THANK THE LORD. Somebody finally found who the Red Booted punk is! I honestly had given up after two incorrect ‘eye witness’ accounts! I pretty much figured out that my people had mistaken him for this guy…..


See the boots? I can totally understand how in the midst of gunfire someone would mistake him for someone else… And how after a month in jail it’s hard to tell them apart. Same thing happened twice, with two different people who were actually there, too. I am not mad at them for making a mistake… If I was laying on the ground under gunfire I probably would mistake these guys too? The Cossack has been identified as allegedly being Mitch Bradford, Cossack Son in Law..? But I had no idea how to find out about who these cops are short of driving to Waco and following them around?

Congratulations, Ride Free! You rocked this out real damned hard!!!!

Ride Free’s Article

As for Barnum, I totally do NOT few sorry for him, as in his little rant at me trying to say I was an informant, which is retarded, he ratted himself out as trying to set up the Bandidos. He said I told him something about some night, and I have no information about a ‘night’ whatsoever. ┬áThat other state trooper? Justin? his wife wrote me with a Twin Peaks photo and said ‘that’s not him.. THIS is him in the long sleeve shirt..’ So, ya know. Piss on him too. Both WERE involved in murdering bikers so I have no sympathy for either one.

As for Red Boots.. department of Public Safety Officer Lt. Stephen Scwartz… I think you are a pussified little worm for letting your so called brothers take the fall.

Awesome job, once again, Ride Free.. Thanks from all of us.


5 Responses to “BREAKING news! RIDE FREE found the REAL RED BOOTS!”

  1. Son and law weighs about 275lbs. Lol Try again. Geez Amy please get your facts straight before you drop names. This is the third time. This type of irresponsible reporting isn’t helping anyone.

    • And I don’t think I believe you anyway. I think Mitch Bradford is Son in Law who is married to Shane Satterwhite’s daughter. Now tell the truth, asshole.

      • Really Amy, name calling. Real professional. Why do you keep dropping my brother’s names in your articles? Just look at Mitch’s mugshot. Why would I lie? First you slander Duct Tape. And now this. And as far as you calling me an ass hole lol, well I won’t get down on your level and call names. Just trying to understand your motivation for slandering Cossacks. I guess we know who you’re speaking for.

      • really, john wilson? breaking your gag order to talk to not only a biker, and not only the press.. but biker press. i cant wait til swanton sees this… he reads every word i say same as you do. next time try to hide your email a little better, at IP address… or, if you aren’t going to hide it, you should probably try to have enough sense not to use the same one you use on facebook. As for the your continuous lying about Mitch.. who by the way you are right hes a fat fucker aint he? i guess i will just have to make tonights blog out of all these photos and screenshots and Bradford-Satterwhite family facebook posts, huh? I think since you continue to lie I will go ahead and publish this really interesting story about a dog in a hot tub too.. tell me, john wilson, owner of legends motorcycle.. would that make it a hot dog? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAAA

  2. I don’t mind you putting my name out there. I’ve got nothing to hide. I think people just need to know the truth. At least you’very admitted you wrong (lying ) again. Obviously your motivation isn’t to unbiased help all the bikers involved. And you obviously haven’t read the details of the gag order. Go ahead and rant and rave and call more names. It just exposes you to the readers.

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