Southern Discomfort

It makes me vomit to see what is being allowed in our country today supposedly in the name of freedom. Idiotic savage fools are violating the very roots of this country and being celebrated for it. People are openly stealing and being called heroes. Have any of these racist assholes ever studied any history beyond watching Roots? Do they understand that, quite frankly, Africa sucks? Africa also hates them and doesn’t want them there. MUSLIMS did all the slave trading. Why aren’t they painting Black Lives Matter on the side of a mosque? I would like to see somebody issue a GET OFF FOOD STAMPS AND GET A JOB challenge. How dare these ridiculous flop jawed biscuit lipped natives assume to believe that we aren’t STILL supporting them? Who the hell do they think pays not only their welfare and doctor bills, but also Barack Fucking Obama? WHITE people. WORKING people. DECENT people. The ones you are stealing their flags and burning their stores and harassing in malls and frightening in the streets and acting like a bunch of fucking terroristic baboons on a spree… Don’t like getting called a baboon? Go tell it to the negress wiping her ass on a flag.. You know that one who has been proven has lived off a government check? Don’t wanna get called a nigger? Stop acting like one.


The reason you all feel like slaves is GUILT for living off our dime. That’s it. That’s all. Not some bullshit overseer fear thing in your blood like FARTakhan is feeding you. It’s not because any white people have done anything to you. It’s not because you didn’t get an opportunity to be educated. It’s because deep down inside you know you are nothing but worthless bums living off white people. You love the MOTHERLAND so much? Then go get your mother and take her there. We will buy a one way ticket. We will buy your dad one too, if you happen to know who he might be. Go on to somewhere else and run through Walmart like hyenas scaring old people. Go to another country and live off the government until you break the entire budget. Go to another town and burn nursing homes and steal toilet paper. We don’t care. Take your idiotic wigger supporters with you. We are tired of your whining. We are tired of movies about how downtrodden you are. We are tired of you pushing us around. Go away. Shut up and leave us and our flags and our monuments alone because guess what. That Confederate flag? It was born and bred on American soil. People fought and cried and died under it right here. It was born in the Kentucky coal mines and Arkansas mosquitoes and Texas dust and Georgia peaches and Memphis mud. Go on taking it down. Go on walking and burning and shitting on our other flag… Wave your stupid red and black and green flag. Copy the American flag in your colors.. Copy the battle flag in your colors. It’s still just you trying to pretend you are as productive to society as white people are instead of actually getting up and doing something about it, like getting a job. No African flag has ever for any reason had anything to do with this country. The Mexican flag HAS flown over battles in America. Your stupid jungle flag is as worthless to us as an old doormat and there isn’t a damned thing you can do about it. Lil Wayne or Jay Z will never begin to rap and bop anything remotely as sincerely poetic as the Dixie. The only black president has screwed up more stuff than 43 white ones combined. This is what I feel every time I look at one of these photos of them tearing up our country’s history. I wish you all would either shut the hell up and get a job or shut the hell up and go away because frankly, nobody gives a damn.


3 Responses to “Southern Discomfort”

  1. John Deaux Says:

    What we are seeing today is the result of 50 years of social programs. Free education, government subsidized housing, food stamps and the biggest scam of all paying extra for each rug rat some black popped out.
    End it all now, equality doesn’t happen with set a side programs, it happens with paying your own way.

  2. Kentucky coal miners were as unionist as they come. Learn your damn history.

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