Old Times There are not Forgotten, Look Away, Look Away…

I have always loved my country with a fervent, almost manic devotion… I love the South the exact same way. I don’t know why this is so hard for other people in America to understand. Aren’t New Yorkers proud of the history of Mahattan? the Guggenheim? Isn’t San Francisco still proud of her bridge, St. Louis her arch? Why must the South give up the part of this country’s history that belongs to us? We weren’t out burning crosses and hanging people from trees. We weren’t doing anything but sitting here getting walked all over by black people already. I stood in Alexandria looking at the houses that George Washington slept in, still standing tall and graceful and elegant, just last September, and my heart clenched with fear. As I smiled to Tina and held Becca’s hand through the moonlight tour we were on, I looked at the immaculate streets and cobble stone walks and fought back tears, because I knew in my heart that those places won’t be there much longer. What is going to happen to the streets of Mobile, already overrun with nasty Muslim owned convenience stores shoved between the beautiful old historic buildings? Beale Street and Bourbon Street border on becoming ghetto wastelands already. Why are people allowing them to tear down our country? Why isn’t anybody fighting back? I can’t see through my own tears as I sit here and feel alone, so VERY alone, in a country that is no longer the place I grew up in. I don’t know if anyone still feels that tremor of pride in their hearts when they hear the National Anthem. i don’t understand whats so bad about the words of Dixie or the paint job on a car. I no longer belong in this place. People are walking on and wiping their asses with one of my flags, completely banning the other one. Why do you want to erase who I am? What I stand for? Why do we have to give our heritage away?. We weren’t hating anyone. We are now. We now wish your fucking guts would catch fire for what you are doing to us. We weren’t racist before.. We are now. You are creating monsters long buried.

In America right now, there are bleach stains streaking a parking lot in Texas where innocent bikers were entrapped by a cop who infiltrated them, caused a fight, and murdered in cold blood. There are people rippling babies out of mothers, there are murders and rapes and robbing and cops in sex rings and naked women gyrating on awards shows on television and idiots trying to rationalize ripping down historic old memorabilia, statues, even digging up graves.. but saying that’s different than taking up a star for a child molesting Bill Cosby because its a lot of stars, its not right there in your face. Well, stay the fuck out of the South and our shit wont be in your face, either.

Our media no longer exists as anything but propaganda for Obama. Hillary will probably get the Office, because I don’t think anyone even counts our votes anymore anyway. The American people have allowed this country to become our prison, our murky political grave.. and they are still too stupid to see it. It’s much easier to say “oh, that was a GANG. they started it.”.. Oh they are just stupid hillbillies.. take their flag away.”

Muslims have committed so many murders on American soil that nobody really even notices anymore. Did you know Muslims despise artwork, statues, and flags.. figuring anything out yet? Oh, no, its nothing.. Amy’s just a racist, right? Remember how horrified you felt when ISIS beheaded the first guy on TV.. Now you probably don’t even look up from Candy Crush or have any idea what they are up to at all.

If you don’t know what the Bible meant when it said the people would harden their hearts and not have any more care or love or compassion… look around, because Its happening in America right this very minute. I am very afraid of what the good Lord is going to have to do to wake people up. There are United States Marines being gunned down in the streets by Muslims and that flop eared fucking buffoon is glad handing Iran to the chat of Death to America. Well, he is getting what he wants. I will frankly be surprised if the United States of America even sees the New Year. If it does, it wont be the country it once was… it already isn’t.

I also don’t understand when it became legal to tell someone what to think or feel. Being a racist is a fundamental right as long as you aren’t out somewhere hanging people from trees in a bedsheet… It goes against the basis of the country to attempt to tread within anyone’s personal realm. Its a disgrace to attack ANY belief, ANY culture, but most assuredly about half of the American population so blatantly and with biased hatred. Remember Larry Flynnt? I could give a fuck what black people think or say or do anymore. I used to care… I used to not be racist at all. Then, along came Obama.


2 Responses to “Old Times There are not Forgotten, Look Away, Look Away…”

  1. John Deaux Says:

    I’m a racist, not because I want to hold any other race down but because I want to lift the white race up. We’ve given up our identity to pacify others, we no longer stand together for anything while voting blocks of blacks and latinos take over government and as of a result our lives. We hear BS like ” white privilege ” while the naacp, black caucus, etc thrive. Illegal aliens fly their flags on government flag poles in sanctuary cities while collecting assistance.
    It’s way past time to say ENOUGH, the BS ends now. That’ll only happen if whites become proud of OUR heritage again.

    • I always say I’m as racist as the person I happen to be talking to at the moment. There are many black people I love and respect… But if you come at me with some Malcolm X bullshit, I got some white bedsheets in my blood too.

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