BREAKING.. Unedited Photo of the Iron Order Shooter in Colorado 

the Iron Order Police Gang struck once again in Denver this past weekend, this time pursuing a confrontation with members of the Mongols MC, a veteran based club of motorcyclists with an established history since 1969 who participate in the pursuance of unity amongst clubs in America.

Here is a never before released unedited photo of the corrections officer and everyone who was there when he fired the only shots that day. how can anyone look at this disgusting creature and not be sickened that he wasn’t even arrested?

He obviously has had his ass handed to him and retaliated by shooting someone. Look at his buddies standing around and not trying to stop him.


One Response to “BREAKING.. Unedited Photo of the Iron Order Shooter in Colorado ”

  1. This “Iron Order” crap needs to stop. Nothing but a bunch of weekend warrior wannabes with nothing better to do than to start shit and TRY to hide behind their badges. The “Iron Order” gets NO respect from most clubs, organizations, or anything else in the biker world. They are looked down upon and are rarely, if ever, at ANY charitable events. Come to think of it, I have never seen ANY of the “Iron Order” in my area at any of the toy runs, veteran runs, funerals escorts or anything of that nature. Perhaps all they are wanting to do is stir up shit whenever they can.

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