Another Biker Railroaded by the Actions of the Waco Police Department


In Texarkana…. an Arkansas biker has been sentenced to a year in county jail for his role in a bar fight that left another man in need of facial reconstructive surgery. A Miller County jury found 30-year-old Carl “Bouncer” Aaron, a member of the Fukowee motorcycle club, guilty of a lesser charge of misdemeanor battery in the 2013 fight, the Texarkana Gazette  reported. Funny, thing… before Waco occurred? The fact that he was a biker was never mentioned. Yet somehow by the time it got to court, the attorneys were allowed to stand in court and basically say he needed to be locked up before he caused another Waco.. Are you kidding, people?

aaron n nita

If u or anyone knows of a good journalist who is willing to come listen and take down my husbands story I would greatly appreciate it if they were sent my direction. I want my husbands story out there for everyone to see. He was sentenced to a year in county jail for defending his self against 3 boy scouts as they called them in court. The closing arguments by the prosecution were, this man who is a violent biker could be the next that to come into ur local chili’s on a Sunday while ur with ur family and beat u for no apparent reason just because he’s a biker. Wtf.. my husband don’t even have a record. One charge in his life for fighting and that was when he was 17. He was sentenced for nothing more then being a biker. They used all the Waco shit against him. Now I want to use it against them. Anyone who can help I would be so greatful. I’m losing my mind without him and so is his kids. Please someone help us. I stated quite plainly last week that cops and courts all over America would use the Waco incident to harass bikers all over the country, and it has already begun. i received this message from Venita Aaron a couple days ago. I have spent a good bit of time researching this case and I believe this man went to jail in a case of self defense solely for the fact that he was a biker. He was attacked by three men and in the fight, in ONE PUNCH, sent on of them to get his face reconstructed. I believe that to be unfair. He didn’t hit the guy with a metal pipe. He didn’t sit on him and repeatedly pound him. 

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This is Vanita’s account of what happened that night. Her words are a bit hard to get, but I think this man acted in self defense and his trial was blown up by Waco.

In March 2013 we were at a local bar called Fat Jack’s listening to a band play.. My son wasn’t old enough to get in yet, because it was after 9pm. (Arkansas bars sometimes have an age limit after 9pm) My son calls and he needs some money. We told him to come pick it up. My son came to Fat Jacks with his friend. We met them at the door and he asked if we would walk him outside because there were some guys out there pushing them around when they were coming in. The Fat Jack employees said they tried to get in but wasn’t old enough, which was a lie. His friend was 21 and so would have gotten in with his ID if he had tried. Fat Jacks wouldn’t be their type of hang out anyways. So, my husband and I walked them out. When we get outside, there’s 4 guys outside… 2 by the door and 2 across the street drinking something that was in a brown paper bag. My son indicates to my husband that’s them. My husband told my son to leave. The bigger of the 2 across the street sat down his drink and came walking towards my husband very aggressively. They meet up and the guy takes a swing, my husband dodges it and he misses, so my husband takes a swing and down the guy goes. By this time 2 more have jumped in the fight. I ran inside to get help. I got the security guard first. Then told the friends that were there what was going on. By this time, people are coming out of the bar. My husband fought all 3 guys alone. The first guy ended up having to go to the ER. He was sent to Hot Springs for surgery on his face. He did have to have a plate put in his face. My husband was told to leave and he did. The police came and no one did any talking because most didn’t know what happened and couldn’t. I didn’t talk to them because I’ve seen a lot of dirty bs happen with SOME of the local police officer. Not all, mind you, but a few.
My husband was stopped and arrested for DWI later that night because he fit the description of what the lady who called in told the cops and they put out a search for him after letting him leave the bar.(  i believe this means he was let go after the fight… then someone called and complained and they went and got him again?) My husband was later charged for the fight. They charged him with acting in consent with 2 or more, only because he was a biker. They also charged him felony battery. We took this to trial and his jury selection started Monday may 18,2015. The actual trial started Tuesday may 19,2015. All the statements made by the victims and 2 employees from Fat Jacks was a total crock. They lied so much about everything. None of the statements matched at all. We told the same thing then as we did now. There was no need to lie about anything. They profiled me and my husband because we have tattoos and ride with an Club. They said they were a criminal organization and did all kinds of illegal things. Lmao. They used Waco and the clubs that were there in this. He’s not affiliated with any of the clubs that were targeted that day. The day my husband took the stand he also made the front page of Texarkana Gazette right above what they put about Waco. True enough the jury wasn’t supposed to read that but how many do u think did not? My husband was slandered, profiled, stereotyped and put down for doing what he loves to do. And that’s being a part of a brotherhood. He ended up not being charged with acting in consent with 2 or more, because they knew the others were full of shit, and there was no othere bikers even in the fight, but he was charged with battery 3 class A misdemeanor and sentenced to the maximum allowed and that’s a year in county and $2,500 fine. What I don’t understand is, he got jumped by 3 but he was the one who ends up in jail? They used the phrase in court calling them the “Boy Scouts vs. the Biker”. One of the victims dad was the ex mayor of Wake Village,tx the other ones wife works for Miller county. The other one is a professional alcoholic who still leads Boy Scouts. They all hang out and go to church with SOME of the prosecuting attorneys. This is total bs.

I tend to believe her story not necessarily because I am biker prejudiced, though I am, but more because of the fact that.. there are no news stories to be found of a dangerous biker beating three innocent men in March, and also the few stories that weren’t bashing him on the internet are being taken down? I am extremely concerned that this may be happening all over America. Being a biker doesn’t automatically make you guilty of anything but riding a motorcycle.


While articles like this one are heavy handed with the club affiliation language:

Researching the Fukowee Tribe on the internet paints a different picture… This is from a facebook page of one of their chapters:

THE FUKOWEE WAY… understand you are a patchholder 24/7 and reflects on the whole club not just you
is a commitment to become a stronger brother, husband,father or son and give rather than recieve
is to participate in club functions promoting club health and brotherhood
is to support our own communities through charitable service and contribution
includes bikes, beer and barbeque not machine guns and methamphetamines
is to act with respect and to be treated with respect, to not start shit and not to take any shit
God bless the Fukowee Tribe M/C

Fukowee Forever , Forever Fukowee

From the confused little Indian on the patch, I believe the name to be a play on words, if “Who the fuck are we?” or “Where the fuck are we?” He sure doesn’t look very intimidating, regardless. I find no affiliation to any other clubs.

fukowee tribe


15 Responses to “Another Biker Railroaded by the Actions of the Waco Police Department”

  1. Fukowee Tribe MC
    “Where the Fuck are we” is what it means ,

  2. Jeffery Kincaid Says:

    I heard about this story. My thing is this when he was arrested the night of the fight for I thinkl u said Dwi but nothing to do with the fight and was probally taken to bistate which is in Texas. Ok next thing I would like to know was when did he get arrested for the felony battery I thought simple battery was a misdemeanor maybe that’s in Texas not Arkansas. So when did he find out he had a felony charge out of miller county didn’t this fight happen a year or more ago. So was he out on bond for his dwi.I’m guessing then what happen was he arrested a seperated time for the felony out of miller county if so he went miller county jail. I won’t to know where did he have to go to court at Miller county courthouse or the Bi state justice building or the New Boston court house usually a story that gets that much publicity from the Texarkana gazette the Trial is in New Boston. My deal is this I don’t take either side but I understand what your saying about being profiled and railroaded by the system. Who wrote the stories in the newspaper all that to go to jury trial which is for felony cases only no misdemeanors ever make it to trial they reach ple bargains. Yea sounds like just another persons life passing him buy not saying he was in the right but all that to get three class A misdemeanors what were they assault with bodily injury or what so since miller county jail only houses felons from miller county and misdemeanor crimes that happen on the Arkansas side of state line or miller county is housed at bi state justice building located on the Texas side which houses Bowie county inmates Arkansas side inmates and U.S Marshall inmates which is pretty chaotic I might say. It confuses me how I can be accused or arrested of a crime that takes place in one city,two counties and two states.Maybe that’s why it took so long for your case to go to trial they didn’t know what district or prosecuting attorney would take the case then they have to give u attorney or public defender. I myself am waiting to go to my pre indictment hearing for unlawful possession of firearm by a felon I accidentally shot myself in hand and went to stmichael where they do things different they was more worried about getting my statements and getting ahold of the hooks police department and having community health ppl come try to talk to me like I was going to commit suicide or hurt somebody they didn’t get the point that accidents do happen. The next morning the hooks police came to my house and said I had a warrant for my arrest they didn’t show me no paperwork saying they had a warrant but what can u do. So I pretty signed sealed and delivered my own case to the prosecutors and now I’m facing prison time for accident

    • Vanita Jeans Aaron Says:

      He was arrested for the dwi the same night as the fight. He wasn’t charged til he was in a line up for the felony battery charge. He was took to bistateon Arkansas side. Because he was in a MC club he was charged with acting in content with 2 or more. They tried to say he and others jumped these boy scouts. When all reality these bullies who one of likes to beat on his then pregnant wife. Blacking both eyes to where her boss at a local restaurant had to send her home,jumped my husband.and one got sent to the hospital with the alcohol level of under 2 points under the alcohol poisoning level. And my husband made the front page of our local paper along with Waco had his trial that same week. The jury found him Not guilty of acting in content with 2 or more,but after the prosecutors got done with the jury and bashing my husband for being a biker along with affiliation to the of the clubs that were in Waco,they gave him the max on a class a battery 3 and the max on that. 1 year in the county jail and 2500 + court cost,restitution..

  3. kathy mayton Says:

    Theres alot of talk/write up about Carl “Bouncer” Arron, a friend of mine at that, in what articles i have seen and read. From what i collect, it is just that…talk and write up. Now lets not lose any mindset on what they are calling the “victims” here. Not much being said of those “victims” other than their “damages” for say. Is it me or am i the only one NOT reading much about the guys outside the bar that may or may had not been drinking at the time of the incident. From my point of view, i believe if Vanassa, Carl’s wife, said she saw them drinking from a paper bag, then they were drinking from a paper bag. So heres what im wondering, if this Huddleson was taken to Hot Springs, im curious on what was his alcohol limit ?, that we all damn know, came bk in his blood work at the hospital. Unless i have overlooked, i cant recall that being mentioned. So lets say, given the benefit of the doubt-something that WASNT given to Carl, that for some reason wasnt a need to be brought up. But lets say if it had, then that would lead to “public intoxication”, wouldnt it ? Yet, another minor piece of info that didnt seem to be brought up. I do believe theres a patteren here, how can one not see that. Looks as if there may or may not had been some “covering up” there, dont ya think. Its as if the only focus on this “victim” is his face. Bet this “victim” thinks twice before acting on picking on a kid, if that was the case, if i may add. Just im my opinion, i do believe that was the case. Like Vanassa said, theres no need for lies in which what really happened. I may had not been there but i sure as hell believe their story than over some strangers picking on a kid, young man (patheic) ! What ever happened to one’s innocence before found guilty ? Its obvious in this case that it is just the opposite.

    • Vanita Jeans Aaron Says:

      He was 2 points under the alcohol poisoning limit 4 hours after this happened.. he was very tore up. My husband had 3 drinks

      • I think someone who can throw that kinda punch should be congratulated. Beyond that, I broke the glasses, nose, and four teeth on this bitch a couple years ago with one punch. It ain’t our fault people ask for it then get it.

      • I don’t understand why he’s serving a year over this! It’s bullshit, and I’m beginning to think the morons are profiling the bikers with that Waco bullshit. This pisses me tfo. How would a person go about writing his story? You know I love to write. I’d do it for you.

  4. Sassy Squatch Says:

    I’m a Fukowee Squaw. Bouncer & Vanita are good people!! We’re a family of motorcycle enthusiasts sharing the road. That is all. I can’t believe they tied his case of self defense into Waco. That is insane. Don’t judge all bikers by the actions of a few. FREE BOUNCER!! 🌟💃💫

  5. I kno Carl ( bouncer) personally. He is a close friend to the family. Might say he is family. And He is not a violent man. He will do what it takes to defend his loved ones or himself but is not just randomly violent. He is deeply loyal to all he loves and is a great brother father husband and friend. Stereotyping him for being a biker is ridiculously. He is a child advocate to the fullest and would defend Any child he sees needing defending.

  6. misbhaive Says:

    I know several fukowee members and have for many years. Never have I ever had any problems. These brothers are wonderful people. They give to the less fortunate, I.e toys for tots, just because one rides a Harley don’t mean they are vicious people. God bless

  7. I’m only a fiction writer, but I too was t long ago the wife of a biker back in the 70s. And you are right bikers are labeled, profiled, and at times judged by people that haven’t got a clue what biker life is like. My husband died in the 80s beside his Harley. He loved to ride till he died. I took our kids to church every Sunday and he went occasionally too. He had got an honorable discharge after serving two years in the U.S. Armed forces right out of high school. I was an army wife duringbtjatbtime. But a few years later he wore his club colors proudly and was burried with them. But, without going into to much more detail I have to say… I realize that horrible feeling you feel of standing by your man when he is being judged unfairly not just in defending himself but for a younger person being bullied.I believe you said it was your son. Or so it seemed from the story. Most bikers fight and go through hell for a brother and family, his own family, his brothers family or a good friends family. Most bikers also have links to fathers or brothers in or have been on the armed forces and are taught family comes first. A unique kind of bond and brother hood is carried on. I can’t write your story, as I’m only a fiction writer and poet, but I really probably am quite fitting to. But I sincerely hope you get the truth out there and find peace in your anger and feeling of betrayed by the system. The system is a good and bad thing.
    Oh for the record, the president of that club my husband was in back on the 70s the president of that club still rides but is now a mayor. So realize too. Many good Bikers arent bad, and are fighters for the good, like toys for tots a Christmas collection to raise money for the less fortunate kids invmqny communities. Not all bikers are bad. Just like… not all Christians are Godly.

    • Vanita Jeans Aaron Says:

      Thank u so much. And u are exactly right. I’m gonna continue to stand behind him. He did nothing wrong. And I love him with everything in me.

  8. Bouncer is a good man and was doing what he had to do to defend himself. Love u Vanita and Bouncer #FREE BOUNCER

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