From Bad to Worse.. Waco Justice of The Peace Appointed to Bikers Involved in Branch Davidian Massacre

We all brushed a collective sigh of relief from our worried shoulders when that grinning opossum Justice of the Peace Peterson, who was ‘making an example’ with million dollar bonds on the bikers,  was removed from their cases, but perhaps we should have been fearful instead.

ANOTHER Justice of the Peace is kinda making me wish for that bumbling buffoon’s return. It seems that the NEW Justice of the Peace appointed to some of the cases has a long history of working with Swanton and the Feds in shady Texas situations.



Two years after the fertilizer plant explosion, the city is still recovering, and several residents are still trying to move forward.

“I saw this big plume of smoke and thought wow what can that be? And as I got closer and closer I realized it was the fertilizer plant,” said Justice of the Peace David Pareya.

Two years later, the memories are still vivid as ever for Pareya. He was just leaving a meeting when the fire broke out at the fertilizer plant.

“And all of a sudden I saw my windshield just split. I didn’t know, it was like I was in a dream of some sort. I was apparently knocked out by the blast of the explosion,” recalled Pareya.

The blast destroyed the plant, and much of the town for miles around the site, injuring over 200 and killing 15 people, 12 of those first responders. Pareya’s been the Justice of the Peace in West for decades, but he says that day will stand out in his memory forever.

“It’s not what we lost personally, it’s the lives that we lost,” said Pareya.

A story, still difficult to remember. The blast site is now an empty field. A memorial stands where the plant once was; remembering those who were lost.

“Tragedy, despair like we have, actually brings us strength; strength to be better,” said Pareya.

Pareya and city leaders have helped draft new ordinances, concepts and ideas so they can stop something like this from happening again; a plan for a town ready for whatever else comes their way.

“And with that, with that formula, you bet we’re going to recover. You bet we’re gonna recover. We’ll be back bigger and better than we were, no problem,” said Pareya.

Pareya’s Involvement in West

And of course, Waco Sheriff Hopeful Vladimar Swanton was involved in West as well…

A massive explosion at a fertilizer plant in the small Texas town of West has reduced dozens of homes to rubble. Officials believe five to 15 people have been killed but it’s feared that dozens more may have died. More than 160 people have been injured and treated at local hospitals and search and rescue operations are under way.

This morning on “Starting Point” CNN’s Martin Savidge speaks to Waco Police Department Sgt. William Patrick Swanton about the next steps to come in the aftermath of the huge explosion.

Swanton says the weather “may slow [officials] a little bit” in their search and rescue efforts. He adds “on one hand it’s a good thing. Potentially it can help us with environmental issues – keeping particles out of the air. It can help with the fire from different homes that were ignited during the blast as well.” Ultimately, Swanton says the weather “won’t stop us. It may slow us down but this will pass and we’ll get right back at it.”

“There’s a huge environmental issue,” says Swanton. He adds “Nails, broken boards, splinters boards can be a safety risk for those officers, firefighters, first responders, medical people going door to door.”

Swanton’s Involvement in West Explosion



Pareya Linked to Koresh in LATimes

Pareya Linked to Koresh in NYTimes

It seems David Pareya was a judge who was involved in the clearing of the cops names in Waco in the Branch Davidian tragedy, as well. Since Patrick Swanton joined the Waco Police Department in 1990, it stands to reason to believe he too was involved in that OTHER cops gone wild scenario in 1993… Regardless of the fact that he said Twin Peaks was the worse thing he ever witnessed.


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