I Can’t Breathe Either.. A Journal of the Sickening Conditions in the Waco Jail

The journal from the video….

This is a journal kept by one of the Waco Widows detailing what her husband’s life in the Waco jail has been like. Her husband has no criminal record or direct connection to the events that occurred at Twin Peaks beyond showing up for a CoC meeting. I have gotten similar stories from several of the wives and therefore believe this account to be true and accurate.

This is my testimony based on what I was sequentially was told by an inmate at the Jack Harwell Center in Waco Texas and my personal experiences at this facility. I am writing in sequence in a journal type manner and is colloquial in terms because of phrases or terms I hear talking on the phone to the inmate or to the staff on the phone or in person.
May 17th: He was put in a cell by himself at 3pm. Received food…

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