What You Need to Know About PROACTIVE Police Work

When you read what Waco Sniper Clayton Williams says about ‘proactive police work’ it sounds very positive. PROACTIVE… A very productive, working forward type of adjective with synonyms such as enterprising, take-charge, energetic, driven, bold, dynamic, motivated… When topped off with a boot stomping, flag waving GOD BLESS AMERICA, it sounds like EXACTLY what America is all about, JUST what Coryell county needs in a sheriff, right?


The word PROACTIVE is defined as creating or controlling a situation by causing something to happen rather than responding to it after it has happened. To make better sense of that, look at this word’s description compared to definitions of other less politically correct words…

In criminal law, entrapment is a practice whereby a law enforcement agent induces a person to commit a criminal offense that the person would have otherwise been unlikely to commit. It is a conduct that is generally discouraged and thus, in many jurisdictions, it is a possible defense against criminal liability.

(How do we KNOW the bikers would have had a fight if the undercover cops hadn’t instigated one? We don’t.)

COERCION.. the practice of persuading someone to do something by using force or threats.

(This of course pertains to the undercover covers using snitches within the Cossacks.)


Now. Why does all this matter to you? It’s easily explained on a couple different levels… But first, let’s take a quick look at what Sniper Clayton himself has to say about ‘proactive policing’ to help make my explanations a bit more applicable.

What is the definition of Proactive?
Proactive policing is the practice of deterring criminal activity by showing police presence and engaging the public to learn their concerns, thereby preventing crime from taking place in the first place. In contrast, responding to a complaint after a crime has been committed is reactive policing.
Proactive is the Patrolling with a PURPOSE.
Proactive is patrolling using the Texas Traffic and Penal Code laws to deter crime. Being proactive by using the traffic and penal code could lead to other offenses that have been committed by someone and/or the recovery of property.
Being proactive saves lives by taking the criminal element off the street. Being proactive is stopping that motorist that has had too much to drink and may cause the death of your loved one. Being proactive is stopping that Burglary, Robbery, or Theft.
Proactive is not wasting your tax dollars on being a taxi. If your tax dollars are being spent on being a taxi, that’s a pretty expensive taxi that you the tax payer, are paying for.
The largest cities in Coryell County are Copperas Cove and Gatesville. Both of these cities have police departments that do a good job of being proactive and deterring crime. So why do most of the crime stats at the Sheriff’s department come from within the two incorporated cities? Why are your tax dollars being spent in the cities that already have a police department?
Coryell County, You will have the opportunity to elect a leader that is proactive. With your support, TOGETHER we can save lives and deter crime. Focus on fixing the problem and not some trivial numbers.
But did you know….
Out of the 1000 square miles that Coryell County covers, 215,000 acres or 340 square miles of Coryell County is covered by Ft Hood.
Coryell County keep smiling and THANK YOU for your support.
God Bless the USA and Coryell County.
Clayton Williams

Source: Clayton’s Facebook Page

Okay, I know he sounds like John Wayne wrapped in Clint Eastwood having lunch with Walker Texas Ranger. Unfortunately, it’s a giant steaming load.

First of all, his techniques there are a violation basic human rights and civil liberties.

There is usually a precedence for debate in these type issues, of course… Many people make a distinction between claim rights and liberty rights. A ‘claim right’ simply means it is a right that entails obligations on other parties regarding the right-holder. In contrast, a ‘liberty right’ is a right which does not entail obligations on other parties, but rather only freedom or permission for the right-holder. The distinction between these two senses of “rights” originates in American jurist Wesley Newcomb Hohfeld’s analysis thereof in his seminal works.

Another component of liberties and rights that is often confused are positive and negative. These words do not interchange. The two kinds of ‘rights’ are often explained as ‘negative rights’ and positive rights.’ This is probably explained best as a ‘negative right’ means a right to NOT do something. The ‘positive right’ is more along the lines of something you have the right to require of other people.. The right to do.

When you have too much of either type of liberty, you lose all of the other. For instance.. If you have a militarized police force who will go so far as to lock you up to protect you from yourself, you have so much positive rights that it cancels out the negative right to to be allowed to live in peace. There is a large scale window left open for speculation.. But the fact remains that the Waco police have in fact violated pretty much every word of the Constitution, yet so many sit there in an armchair and pretend it isn’t happening. It’s easier to call the bikers gangs and accept lies about their criminal mischief than to face the fact that this country has fallen around our feet. Now keep in mind this is due to conduct of HIRED cops. Imagine how much worse it is going to get when you start ELECTING men like Swanton and Williams.. Men who believe it’s okay to kill people because of what they are wearing and put them in jail for stickers or beer koozies or little patches on vests. This is frankly too much like the socialistic tendencies of Nazis and Hitler for me to be comfortable with any of it.

Any person who accepts their theory on preemptive crime strikes is saying it’s basically okay to profile and stereotype people and do whatever it takes to prevent someone from committing a crime. How is this possible without making assumptions about what someone, ANYONE, is going to do? It’s handing the cops the right to play God, judge and jury… Plus keep in mind their little ‘mental health’ play where cops get to determine if you have a mental issue going on and how to respond to THAT as well. That is way more control than ANYONE should have over another human life.

Finally, police guesswork is a stupid idea with HONEST men playing the part. Now add in the fact that these two cold blooded bastards are so heartless they have brough their own daughters into their bloodthirsty games. Both Swanton and Williams… Sheriff hopefuls in two different counties who were both involved in Twin Peaks and long term Waco police officers… Have young daughters working at the WPD. Williams has a daughter who is a dispatcher entering the police academy while Swanton’s daughter recently graduated and was immediately hired to work in the same department as Daddy Dearest. Of course suddenly Waco starts making money hand over ass with sex crime busts, and Swanton himself says in the Waco Tribune they are using WPD disguised as under aged girls to catch perverts. I am pretty sure I can name the Waco cops who would pass as teenaged girls. In our world we have a name for men like that. We call them pimps, not ‘sheriffs’.

The high sheriff should be a compassionate, fair, loving man. Not a militarized machine who considers himself some sort of robotic warrior and has no qualms about murdering innocent bikers in cold blood. If you think I am being too hard on him, read up on him..  Check out the following link how he can shoot moving targets, and how good he is at hiding where no one can see him while he kills.

The REAL Clayton Williams

Don’t fall for mushy photos with his wife and ice cream socials. Do some digging on google and find out who the cold blooded murderer, sick, conniving piece of snake shit really is.. It’s pretty easy to see that the only thing PROACTIVE anything is good for is pimples.


One Response to “What You Need to Know About PROACTIVE Police Work”

  1. jjsolari Says:

    i read that fucker’s “explanation” of proactive. He doesnt give one example of what the fuck he is talking about. and apparently no one is going to ever ask him because he sounds lie he makes it his job to be too intimidating a magnificence to tolerate or put up with questions. he sounds like the posterboy for ”
    Worst Dad Ever.”

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