The Bandido who Scares Me to Death

I have this little friend who I don’t spend a lot of time with, frankly, because I don’t feel worthy of the time of someone so amazing. If I had to close my eyes and imagine an angel, she is the person who would come to my mind. She’s been around central Arkansas bikers for a long time, maybe as long as I’ve been riding. I assumed for a long time that she was maybe a widow, or perhaps the wife of one of the preachers in CMA… I did know that every swap meet, every event, every charity, I could look forward to an energetic hug and a bashful smile from her… A gleeful story always at the ready, and reflected in her sparkling eyes. I don’t think she could say shit if she had a mouthful of it. I adore her, in her cute little glasses and pixie nose… Somehow we have a lot in common and are complete opposites at the same time… We both ride big white Heritages.. We both attend biker churches just a few blocks apart religiously (pun intended). We have gotten to be closer friends recently, and it always makes me smile a big goofy grin to see her name pop up in my notifications..

Well… There’s another person in Central Arkansas bikers that I have bumped into a good bit, but don’t know real well. I don’t normally fool with the Bandits a lot.. Any Bandido in arkansas can honestly tell you that that when  I run across them at events, I make it a point to politely nod or smile, or speak to the ones I know briefly, maybe a hug or, maybe even I touch their hand for a second as I walk by if they talking, but then I go on about my merry way… I know they have lots of stuff going on, and while I don’t want them to think I’m snooty, I also don’t want to take up their time.

So, I been around lots of bikers in my life. Tattoos and snarls and prison record don’t faze me in the slightest. I’m intimidated by very, very few of them. There is this one in Arkansas though.. He’s clean cut, not big and beefy, not all tattooed and scary… In different clothes he would pass for a preacher or a football coach. I don’t know WHY he makes me all nervous but I’m always just all elbows and stutters around him. I think it’s because he is such a PERFECT example of a patch… I never seen him when he didn’t look as put together and sure of himself as General Patton… Always steady and sure.

Well a few months ago, right before Twin Peaks, I was putting together a Lupus Awareness Night at 501 Bike Night… I was at Rodney’s a month or so before the event, which was actually three days after Twin Peaks.. at one of the first bike nights, and my little pixie friend introduces me to her husband… The Bandido who scares the shit out of me!

I stuttered through the introduction… I stuttered through a thank you to him for sending money to my event, and then for actually being there at my Lupus Rally! He really came, and I was so damned proud! Well, like I said, this was three days after Waco and everyone was in an uproar of fear and confusion and what all… And someone accidentally takes a very CLEAR photo of him and tags me in the album on Facebook! It was taken down and handled promptly… But of course I was doubly horrified and by the time I ran into them at Gulfport, and saw her red faced and tired and harried, and him looking nine kinds of upset for some reason, I was about ready to pee my pants… I couldn’t even bring myself to speak to him!

So then, I go to Candyman’s funeral in Dallas.. I took some photos of the Angels and all the bikes there and I got permission to post them, but come to find out the ONLY clear photo I got of an Angel and a Bandido was… Guess who. Sigh. So, I blurred out his face and prayed I didn’t run into him again for about one year.

This past week this man I respect very much from Texas, he dropped a bomb of a story about Waco in my lap… He and I are becoming friends.. And have discussed a good bit of time just how exactly to write something so outrageous and frankly, lewd. I honestly, for the first time, wasn’t positive I could tell this tale…

i went to a HUGE bike night Thursday night, and while we were waiting on our food, I hugged my little Pixie friend as I made my way to the bathroom.. I nodded at her ol man and smiled at the table with the other Bandidos crowded around laughing and talking as I pushed my way through the crowd to the restroom, and just that made my heart trip and my hands a little shaky. On my return trip, he reached out and caught my hand, and pulled me over to talk. I was pretty much ready to throw up by this point. When you do what I do, you are never sure exactly if those talks are going to be a thanks, a prayer, or an ass chewing. I have had great luck so far, but I just KNEW my luck had run out. I made my way to him like a little kid headed to the principals office, and leaned in so he could speak in my ear to bypass my deafness in the noisy bar.

His words made me cry. He thanked me for all my hard work.. And he said ‘Keep doing what you are doing.’ I threw my arms around his neck and hugged him like a little girl, laughing through my tears. I told him I didn’t know if he loved me or wanted to kill me. He laughed and said, ‘I like people who stir things up… Keep up the good work.’ I suddenly saw him as the perfect match to my beautiful friend.. A very unexpected guardian angel.

I am no longer afraid to write that raucous story… I think it will be okay. If anyone says anything, Maybe I will just go talk to the Bandido who used to scare the shit out of me. He’s turning out to be one helluva friend.


5 Responses to “The Bandido who Scares Me to Death”

  1. On a slightly different topic, I wonder if McCringleberry or any of those other a-holes names could be found in the Ashley Madison data dump. That would be like, Christmas, 4th of July, & New Years all wrapped in one big happy package.

  2. turthordie Says:

    So I know who you are speaking of… and he’s not the example of a perfect patch by a long shot……but as it’s said everyone has their opinions.

    Ms Pixie as you refer to her.. is a god sent angel.

  3. Hahaa none of us are perfect I don’t reckon… But his little lady comes closer than most. I reckon what I mean is, I never seen a weak spot… I never seen him loud or dirty or drunk or out of control…. He always seems like a ROCK in the middle of everything going on.

  4. Rockatansky Says:

    So, what’s the big story? Is it about police, a biker club, an informant, politics, or what?

    • I am working on it… Its some background stuff that isn’t exactly time sensitive but makes a lot of pieces make more sense. it IS sensitive in some other areas, though, so i am kinda carefully poking through some verification before I publish it.

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