Open Letter to Thomas Moorehead of HDDC

The Justice or Else Ride is Still on the Harley Events Page

While Thomas Moorehead plays like he has hurt feelings….


No one at his dealership has taken the event down YET.


Must not have upset him too bad, huh? Especially since the conference calls orchestrated by his general manager as of last night are still discussing meetings with his dealership as instrumental in their planning.


An open letter to Thomas J. Moorehead, Ft. Washington Harley Davidson.
Dear Thomas Moorehead;
Some of your ‘acquaintances’ are making noise about us bikers owe you an apology. We certainly don’t want you to accuse us of being RACIST or anything, so I am thereby penning this letter to you, and whomever feels compelled to join me in the following apologetic discourse can share it as well… I hope you get three million copies, personally.
We are sorry that you scheduled a racist ride sponsored by Farrakhan on 10-10-15 and stabbed us all in the back.
We are sorry you caused yourself to get bad press.
We are sorry you further exacerbated your situation by lying about knowledge of the event.
We are sorry that we plainly saw the event still on your calendar for several days after you claimed to have canceled it.
We are sorry Farrakhan didn’t play along and throw a fit to make your little scheme more believable. Nobody believes you could cancel his ride and he wouldn’t squall like a three year old who lost his teddy bear.
We are sorry you tried to backpedal and say you were letting them meet there when the dealership was closed, thereby looking more shady.
We are sorry your wife was married to a very prominent civil rights lawyer and is very active in black rights herself… Just like you are.
We are sorry your wife’s strong history of being married to Bill Clinton’s schoolmate made you look ridiculous when you initially tried to claim you didn’t know what Farrakhan was representing.
We are sorry you thought we were stupid enough to fall for any of that.
We are sorry you yourself have all that history in Omaha with your friend, the alleged child sex ring pimp, Lawrence E. King, Jr.
We are sorry you were obtuse enough to think it was okay to hire that disgusting person after he got out of jail and that no one would mind.
We are sorry your first car dealership just HAPPENED to come about the same year as he got caught embezzling money from a credit union and then you suddenly are Mr. Richest Black Man in America.
We are sorry your general manager is neck deep in the Justice or Else shenanigans and even handles the conference calls for the event, as his his club the Flaming Knights, who you wholeheartedly support.
We are sorry there’s all this glory hound media about you that tells every word I’ve said, plainly online in article after article after article.
We are sorry you are trying to drag Rolling Thunder down with you when they have plainly chewed your face off on your Facebook page.
We are sorry that during a special session on “Economic Development through the Black Church” at the A.M.E. Church’s 2nd District Mid-year Opening Plenary Session in Raleigh, North Carolina late last year, Rev. Jonathan Weaver, senior pastor of Greater Mt. Nebo A.M.E. Church in Bowie, Maryland, and board member of the A.M.E. organization that deals with economic growth and development projects claimed that, “The whole thrust was how black churches can help to empower black businesses,” and actually NAMED you in a starting plan for churches located in the North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland and D.C. to commit to the support of your black-owned businesses. His exact words were ‘Thomas Moorehead, president of a BMW dealership in Sterling, Virginia.’ That’s you, right?
We are sorry you are in collusion with a plot to use the house of the Lord to make money and empower black people.
We are sorry you own a Harley Davidson dealership but only ever mention BMWs and Rolls Royce. Are you ashamed of the Harley Dealership? That’s okay, because we are ashamed of you, too.
We are sorry you underestimated the people who have made Harley Davidson what it is.
We are sorry that any of us ever spent one red cent in your place of business.
We are sorry that the mother company hasn’t pulled your franchise yet.
We are sorry that this once great nation is being brought to her knees by scum like you. No matter how many nice suits and big houses and fancy cars you own, you still apparently want to act like Chicken George.
I hope this clears up any apologies you feel you were owed.
Amy Irene White, biker journalist


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