Waco PD Selling Motorcycles!

This homemade Cossacks motorcycle is very likely one of the Twin Peaks bikes…




It has Cossack stickers distinguishing it as a club bike, even though it’s a homemade machine with no factory name. The PD is asking $1,625… However, at the time of print, the bids are fast and furious with just a few hours to go… I guess a murder scene motorcycle is quite a collector’s item….

We can hope that may be a friend purchasing it back for its owner?
The Auction Page



These bikes on Craig’s list were all listed at the same time in Waco, on September 7th… I am not sure if they are Twin Peaks machines or not but it sure seems shady to me.





Of course, I can totally get how this could be a coincidence, and a fine time to get a good deal on a Harley in Waco… Being a biker is deadly down there.


6 Responses to “Waco PD Selling Motorcycles!”

  1. As far as the police auction, After looking over the Civil Forfeiture list in the Twin Peaks case, I do NOT see this motorcycles listed. And the auction lists it as “Abandoned”.

  2. Yup, Amy, I think your last statement rings much more true; a coincidence. To include weekend warriors having T.P.s as their final decision to give up that bike that usually takes up room in the garage and only comes out for yet another rub and polish. A 17 year old Sporty looking like it’s showroom fresh? It’s a pity, really.

    If looking for a method to the madness, then what better way to start up a bunch of conjecture than to list an already held bike with known markings? Shoot, a great way to continue to put pressure on already innocent bikers than to show them what will happen to THEIR bikes that are currently impounded? That’s the sort of rat bastard behavior I’d expect from cops.

    • I have been given a photo of the homemade bike in a group of bikes headed to twin peaks on may 17th.. The police have allegedly said they are selling 10-15 more. The sportsters? Ten or fifteen year old sporties are pretty common in clubs that have suddenly recruited LOTS of new members, rolling them up from smaller clubs… An old sportster in good condition is the ideal answer to a kid rolling up from a honda or crotch rocket to an all harley club. Those are shady to me mainly because of the date and time they posted, and in the photos they seem to be in warehouses surrounded by various other autos and hodge podge furniture.

      • Gotcha. Finding out that you have info on the specific bike changes things drastically as compared to what is written. Guess the cops are out to fund their defense attorneys when it hits the fan.

      • Sometimes I know what I KNOW but can’t exactly say it yet… It this instance it was time sensitive because there was 6 hours left on the auction… If the person who owned it didn’t know it was there, well.. See? Nobody is allowed to talk to anyone else yet.

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