Harley Davidson Embraces Islam

HD Dealership Hosts Muslim Ride that is Chanting Kill White People
A lot of people are in shock that Harley Davidson of Washington DC is hosting Farrakhan and his black panther Muslim gang posing as a motorcycle club on September 11th… I’m not.

I also seriously doubt you will get anywhere with the mother company.

You see, I complained loudly a year ago when the Harley Davidson company started testing the waters in Canada, in French-speaking Quebec specifically.. It is a billboard with a composite picture of two female faces combined wearing a hijab and a helmet, under the slogan: “Á Chacun Sa Religion”— which roughly translates to: “to each her religion.’

I also know that Harley Davidson has many Muslim Employees all over the globe, including some big wigs named Mohammed right here in America.



Not disgusted yet? How about a few years ago when I raised hell because Harley Davidson Motor Company made a Harley Dealership in New York take down a sign because it offended a Muslim…

“We believe signage of this nature is highly inappropriate,” Klein told the Daily Times. “We of course deeply regret any offense that the message posted by this independent dealer may have caused.” Klein went on to say that Harley-Davidson is committed to individual dignity and inclusion and “we take living these values very seriously.” And, Harley is “aggressively pursuing the removal” of the message.


In 2009, upstate NY Harley-Davidson dealer Iron Block Harley in Adams was forced to take down a sign facing route 81 behind their store.
The sign has been displaying messages to drivers traveling on Interstate 81 since 2002. It read

“Obama, are you kidding? We’re not Muslim. You are not Christian!!”
iIt was a reference to President Obama’s speech in the Middle East in which he stressed the details of Muslims living in America as a way of finding common cause with Muslim majority nations.
Owner Erik Dunk believes that Obama would not have won the Presidency if the public was aware of the extent of his Muslim sympathies prior to the election. He indicated that this was a deceit of the American people, and that despite his continued pronouncement that he is a Christian, deceiving the American people to get the office is not a Christian thing to do.

Iron Block’s sign has carried messages of a political nature for years. The sign once said “Impeach the Dictator!” but Dunk indicates that no one at Harley-Davidson forced him to remove that message though it was far more politically controversial.

Harley-Davidson’s lawyers ordered Dunk to remove the message from his sign or risk losing his Harley-Davidson franchise. They had received one complaint regarding the sign from a Syracuse-area Muslim who told Harley-Davidson that the sign was offensive and derogatory to Muslims.

Ironically enough, some ‘HOG chapters around the globe BOAST of. New Muslim recruits. I guess this would take a good bit of skill, to get a Muslim to wear ‘HOG’ on his back.



As of this isn’t enough.. Did I mention they have a problem with flags too..both American and Confederate?

HD bans Confederate Flag

HD claims American Flag Voids Warranty

I hate this as much as you guys do, but it’s starting to look like there may be a vehicle auction around my house sometime soon. I love my Harley, but God and America come first.


8 Responses to “Harley Davidson Embraces Islam”

  1. i’m more in shock that you outright lie about anyone chanting kill white people at a harley rally. show the video. put up or shut up.

  2. It’s time we as “White Americans” stand up for what is right! Stop feeling guilty for something you have nothing to do with because you are a hippie, liberal that thinks you’re doing something good. The day is coming when “YOU” are going to be at their knees kissing more than their feet! I didn’t fight for my country to allow this shit to happen on my soil!

  3. peter james martinez Says:

    i dont hate anybody, well,,,,,, except these fucks,,,, we are one sad country these days,, and i am a vet, ashamed i put my ass on the line for this shit to be allowed to happen

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