Longtime Waco Cop Caught Armed and in Uniform Attempting to Meet a 17 year old for Sex..

While Waco Police and Judicial Departments are doing everything in their power to make up some sort of trumped up charges for 177 bikers while blatantly disregarding the law, a former McLennan County deputy constable was placed on two years’ deferred misdemeanor probation after he pleaded guilty to a prostitution charge, according to Tommy Witherspoon of the Waco Tribune.


More than two dozen Central Texas men, including a McLennan County deputy constable and a Fort Hood sergeant, have been arrested during a weeks-long online prostitution sting conducted by the McLennan County Sheriff’s Office.

Sheriff’s deputies announced the sting investigation Tuesday, during which they posed as young girls, prostitutes and pimps to drudge up those seeking underage sex and underage prostitutes to traffic, the Waco Tribune-Herald reported.

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Deputies arrested 29 suspects from their early 20s to mid-50s, according to mugshot information provided by the sheriff’s office. Many of the suspects are registered as sex offenders or were previously convicted on charges of prostitution, the Tribune-Herald reported.

Steve Canava, a 51-year-old deputy constable for McLennan County, was arrested Feb. 27 as part of the sting and charged with soliciting a prostitute under the age of 18, a second degree felony punishable by up to 20 years in prison.


Steve Canava, 51, was among 29 men arrested in an online prostitution sting in February. Detectives pretended to be prostitutes, teenage girls and pimps throughout the investigation. 
Intermission for a crack from Amy: 
Wanna know something funny? There’s only one cop I have EVER seen that could pull off “pretending to be a teenaged girl”… that would be Swanton’s daughter, Sabrena Swanton, Waco’s hottest new rookie… Somehow that vermilion faced buffoon Patrick produced a tall gorgeous blonde that probably makes most men think very nasty things in her little cop uniform and white gold curls… She also attended that China Springs ISD school and as far as I can tell her graduate studies have been a lot of time at Antioch Baptist Church and cop college while living at home… She appears to be innocent as a lamb in THAT aspect. As a matter of fact, the person I believed to be her attempting to cuss at me on my blog came across as Hayley Mills saying a dirty word and stomping her foot at her twin sister?   So what does Swanton and the rest of the Waco cops do with his own daughter and-or any other impressionable young ladies who have recently joined the force? Dressed them up like hookers to catch perverts? At least that’s what it appears by he said by what information they have released. I believe if I was a man who lied as much as HE does, I would spend less time trying to fabricate crap on bikers and more time trying to make up some lies about what she was really doing at work. He sure had a lot of nerve talking about those Twin Peaks waitresses the way he did. 
swanton morning

Steve Canava initially was arrested on second-degree felony charges of soliciting sex with someone under 18… or as they put it in the Waco Tribune when wrongfully accusing a biker with mistaken identity….  ACCUSED OF TRYING TO HAVE SEX WITH A CHILD. But prosecutors, of course, reduced the charge to a Class B misdemeanor, and McLennan County Court-at-Law Judge and Resident Reyna Ass Kiser Mike Freeman accepted the ridiculous slap on the wrist plea agreement. And make no mistake.. this was NOT a Romeo and Juliet situation… This was a 51 year old cop trying to buy sex for a hundred bucks from a little girl… in uniform… And of course the GENIUS Waco cops, who have been chasing perverts with their new little rookie girls and boys since October, just figured out the man working right beside them every day was one of the perverts they were chasing.


Of course the good ol’ boys are gong to gloss over the nasty acts he attempted to carry out… Canava’s attorney, Gerald Villarrial, said the veteran officer wanted to put the incident behind him.

“You have a guy who had a great career at Waco PD and had a great career in law enforcement, and I hate that something like this would tarnish all the great years that he had serving this community,” Villarrial said.

McLennan County Precinct 1 Constable Walt Strickland initially placed Canava on unpaid administrative leave after his arrest. But he fired him a week later after an internal investigation. According to records filed in his case, Canava agreed to meet a person he thought to be a 17-year-old girl “for sexual intercourse for $100.”

McLennan County Sheriff’s Detective Joseph Scaramucci said in the affidavit he identified Canava using law enforcement databases.

The sting was designed to catch suspects seeking underage escorts for sex acts or people trying to become pimps by trafficking underage prostitutes. Officials said all suspects were given a choice of ages, and most chose to arrange sex with a minor. Canava, a former longtime Waco police officer, was wearing his uniform and was armed at the time he was caught showing up for the afternoon rendezvous. Canava surrendered his pistol to the officers, some of whom he had worked with for years.

source: Waco Tribune


It seems that the cops in Waco LIKE setting up people to arrest…. We already know they were in collusion with rat fink snitch Steve Cook to set up, ambush, murder and imprison around 200 bikers…

Cook and Swanton Planned Twin Peaks

I reported awhile back how Swanton sets up people to be arrested for selling stolen batteries, copper, electronics, and other things through his metal and used electronics junkyard…

Skinny on Swanton

It seems they like to spice it up a little, too…  The McLennan County Sheriff’s Office arrested 20 people for online solicitation of a minor in a similar two-week sting beginning Oct. 14. That cop must be really stupid or really horny to try to make a date with a 17 year old four months into a kiddie ring sting?



OH, and one OTHER interesting bit of information… at least TWO of the men involved in their little Waco Sex Sting were MUSLIMS. Nice company ya’ll keep, Waco cops. AND at least one of the Muslims had a $5,000 bond on comparison to the $25,000 the cop got who was, like him, trying to buy little girls… and in comparison to the MILLION DOLLAR BONDS hung on innocent bikers. I guess there aren’t any people having sex with kids who the Waco judges think need to be made an example of.. Or maybe it was because the Muslim was really good at “acting like a victim.” Speaking of the cesspool of attorneys that stink up the place.. Reyna sucked up 11 vehicles in this deal, too.

Many of the men arrested had prior convictions on prostitution charges or were registered sex offenders. Most were from McLennan County, but some stretched to other states, Detective Joseph Scaramucci said.

Anthony Farrior, 27, a truck driver from Kentucky, was charged with three counts of conspiracy to commit human trafficking after Scaramucci said he planned to take underage prostitutes to Eagle Pass in Maverick County in his 18-wheeler and sell them to other men, then switch them out for others on a trip back to Waco.

Farrior allegedly arranged to sleep with two young girls while at the Pilot Travel Center, or “Flying J,” truck stop, 2409 South New Road, in order to see which he would rather pimp out.

“He was going to sample the goods,” Scaramucci said.

Detective Brad Bond said another man, Justin Buntyn, 34, wanted to engage in sex acts with a minor in a public library.

In the arrest affidavit for Mohammad Nabi, 22, Scaramucci wrote, “Nabi was seeking an escort, who would be provided for deviate sexual intercourse and sexual intercourse.

“I did agree to provide Nabi with a prostitute, and terms of a trafficking arrangement were made for a fee.”

Nabi was released from jail Feb. 18 on a $5,000 bond.

Some of the people arrested in the operation were charged with prostitution under 18. Others were accused of online solicitation or criminal conspiracy in the trafficking of persons.


Funny fact, here… A LOT of people in that town have accused bikers of being wrapped up in drugs, human trafficking, assaulting people, extortion, kidnapping… when you add in the DTF agent Sgt. Barnum who is on leave for assaulting someone on June 29th, the only gang I see batting ten for ten is the Waco Police Department.


This is what bikers think of pedophiles….




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