ride fails to shed understanding on TRUE patches. My dog knows more about being a real biker. While I have no problem with most patriot organizations that include many RCS and SCs and one piece patches, I still cannot get over someone so resolutely denying the protocols and claiming biker knowledge at the same time. I’m the first to admit I have bent a few rules… But, I GET them. I admit when I am wrong and I show respect no matter what. These people think if they go out and buy a 250 rebel and a pink pussy pig patch they are equivalent to the Bandits… And now, in the terms of basic human rights and conditions as an American… They are correct… However. That does NOT make them an equal in the age old hierarchy of the biker world. That certainly doesn’t mean they can go around pissing in other people’s Cheerios, either. Belinda.. And her boys.. would get duct taped and butt fucked within five minutes of a Confederation meeting.. They are THAT stupid. I truly believe she is Steve Cook with a leaky vagina.

So, speaking of leaky twats… this chick, Lana Shadwick, from Brietbart writes me a day or two ago asking me questions about Waco and I was kind to her and I direct her to my blog and the Rebel.. Give her some of my mountain of credentials in magazines and books and everything in between and tell her she can use anything I have written on Waco. Well. Instead of using ANY of the true stories I sent her, or any quotes from Rebel… she immediately turns around as publishes some ridiculous bill shot about the 2 mil representing the Waco bikers with this ride on July 18th, and delivering a demand to cease and desist this and that. What the hell? I don’t think there’s anyone in the fat housewives and ridiculous flaccid dicks left tolerating her stupidity who even KNEW anyone who KNEW anyone in Waco. Beyond that, has anyone seen a penny donated from her ride to Waco? Has anyone seen a fundraiser? Has anyone seen the NCOM or the CoC or anyone else on earth actually say they WANT these attention seeking blowhards and posers anywhere near Waco on their behalf? I haven’t.

So.. This idiotic bitch who is supposedly a Brietbart journalist and a lawyer this and a judge that blah blah whatever else pomposity she has touted… She goes and JOINS the two mil as an editor! How the hell is she going to get unbiased reporting sitting in the middle of thieves and holster sniffers? She is already quoting the ridiculous claptrap from Bostick after one day. Doesn’t say much for her judgement of character and trustworthiness.


Everyone else may excuse the fact that the 2 mil runs a #PoliceLivesMatter page but I sure as hell don’t. she stood in DC last year and screamed ‘I ain’t going to jail for you assholes’… Over a parking issue. Funny, I would take a bullet for my boys.

Bee Shows Her True Colors

So, I decide to look into this so called reporter and legal expert person.. Lana. I shoulda known, by the way.. Every Lana I ever met was nuts… So anyways, this is what I found on THAT shady bitch.

First I find this article that says she is, basically a hood ornament.. And is backed up by the scathing comment section below it…

First Red Flag on Lana Shadwick

The departure of Shadwick from the Appellate Division was undoubtedly met with uncharacteristic claps of joy and her arrival in the Grand Jury Division will surely be met with corresponding moans. Probably, however, there was no overly exuberant celebration, particularly among the normally subdued appellate staff, since fireworks are illegal in the City of Houston. Offense is taken, however, to Murray’s implication that the Appellate Division has not seen excellent lawyers, specifically trial lawyers, assigned to the Division over the years. Even a short list of those lawyers is impressive; Mac Secrest, Mary Lou Keel, Bill Burge, Sam Robertson, Harvey Hudson, Tim Taft, Cathy Cochran, Leslie Brock, and Bill Delmore have passed through its doors among many others. Shadwick’s stay was fortunately of such short duration that it should not be a permanent blot on the Division’s legacy. I guess that I am too thin skinned in my old age, but I had the opportunity to supervise some very talented lawyers at the HCDAO, some of whom are still there, while I was fortunate to work for Johnny Holmes. It just really, excuse the proverbial “french” (or is it just plain profanity), pisses me off that Lykos has seemingly sought to make a division of very talented lawyers her dumping grounds, although for different reasons, for the likes of Shadwick and Palmer. One would think that based upon her prior arguably abysmal judicial performance she would have learned to hold the Appellate Division in a much higher regard.
Calvin A. Hartmann

Then there is this article that says she never really tried any cases and job hopped and coat tail rode to the election she was participating in… Then couldn’t even handle the campaign!

Another Red Flag for Lana

This article during her ‘campaign’ basically says she is a blithering idiot trying to ride a last name into office. I just say this coincides with my synopsis of the silly bitch. She seemed very valid and ridiculous and afraid of confrontation… I have area rugs with more balls.

179th District Court-Former Felony District Court Chief Prosecutor Kristin Guiney is running against relatively new prosecutor Lana Shadwick to challenge Democratic Incumbent Judge Randy Roll in November. Kristin Guiney has spent the entirety of her legal career exclusively practicing Criminal Law. During her time at the District Attorney’s Office, she rose to the level of Felony Chief, trying almost every type of case under Texas Criminal Law, including Aggravated Robberies, Aggravated Sexual Assaults of Children, Murders, and Capital Murders. Guiney was also known as a leader within the Office who spearheaded projects outside of her daily duties as a Felony Chief. After leaving the Office two years ago to work on indigent defense, she has maintained her excellent reputation in the legal community as an ethical and honorable advocate. Lana Shadwick was hired under the Lykos Administration after a legal career of moving from job to job in both the Civil and Criminal arenas. Her initial arrival at the District Attorney’s Office was noteworthy as the Administration moved her from position to position trying to find a spot where she would be able to do her job. She recently moved to the low-pressure position of Grand Jury prosecutor to give her more time to focus on her campaign.

ANALYSIS: When it comes to Criminal Law, Kristin Guiney is the real deal. She’s focused on making the Criminal Justice System a better place on a case-by-case basis, and she’s made a name for herself in a job well done. Shadwick, on the other hand, seems to be banking on her name recognition as the ex-wife of Civil Judge Jeff Shadwick. Her career has been marked with the instability of moving from job to job within the legal community, rarely focusing on criminal work. She is largely considered a “political hire” by the Lykos Administration who has yet to prove her worth as an employee and has had difficulty adjusting to even the simple tasks assigned to a Grand Jury prosecutor. She has absolutely no business presiding over Capital Murders and the other serious felony cases that District Court judge would hear.


If she can’t handle a boring ass judge campaign, what is she doing sticking her nose in death and jail and bikers, again?


I would like to know if she is such a hot shit lawyer, why is she not in the know and in the trenches in Waco already? I call bullshit. This one alleged she needs cheat sheets to read simple probable cause and that she even broke laws in her campaign…

Poor Lana.. Are You Just Stupid?

It’s pretty scary to know that someone is trying to represent wrongly jailed men who…. Almost did the same thing herself and got made to go in time out….???

Apparently, a case was dismissed in one of the felony courts due to the Defendant having an alibi. The co-defendant on the case was not so fortunate as to get a dismissal from the State. After a court setting, that co-defendant’s file was sent down to the Grand Jury Division to prepare for presentation to the Grand Jury. As is the practice with co-defendant files, the dismissed Defendant’s case file was rubber-banded to the pending active co-defendant’s case. My understanding is that the dismissal was properly marked and documented on the front of the Defendant’s file. Unfortunately, both files landed on the desk of Grand Jury prosecutor Lana Shadwick. Who promptly got both cases indicted. That includes the one that was dismissed and the client was released from jail. Luckily, this extremely enormous error was caught by someone (not Lana) before the Defendant was wrongfully arrested. Folks, the job of being a Grand Jury prosecutor in the Harris County District Attorney’s Office is one of the easiest (if not THE easiest) jobs in the Office. It is not tricky. Lana Shadwick has bounced through three different divisions before landing in this massively low-pressure job. And yet, she still screwed it up. She managed to find a way in her short time in Grand Jury to screw up something in the worst way possible for a Grand Jury prosecutor.”

I do not trust those idiots and I cannot be a party to them sinking their conniving claws into Waco. I have made noise and made noise until I am blue in the face in an attempt to warn all of you guys about these liars and thieves. I am sorry that none of you heeded my warnings and I only hope their volatile ignorance doesn’t cause more harm than good.. And I pray she doesn’t steal from the victims the way she did the 9/11 bikers. I am saddened that Breitbart has now fell the way of the whore mongering attention seeking masses of mainstream media, but it’s blatantly obvious in the cuntlike behavior of the doormat they have hired. I am just going to sit here and watch and see if she and Bee blow up in hormonal jackassery, or if she is so cowed down that she will lick bee’s tampons for her for awhile before she gets booted for asking questions about where the money goes, same as everyone else.


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  1. jjsolari Says:

    i see a lotta botox on that mug keeping her jowls from sagging even lower than her tits

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