About Author Amy Irene White

my website is https://amyirenewhite.wordpress.com. my cell is (870)484-2561, and my email is amy_irene_white@yahoo.com. i have facebook through this email as well. feel free to contact me for radio interviews, autographed copies of my books, appearances, and much more.
i am a ten year veteran freelance journalist contributing to easyriders, in the wind, biker, and v-twin.  i have worked extensively with the easyriders bike show and rodeo circuit as well as conducting celebrity interviews.
i am the only person ever photographed with elvis presley‘s motorcycles in the graceland museum, which was done by tattoo editor and paisano’s chief photographer billy tinney last fall, and ran with a set of stories in all of paisano’s publications in accordance with their memphis bike show as well as the elvis presley’s diabetes ride for life, for the american diabetes association.
i am a contributing author to Biker Chicks by arthur veno and edward winterhalder, both best selling biker novelists. i have recently written, self published and released my first full length book, a memoir, entitled Wicked Bitch which has recieved glowng reviews from quite a few reknowned names in the motorcycle industry.
i am 90 percent deaf, and have 9 autoimmune disorders including life-threatening lupus. i take chemo every sunday. i am riding my 16 year old heritage softtail nostalgia to sturgis south dakota one more time, in a few weeks, which will be a little over 3,000 miles round trip.

5 Responses to “About Author Amy Irene White”

  1. Sherri Patterson Says:

    I just read your book…loved it.

  2. Wow. Really cool site. I’ve read Biker Chicks, though mainly because Con Ed is pretty infamous around here among the culture my husband is in.

    I look forward to reading Wicked Bitches…

    PBOL Bird

  3. tomzimmer Says:

    Amy, I like your blog, and you really should link your blog to a Facebook account to increase your distribution. It certainly helps mine.

  4. Wow, found your page via a friend that’s a retired Navy Seal.
    I have not been around the Biker culture in years , not since the 80’s only because I spent most of my like in the Military, however I remember my Dad when he was a member of group in Ohio called the “Outlaws” and they were a great bunch of guys that just liked to party and ride , yes a few were in and out of trouble, but most were just Dad’s and Husbands.

  5. Big Fan here, Blogrolled you and following @ thepatrioticbiker.com

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