The Dave Mann-Easyriders Affliction Clothing Line

I wrote a story a year or so ago about the new line of Affliction clothing that was geared to appear at Sturgis 2014. I searched diligently to no avail in South Dakota to own one.. And failed. I was beginning to believe the story was a farce…

My Dave Mann Story

Then Affliction’s Website added an Easyriders line! I was giddy as I browsed the new vintage print teeshirts…
The Easyriders Line

I went first to the Dave Mann section, but was kinda let down. I found their depictions of his work a little too ‘Petro truck stop’ for my tastes. A little further on, however, I was delighted to discover several great finds!


While the price ranges make me gasp a little, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of product that arrived. The luxury teeshirts make girls and their girls look spectacular, and the material is of a quality that will outlast and offset their rather lofty price tags. I am currently collecting them one a month, and trying to decide between miraculous Mutha or FTW as my next treasure.


Right now, Affliction is running a contest to win $500 in gear… Upload a photo of yourself in your Affliction Clothing to their website!

Update: Jj Solari pointed out that many of these are the work of Hal Robinson. I would love to tag the individual artists but I do not know who drew them all..


2 Responses to “The Dave Mann-Easyriders Affliction Clothing Line”

  1. jjsolari Says:

    a lot of those are the hal robinson clothing line

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