Rebel Without a Clue…

I believe that a journalist shouldn’t be judged by how well they write a news story.. Anyone can do that. They should be judged by how well they handle their mistakes. I made a huge mistake a week or two ago.. It’s easy to do when dealing with 200 people and about a dozen patches. However, as soon as the mistake was made, I apologized and wrote a retraction, and then wrote the truth. I’m tired of being bashed for someone else screwing up.

Since the Aging Rebel chooses NOT to follow the path of saying ‘I’m sorry, I was wrong’, and instead chooses to discredit me and several others, let’s look at the TRUTH about what has went on between me and Rebel lately. See here how he pretends I’m just a silly girl?


First off, ‘burning a source.’ No, I didn’t. I have a private secret facebook room with only family, mostly red and gold, family members in it.. None of whom have ever talked to Don Charles Davis. Most certainly no one he could call a ‘source.’ None of them even know or care who he is. I asked his permission to put him in the room to try to help him find some sources because he hasn’t got sources in Waco and in fact asks me for information about once every week or two. I have throughout all this, even though he has treated me really rudely, been open and shared lots of information with him and answered his questions. The truth about Waco is all that matters to me and I was trying to perhaps contribute to the bigger picture. Anyone that wants to question this is welcome to read all those emails I wrote him to back this up. How exactly am I in a contest with him and handing him stuff to write at the same time? For instance? You know how he wrote about Big O? Well… I sent him everything he knows about him weeks ago. There was pages and pages attached to these emails. I sent him stuff throughout this whole ordeal which he uses then says I don’t know anything. I’ve had enough.





So, I put him in this completely private room and nobody cared who he was. I posted a post introducing him.. And nobody cared. Several days later he jumped my shit for REVEALING his name. The dumb motherfucker has books out with his NAME on the cover. He refers to himself as DON CHARLES DAVIS several times in his public blog. He has never once told me his name was a secret. I don’t know what made him act so ridiculous but if I had to guess I would say ‘alcohol.’ So, anyway, he puffs up like a little girl and blocks me on facebook. He’s pissy because he had a good source got burned alright.. ME. And Don Charles Davis did the burning. image Don’t believe that he gets a lot of his info and ideas from me? Check out these dates…

He likes to pretend he has secret sources giving him tips no one else has. Usually everything he writes has already hit my blog, the treehouse, and the waco tribune by the time he gets around to writing it. This one in particular is just a straight up lie. That photo was all over the Internet. I took a screenshot of it in June from radio legendary.. I’m not even going to get into not knowing the difference in Combat Vets and IVCMC.. Boy, he researched THAT story.  Rebel’s fax appears to be the same photo from my cell phone. Speaking of cell phones…



And speaking of burning sources… He first nags me for this one, then doesn’t answer them and makes me look bad. This isn’t the only one of my FRIENDS.. I don’t have sources.. That he has treated this way, either. Apparently if they don’t tell the story he wants to hear, it doesn’t even require a ‘thank you for your time.’ Apparently the people he wrote outrageous lies about begging him to listen to truth doesn’t matter either.


At one point he reported nobody out of jail when even the Waco Tribune reported over 20 out.

He also reported this next story as Stubbs broke it, but no there was no verification of its validity when in fact I broke it just a few minutes before Stubbs did.. And sent it to the Rebel. He KNEW it was already out. I don’t give a shit who broke it first, except.. I validate Stubbs and he validates me. I couldn’t have written my story off his video cuz it posted about the same time… But then rebel turns around talks shit about Stubbs too, so it doesn’t matter.. He treats both of us the same way. He has said snarky shit about me to many, many people lately, as well.

He reports third hand Cossack stories from the mainstream media but not second hand stories from me, even though he was in fact in a room with the last names of pretty much everybody in jail on the red and gold side and the other CoC members… wives and daughters and sisters.. He KNOWS I was talking to them.. He never attempted to question them himself, either. What’s that about? It’s looking more and more to me like the Rebel has indeed chosen a side in all this.






I have dozens more screenshots like this if anyone would like to see them.

I have lost my temper at him once before in all this stupidity of his. I felt bad about it and apologized in public. But then he decides to call those five vets snitches.. After I’ve told him it wasn’t them. I KNOW exactly who the cop infiltrator is, I just found out last nigh, and Rebel is out in left field. THEN, when they beg him to please talk to them and try to tell him the truth, he publicly ridicules them instigating more ugly chatter including name calling, family members, and addresses, THEN writes another story about them even worse than the first one. These men are easily found on facebook and all are very distinguished members of their hometowns. One works for Entergy.. Most are retirement age and have loved full lives easily verified on social media. One owned a giant bike shop that hosted the national Patriot Guard. All five ‘unarrested’ have similar stories. Rebel never sent a friend request to a single one.. They are quite open to talking and being honest. Those of us who paid attention know that they didn’t start checking the prisoners in.. One at a time… Until after midnight on May 17th and it went on for about two days, until sometime in the 19th. There were people released here and there as the cops didn’t find anything to hold them for, namely preachers and old vets. A GIRL writing their story does not have any precedence over their innocence and its obtusely ridiculous to say otherwise.

Don Charles Davis has just proven to the entire world he is no better than the talking heads on NBC and the Waco cops. He sold out five innocent men for something to feed his brainwashed readers and refuses to retract the story with all of us yelling about it.

It kinda makes me look twice at all his COP readers like Paladin and inside info on all the snitches and ‘ability to write how cops treat bikers’ and inside Intel on the Iron Order. Everybody around here knows all about me, from where I was born to where I have worked to what I think and feel and what I been writing for bikers for 16 years comes from my heart. I’m never shady.. In fact I’m honest to a fault. I sure would like to know if anybody knows where Don Charles Davis came from? I can’t find anyone who knows who the hell he was before he started a blog in 2008.

But maybe he isn’t a cop. Maybe he’s just a dried up old prune with no sources making up lies because he has Brett Favre syndrome. Let the hens in his henhouse cackle about THAT.

I’m done with this person unless he wants to flap his yap at me again.. I have real bikers to write about.


14 Responses to “Rebel Without a Clue…”

  1. Thank you
    State LT

  2. John Deaux Says:

    For someone your done with you’ve sure put a lot of time, words, bandwidth and effort on.
    In a society such as bikers, especially club members, it’s not unusual for a guy from a different area to be not known by others outside the area he resides or works. Well unless he’s famous for some reason so what’s you point on that end.
    I’m an independent rider and supporter of the Red & Gold Nation living in the deep south, but truthfully I probably would have never heard of you if you hadn’t commented on his site several times.
    I remember the first time I saw one of your posts, when we disagreed with what you wrote you implied we were Rebel’s puppets while claiming to be his friend and not understanding why we disagreed with you. Do you remember my answer to you ? If not go look it up.
    As for what happened in Whacko, I don’t know but I’ve never thrown anyone under the bus, I have implied security was lax in the Cossacks and your story makes it obvious.
    My suggestion to you, for what it’s worth, instead of trying to show your dick is bigger try covering the story from your perspective and not waste so much time on someone you claim to be done with.

  3. John Deaux Says:

    Amy, I’ve never bashed you, I have been hard on you at times but that’s because your self serving attitude along with your trying to own the room with your comments do get old rather quickly. That and all that JJ ass kissing you’ve done on Rebel’s page. I understand yall are friends and you want to back him up but even you have to admit some of JJ’s rambling make absolutely no fucking sense.
    Anyway back to the subject, there’s enough story in Whacko for both of you and a few more, a pissing contest over hurt feelings ain’t helping anyone.
    Oh and I’ve never read Rebel bash you until a poster mentioned this article on his page and when he did it was short and done.

    • Yet you believe him saying I was in a pissing contest with him, and I’m not. I was giving him everything I knew until he acted all insane at me. I was trying to get the information out on a bigger blog because I have for all intents and purposes been retired a very long time. I am starting to believe maybe there was some pissongn contest going on and it was the opposite of what you believe. Only time I have bitched at him at all was for wrong information that was hurting someone in some way. As far as self serving… Rebel attacked me for saying his very publicly known name, yet refused to take down the name of a small crying girl who was just a diner in a story that had nothing to do with her but was in fact about Clint Broden who is no way connected to her. Who is self serving again?

  4. John Deaux Says:

    Amy, I’m not here to 1 up you, and Rebel is certainly able to speak for himself so I’m not here for him either. I’m here because your story was mentioned and like I usually do I came to see for myself what was up. I’ve read several of your articles and plan on reading more when I have time, you have a different twist to info, truthfully I find your writing style difficult to follow at times but hey that’s me.
    As to this article, it’s your place in cyberspace so do what you want but looking from this side of the screen it seems like an attempt to discredit by throwing a temper tantrum. Your the Wicked Bitch right, shit talking biker bitch, this article doesn’t show that.
    Ok, I’m done, had my say, thank you for your time.
    Be safe, say well.

    • My entire life is a temper tantrum my dear… Snorts. Sometimes you have to burn an old bridge in order to make someone build a better one than they did the first time. 😉 I still sure would like to know who the heck he was before the blog.. It’s a bit creepy?

      Hey.. I been meaning to ask you every time I answer you here… Wasn’t it you that was asking for the eye witness testimonies from OTHER people not bikers over there? I wrote one I was wanting to post in replybut didn’t wanna get my head bit off again by them hens. You want it?

  5. John Deaux Says:

    Yes I would like to have it if you wanna share. As I said before I’m not looking to throw anyone under the bus, I’m just trying to find out what really happened in that parking lot and why. After reading it is it ok with you if I post it there and if so how do you want me to say how I learned it ?
    I understand what you mean about those bridges, I’ve burned a few myself.
    Again thanks, be well.

  6. John Deaux Says:

    Ok, I felt asking was the right thing to do.

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