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Past, Present, and Profiling… Fusing It All Together

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A fusion center is an information sharing center, many of which were jointly created between 2003 and 2007 under the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the Office of Justice Programs in the U.S. Department of Justice.
Fusion Centers in America

Many of the Waco bikers fought long and hard against the very thing that happened to them last year… Ironically, several of the innocent who were actually incarcerated have spent almost a decade working on amending the laws pertaining to the profiling of motorcyclists. .. This is going to be a long story, but if you take the time to read it all, you can’t help wondering if the whole thing was just sour grapes from biased, obtuse politicians and cops who didn’t get their way in the past few years.

The Background… 

The TEXAS MOTORCYCLE ROADRIDERS ASSOCIATION (TMRA) was founded in the early 1970’s, and was one of the first biker rights groups in Texas.The one that would go down in history came along a little later, however…

Sputnik Strain started doing motorcycle rights work with the Roadriders in the beginning, then in the late 1990’s he branched off and started the Texas Motorcycle Rights Association which was in charge with passing laws at the capitol for bikers and educating bikers on how the political process worked. TMRA2 was in business for 23 years and just recently closed their doors in Dec. of 2014.he notoriously awesome Sputnik Strain and his TMRA2 hit the ground running right out of the gate, and they continued to roll steady on until the organization was retired in December of 2014, a few years after Sputnik passed on.

TMRA2 was an Association of Clubs and Individuals whose purpose was to promote and better the image of motorcycling and promote fellowship for motorcycle enthusiasts. For over 40 years they stood for rights, education, fellowship and communication for Texas riders.  The Daimler’s folly was TMRA2’s official monthly publication and a great source of information about what was happening around the state of Texas. Chartered clubs  listed their events on the association calendar, there were articles on safety, legislative matters that affect the motorcycling community and other interesting articles..  all submitted by TMRA2 members.

 *a special thanks to Terri Williams for the photos, the history, and for always being there to help me along when I am treading unknown paths through rights work… She is every bit as legendary as Sputnik to me.


Texas bikers have a long and esteemed history of working hard to preserve their rights as well as the rights of the American People. Led by their legendary mentor, hands down the greatest biker rights activist who ever lived,  the late, great Sputnik Strain… the former Texas Motorcycle Rights Association was made up of a fantastic team of patriots who laid the foundation for what has now become the fight of their lives… Of ours too.

In the earlier days, TMRA2 handled pretty much all responsibility for providing instructors and instruction on motorcycle safety. Today, the Texas department of public safety motorcycle safety unit oversees instruction programs. TMRA also worked closely with the various governors of Texas and the legislatures on matters concerning all phases of motorcycling. Though TMRA2 has since been retired, Texans continue this effort in cooperation with other motorcycle related organizations to promote safety, awareness and protect our right to ride.

 Along Came the US Defenders..

Who we are:

The US Defenders is a grass roots manpower movement established from every motorcyclist from all walks of life. Composed of State by State Confederation of Clubs, the Coalition of Independent Riders (C.O.I.R.), and Representatives, the US Defenders work in solidarity for the common good of our communities and to defend the Constitution of these Unites States of America.

In the fall of 2007 Gimmi Jimmy, Texas State Confederation of Clubs Chairman, commissioned a committee with the task of creating a body within the COC that could react quickly on legislative concerns.

The challenge was how to harness the incredible manpower potential that lies in the memberships of traditional motorcycle clubs, riding associations and the independent motorcyclists while keeping the integrity of their different lifestyles intact.

Most bikers recognize a shared responsibility in defending our constitutionally protected civil liberties including our “Right to Ride.” However, many of these men and women did not take up motorcycling in an effort to attend political meetings.

The simple solution was to not try and change these motorcyclists into politicos but to provide them with clear and simple instruction so they can add their voices to the fight for our rights and then go back to doing what they do best, being bikers!

The US Defenders Website

The US Defenders and TMRA2 together made up a force to be reckoned with in legislative arenas… They were all great friends.. Brothers and sisters.. who enjoyed their work and being around each other. They tied in together perfectly to work towards the right to ride, making unprecedented headway in biker rights… But, as in all great fairy tales, one of our heroes must soon ride off into the sunset…


Then in June of 2010, the unthinkable happened as fate dealt its first hard blow to these Texas bikers…

The Texas Motorcycle Rights Association is sad to announce that our great Leader, Sputnik, passed away suddenly at approximately 5:00 AM this morning. I woke up at 5:45AM to find him on the living floor at the state office. It appeared that he crossed over quickly and did not suffer, from a massive heart attack. I can not begin to even put into words how devastating the loss is to the biker community, to his family, and to us who live with him at the state office, for all TMRA2, and to all of his brothers and sisters who loved him dearly.
Sputnik will go down history as the greatest Motorcycle Rights Activist in the History of our Nation and we, as his Task Force, were truly blessed to be a part of this great Warriors life.God has a special place in Heaven for Sputnik and he told me yesterday that wanted all of us to continue the political work and to carry forward with his final Rally for the Birthday Bash in July. As soon as we know the Memorial Service information we will send out another broadcast. Our sincerest regrets to the entire Biker Community”
Terri Williams- State Secretary TMRA2
Stephanie Parks- TMRA2 Task Force

source: Cyril Huze blog

Old men forget; yet all shall be forgot,
But he’ll remember, with advantages,
What feats he did that day. Then shall our names,
Familiar in his mouth as household words…

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From this day to the ending of the world,
But we in it shall be remembered-
We few, we happy few, we band of brothers;
For he to-day that sheds his blood with me
Shall be my brother…  William Shakespeare


Still reeling from the loss of their beloved mentor, Texas bikers saw they still had to carry on what he held dear.. Which meant combatting the disturbing rhetoric in the Fusion Center framework enacted by revisions to The Patriot Act. They quickly realized the dangerous potential therein for police to not only infringe upon their privacy and civil liberties, but also to play at God, judge and jury with the lifestyles and freedoms we hold so near and dear. This call to action went out:


We just received notice that S.B.1572-Fusion Center Bill introduced by Senator Kirk Watson is up for committee hearing this coming Wednesday at the Texas capitol. We need letters and support on this bill.

We are asking for support on SB1572 referenced above relating to Fusion Center Privacy Policies so that the state of Texas can:

-Reduce the cost of spending in the law enforcement arenas; Have model fusion centers for the rest of the states to model them by;
-Cut down on law suits for unconstitutional profiling which cost Texas taxpayers money; And collect data on the real criminals while still protecting every Texans civil rights.

Currently there are two fusion centers in Texas that have already adopted a privacy policy. Our goal is to simply make it state law for all six of the centers currently in Texas.

The fusion center were originally tasked with preventing and combating terrorism, most fusion centers now take on an “all-crimes approach”, incorporating information and intelligence about a multitude of crimes from large scale illicit drug operations to simple traffic stops.

Expanding further, many fusion centers are now collecting and analyzing private and non-criminal information such as political beliefs and activities, shopping purchases, driving habits, and even health records.

As a motorcyclist I am concerned with Fusion Centers for a variety of reasons. Among them is the unfortunate fact the Fusion Center system has been utilized on numerous occasions across the country in order to violate the rights of and profile innocent Americans who are engaging in First Amendment protected activity.

Additionally, motorcyclists from across the state are reporting to the CDC&I and the Texas Motorcycle Rights Association that DPS officers and local police are pulling them over, taking pictures of their patches and tattoos, and placing their information into fusion center databases when there is no criminal activity suspected. – Paul Landers

HB 3219



TMRA2 and the US Defenders worked tirelessly in attempts to change the wording of the fusion center bills and policies in a majestic attempt to preserve human rights, liberties and dignity… would they be able to do it without their beloved leader Sputnik this time around?

source: TMRA2 CTA & Blog Archives

TMRA2 Capitol Update

OVER 10,000 letters ROCK the Capitol in support of SB1572 Fusion Center Privacy Policy The Texas Bikers had their first committee hearing in the Senate on the all important SB1572- Fusion Center Privacy Policy Bill. One of the best Calls to Action yet from Texas bikers in all the rights groups. Dozer reported while on the phone late Monday afternoon with Senator Tommy Williams office “The bikers have burned up the fax machine”, with all of the Senators offices receiving a record number of over 10,000 letters primarily from the US Defenders. The system works and it works well. I was in the hearing room at 6:30am and over heard one senator say, the only phone calls I received on all the bills today were in support of this Fusion Center bill. Within thirty minutes the hearing room was completely filled with civil rights activist groups, bikers, law enforcement, and district attorneys. They were all there to battle it out on many bills presented that day. The most controversial bill SB9, a massive ominous bill to solve problems on the Texas border was taking off the table and put aside for the evening. This helped free up four hours of testimony allowing the bikers who were taking breaks from work to come by and actually tell their stories themselves. Timing is everything at these hearings. We were very glad that SB1572 was brought before the senators with half the testimony completed before the senators went onto the floor and the other half after lunch. All morning and afternoon streams of bikers came through completing their testimony in writing and verbally. Bandido One Wire had great testimony that morning on behalf of the Christian motorcycle community and Veterans. Paul Landers and I testified along side APD officer David Carter and ACLU attorney Matt Simpson, who were in favor of the bill. TMRA2 member, Bart Luck, testified on the many times he was put into the Fusion Data Base because of the motorcycle funerals he has attended over the years. We also submitted testimony from Circuit Rider MM, Roy Blalock, in writing stating he had been pulled out of a bike shop while purchasing a motorcycle for his wife and put in the Fusion Data base because the police thought he was robbing the bike shop due to his long hair and tattoo’s. Broken hearted and embarrassed Roy states “I thought they wanted to ask me about my Christian ministry. I never thought they would treat me so badly. The most compelling was the testimony from Rebel Rider Ben Newner, JB and Tank from the Legacy Vets MC, and another biker Louis from the Regulators MC in the Houston area. These gentlemen, all veterans, bravely sat in front of the most powerful senators of our state nailing testimony on what it feels like to fight against the terrorist in Iraq just to come back to Texas and be put in a Fusion Data because they are military and they now know how to make bombs. In testimony the comments: appalling, disgraceful, unconstitutional, and against my civil rights, came up over and over again in each hearing. By the time the last Legacy Vet MC member testified, you could hear a pin drop in that meeting and see three shades of white quickly covering the faces of the senators who sat listening. I have been to a lot of committee hearings but I have never seen the senators respond to testimony as I did yesterday, they were disgusted. I could not have worded it any better than those brave men. It was the perfect committee hearing. When everyone was finished speaking, Senator Kirk Watson, the very person who introduced this bill, turned to me and said, “We have to get through some of the changes in the language on this bill and work the bill out with all sides, but this bill will come out of committee. Many, Many Thanks to all who wrote letters, to everyone who helped post the information on Face book/internet, and to those who came to the capitol. To the US Defenders, COC&I, COIR, Abate, TMRA2 (and its Task Force), and to all of the coalition partners who provided the legal language for the bill. If you get a chance, thank Kirk Watson and his staff-Sefronia Thompson and her staff for taking on and introducing the hardest bill TMRA2 has ever worked. The Freedom Fighters of Texas can not do this work at the capitol successfully without the backing of the biker community. You ALL are the ones who make things happen. And to those brave warriors who testified, God Bless you every day of your life for having the guts to stand up to real change while you were at war and now here in Texas. You are our Hero’s! Terri Williams TMRA2 Legislative Task Force What’s next: The second Fusion Center bill we have on the house side is HB3219 will bill coming up on the house side in the next week. Check your e-mail for the date and time; we may only get two days notice. We will need testimony again on the house side as well to support the second bill HB3219. Below is the hand out that explains each bill. Fusion Center Reform Bills Introduced this Session – Thompson – HB3219 HB 3219 is essentially the language drafted by TAG, the ACLU, and the TMRA2. HB3219 does the following: 1. Prohibits Texas fusion centers from reviewing, collecting, or maintaining non-criminal information about the political, religious, or social views, associations, military history, or activities of any individual or any group, association, corporation, business, partnership, or other organization. 2. Prohibits Texas fusion centers from reviewing, collecting, or maintaining protected health information, biometric information, or personally identifiable information. 3. Requires standards of information sharing and best practices for participating fusion centers. 4. Requires Texas fusion centers to submit reports to the standing committees of each house of the legislature with primary jurisdiction over criminal justice. 5. Requires the Attorney General to provide oversight of the data and privacy protection function of criminal intelligence systems operating in Texas. 6. Requires every fusion center in Texas to establish and maintain an oversight board.

 SB1572 does the following: 1. Prohibits Texas fusion centers from reviewing, collecting, or maintaining non-criminal information about the political, religious, or social views, associations, military history, or activities of any individual or any group, association, corporation, business, partnership, or other organization. 2. Prohibits Texas fusion centers from reviewing, collecting, or maintaining protected health information, biometric information, or personally identifiable information.

Paul Landers,
National Lt. Commander US Defenders State Chairman Texas Motorcycle Rights Association

They didn’t just stop at the Fusion Center in Austin, either..

Chairman‘s Corner June 2011
Effective Immediately!
From the Desk of Jerry Rose,
Texas Motorcycle Rights Association State Chairman
On Saturday morning June 18th, the calls started coming into the Texas Motorcycle Rights Association state office. Governor Rick Perry had signed into law H.B.3324, a.k.a The Fusion Center Pri- vacy Policy. On the Governor’s website he expressed that some of the laws he had signed were to keep Texans from less government intrusion which is exactly what this law will do.
As reported earlier, the Texas Motorcycle Rights Association (TMRA2) along with many other rights groups and coalition partners worked this historical civil rights bill all the way to the end with a relentless fervor, and vowing to never give up.
This is what the law means to Texans:
H.B.3324: Was signed by the Governor on June 17,2011, and will become law effective Sep- tember 1, 2011. The law will requires all fusion centers in Texas (including El Paso) to create a strong privacy policy which at a minimum prevent the collection of non-criminal information based solely on political, religious, or social views. This law is a huge victory for Texans and is the first civil rights bill passed by the Lone Star State in decades.
What started as a local effort to create a strong privacy policy for the Austin Regional Intelligence Center was introduced in a state law requiring Texas Fusion Centers to respect the constitutional rights involving privacy and protected liberties of Texas citizens.
Prior to passing this law, there was no oversight at the state level for fusion centers in Texas. The US Department of Justice has released guidelines for best practices in response to many concerns and obvious issues at some centers nationally, including one specifically in Texas.
C.S.H.B. 3324 codifies a Texas Fusion Center Policy Council (policy council) recently created by the Department of Public Safety of the State of Texas (DPS). The policy council consists of representatives from the fusion centers and is given responsibility for, among other things, mak- ing recommendations to DPS on rules regarding governing the operations of fusion centers in Texas. The policy council will share best practices as well as develop and share strategies for meeting federal standards. Additionally, the policy council would create a privacy advisory group with at least one privacy advocate.
(This part of the law means that an ordinary citizen not affiliated with DPS or any of the gov- ernment agencies will sit on the Policy Council to represent “The People of Texas”.)
C.S.H.B. 3324 requires DPS rules to include guidelines for a common concept of operations, monitoring activities by the policy council, and adherence to state and federal laws designed to protect privacy and other legal rights of individuals.
C.S.H.B. 3324 amends current law relating to the operations and monitoring of fusion centers in the state. The law amends the Government Code to require the Department of Public Safety (DPS) to create the Texas Fusion Center Policy Council. The law includes guidelines and duties that would apply to Texas Fusion Center Policy Council. Following recommendations of the Texas Fusion Center Policy Council, the Law would require DPS to adopt rules to govern the operations of fusion centers in this state.
The Law would require fusion centers to pay any costs associated with certain audits and pre- vent fusion centers from receiving state grant money if the center does not comply with certain guidelines required by rules to be adopted by DPS. Members of the policy council would not be be entitled to compensation, but would be entitled to reimbursement for travel expenses. The
bill would require each fusion center to adopt a privacy policy.
SECTION 6. Amends Subchapter E, Chapter 421, Government Code, by adding Sections 421.083, 421.084, 421.085, and 421.086, as follows:
Sec. 421.083. TEXAS FUSION CENTER POLICY COUNCIL. (a) Requires DPS to create the policy council and the bylaws for the policy council to assist DPS in monitoring fusion center activities in this state.
(b) Provides that the policy council is composed of one executive representative from each rec- ognized fusion center operating in this state.
(c) Requires the policy council to:
(1) develop and disseminate strategies to:
(A) facilitate the implementation of applicable federal standards and programs on a statewide basis by each fusion center operating in this state;
(B) expand and enhance the statewide intelligence capacity to reduce the threat of terrorism and criminal enterprises; and
(C) continuously review critical issues pertaining to homeland security activities;
(2) establish a privacy advisory group, with at least one member who is a privacy advocate, to advise the policy council and to meet at the direction of the policy council; and
(3) recommend best practices for each fusion center operating in this state, including:
(A) best practices to ensure that the center adheres to 28 C.F.R. Part 23 and any other federal or state law designed to protect privacy and the other legal rights of individuals; and
(B) best practices for the smooth exchange of information among all fusion centers operating in this state.
(The Privacy Policy Council will be helpful in continuously reviewing issues of civil rights vio- lations involving Fusion Centers.)
Sec. 421.084. FUSION CENTERS OPERATING IN THIS STATE: RULES AND MONITOR- ING. Sec. (a) Requires DPS, after considering the recommendations of the center under Section 421.082(b)(4), and the policy council under Section 421.083(c)(3), to adopt rules to govern the operations of fusion centers in this state, including guidelines to:
Section (d) Prohibits a fusion center from receiving state grant money if the fusion center adopts a rule, order, ordinance, or policy under which the fusion center fails or refuses to com- ply with rules adopted by DPS under Subsection (a), beginning with the first state fiscal year occurring after the center adopts the rule, order, ordinance, or policy.
(This means if the Centers do not adopt these rules, they will NOT receive grant money.)
be entitled to compensation, but would be entitled to reimbursement for travel expenses. The
bill would require each fusion center to adopt a privacy policy.
SECTION 6. Amends Subchapter E, Chapter 421, Government Code, by adding Sections 421.083, 421.084, 421.085, and 421.086, as follows:
Sec. 421.083. TEXAS FUSION CENTER POLICY COUNCIL. (a) Requires DPS to create the policy council and the bylaws for the policy council to assist DPS in monitoring fusion center activities in this state.
(b) Provides that the policy council is composed of one executive representative from each rec- ognized fusion center operating in this state.
(c) Requires the policy council to:
(1) develop and disseminate strategies to:
(A) facilitate the implementation of applicable federal standards and programs on a statewide basis by each fusion center operating in this state;
(B) expand and enhance the statewide intelligence capacity to reduce the threat of terrorism and criminal enterprises; and
(C) continuously review critical issues pertaining to homeland security activities;
(2) establish a privacy advisory group, with at least one member who is a privacy advocate, to advise the policy council and to meet at the direction of the policy council; and
(3) recommend best practices for each fusion center operating in this state, including:
(A) best practices to ensure that the center adheres to 28 C.F.R. Part 23 and any other federal or state law designed to protect privacy and the other legal rights of individuals; and
(B) best practices for the smooth exchange of information among all fusion centers operating in this state.
(The Privacy Policy Council will be helpful in continuously reviewing issues of civil rights vio- lations involving Fusion Centers.)
Sec. 421.084. FUSION CENTERS OPERATING IN THIS STATE: RULES AND MONITOR- ING. Sec. (a) Requires DPS, after considering the recommendations of the center under Section 421.082(b)(4), and the policy council under Section 421.083(c)(3), to adopt rules to govern the operations of fusion centers in this state, including guidelines to:
Section (d) Prohibits a fusion center from receiving state grant money if the fusion center adopts a rule, order, ordinance, or policy under which the fusion center fails or refuses to com- ply with rules adopted by DPS under Subsection (a), beginning with the first state fiscal year occurring after the center adopts the rule, order, ordinance, or policy.
1) The council’s progress in developing and coordinating the statewide fusion effort and intelli- gence network described by the governor’s homeland security strategy;
(2) the progress made by fusion centers operating in this state in meeting the fusion center guidelines developed under the Department of Homeland Security State, Local, and Regional Fusion Center Initiative established under 6 U.S.C. Section 124h; and
(3) a summary of fusion center audits or reviews conducted under applicable rules adopted by DPS.
(The Fusion Center privacy council will now have to report directly to the Governor and legislature on all their actions and progress in changing their guidelines to meet this state law. No report to the legislators was required prior to the passage of this law.)
It is our hope that every state that contains one or more of these intelligence gathering facilities will use our Privacy Policy Legislation to protect the Civil Rights of ALL citizen bikers in their own individual state.
The Texas Motorcycle Rights Association would like to thank everyone who worked so hard on this law to make it happen. The Fusion center bill was introduced under three different authors.
Many thanks to Senator Kirk Watson and his staff for S.B.1572, Rep. Sefronia Thompson and her staff for H.B.3219, and to Rep. Ruth Jones McClendon and her staff for H.B.3324.
Our gratitude to TAG, ACLU, and to all who testified (especially the Veteran MC’s), our TMRA2 Legislative Task Force for walking the process through from start to finish, The Rebel Riders MC for providing video evidence, The Texas COC&I for bringing the problem to our attention, the US Defenders/ COIR, TMRA2 and everyone else who called and sent over 10,000 letters in support of the bills. This historic Legislation to protect the rights of ALL motorcyclists would not have been possible without our entire community pulling together to remind our Legislators that they work for us, and our best interests need to be their best interests!
Respect to all,
Jerry Rose
State Chairman,
Texas Motorcycle Rights Association

Source: The Warrior 2 newsletter



All of their hard work in attempting to prevent profiling and ridiculous trumped up ideas apparently fell on deaf ears, when you look at the sickening propaganda currently available on the TJCIC website…..


This crappy propaganda must have fell right out of Steve Cook’s ass onto Patrick Swanton’s head after Waco, right? Wrong. It was compiled by these yahoos in 2009…. They seem to have paid no attention to the overwhelming representation of what bikers at truly about, choosing to adhere to the ridiculous rumors and lifestyle profiling painted by Hollywood, from Brando to Sutter.


In other words.. These people are very much to blame for inciting Texas cops to profile, entrap, murder, imprison, and if we believe the rumors, infiltrate.. Many of the same Texas bikers who pleaded for fairness from the Fusion Centers.
Source: Wikipedia

Fusion centers are designed to promote information sharing at the federal level between agencies such as the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), U.S. Department of Justice, U.S. military, and state- and local-level government. As of July 2009, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security recognized at least 72 fusion centers. Fusion centers may also be affiliated with an Emergency Operations Center that responds in the event of a disaster.

The fusion process is an overarching method of managing the flow of information and intelligence across levels and sectors of government to integrate information for analysis.[1] That is, the process relies on the active involvement of state, local, tribal, and federal law enforcement agencies—and sometimes on non-law enforcement agencies (e.g., private sector)—to provide the input of raw information for intelligence analysis. As the array of diverse information sources increases, there will be more accurate and robust analysis that can be disseminated as intelligence.

A two-year senate investigation found that “the fusion centers often produced irrelevant, useless or inappropriate intelligence reporting to DHS, and many produced no intelligence reporting whatsoever.” The report also said that in some cases the fusion centers violated civil liberties or privacy. 

The terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, led to profound changes in government agendas, policies and structures to confront alleged homeland security threats facing the nation. Most notably, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) began operations in 2003 with key missions that allegedly included preventing terrorist attacks from occurring in the United States, reducing the country’s vulnerability to terrorism, and minimizing the damages from any attacks that may occur. DHS is now the third-largest federal department, with more than 200,000 employees and an annual budget of more than $50 billion. The long list of grants available to state and local law enforcement to assist in risk assessments and other proactive measures gives a pretty clear view of who more than likely paid for the massive gathering of armed task forces lurking around and even atop of the two little restaurants in Texas that tragic Sunday afternoon.

Many Americans were concerned with the overreach of DHS at the mention of data-mining.. With good reason. I personally believe the Department of Homeland Security, under Obama’s charge, is now conducting the equivalent of witch hunts on the American citizens that they deem to be ‘extremists.’ The fine print of all of the legal mumbo jumbo most assuredly says they will gather information on ANYONE they feel presents ANY threat… They followed through with this threat by creating the vast network of fusion centers and overlapping agency communications. The breakdown of their descriptions of their preparations for ‘homegrown terrorists’ is eerily reminiscent of what we watched unfold at Twin Peaks in Waco Texas and May 17th, right down to a matching list of participating government agencies.

The Act was amended in 2007 to include a wider scope of information collected, utilizing ‘fusion centers’ across America. This is what was used to gather the alleged ‘gang threats’ in Waco, via the Texas Joint Crime Information Center.

Source: Texas Department of Public Safety

The Real-Time Watch Center is a 24/7 unit that works with federal, state, regional, and local law enforcement and serves as the state repository for homeland security information and incident reporting. It provides real-time intelligence support to law enforcement and public safety authorities, and consolidates information and data on suspicious activities and threats from all jurisdictions and disciplines as well as the public. During emergencies or periods of increased threat, the Center may ramp up to receive and process additional information.

Recently, law enforcement has had an increased presence in McLennan County with local, county, state, and federal agencies investigating local biker gangs. According to Sgt. W. Patrick Swanton, DPS and intelligence agents have been working on the investigation for a considerable amount of time.
Source for Swanton’s Quote

The Field Operations consist of analysts who work closely with DPS investigators in field offices across the state to provide assistance and analytical support for investigations.

The Intelligence and Investigative Support includes the Criminal Enterprise Intelligence Unit supporting law enforcement and criminal justice communities by providing both analytical case development, and strategic/tactical analysis to officers regarding criminal organization, including transnational gangs, drug trafficking organizations, and emerging threats.

The Special Programs Unit has several sections that provide support to major crime investigations and special cases.

The Vehicle Exploitation section provides assistance for vehicle theft offenses, complex auto theft schemes, and other investigations in which a vehicle is linked to a suspect, victim, or witness.

This fusion center provides a centralized database for the exchange of information with law enforcement. In addition to providing assistance to law enforcement and medical examiners regarding unidentified persons and human remains… It also supports cases involving homicides and aggravated assaults.

The Texas Homeland Security Unit works to reduce the threat of terrorism in Texas through information, analysis, and assessments in support of proactive multi-agency efforts. It is a central point for all regional information regarding international and domestic terrorism-related issues from a variety of sources. It also supports the FBI in its counterterrorism mission where needed in Texas, working with Joint Terrorism Task Forces to aid investigations.

The Infrastructure Protection section builds and maintains partnerships with public and private sector partners to strategically manage risks to critical infrastructure in Texas. It collects and analyses critical infrastructure information, shares accurate and actionable intelligence with partners, and supports homeland security decision making.

The Financial Intelligence Team (FIT) section supports law enforcement and criminal justice communities by providing analytical and tactical case support for major crime investigations through the examination of financial records.

The information gathered is reviewed and disseminated to various DPS, federal, state, local law enforcement partners, through analyses, statistical reports, and the Border Operations Sector Assessment (BOSA), which is disseminated weekly to over 3,000 law enforcement and government recipients.

The Post Seizure Analysis Team (PSAT) supports DPS Troopers and CID Special Agents with in-depth intelligence analyses of significant seizures occurring in Texas. Their mission is to attempt to find connections and “deep dive” information resulting from seizures, in an effort to identify and enhance previous unknown criminal connections. PSAT analysts utilize a myriad of sophisticated databases to further efforts.

The Human Intelligence Team (HUMINT) is dedicated to gathering information and intelligence from the community to protect law enforcement and the citizens of Texas. The HUMINT Unit coordinates efforts with the Intelligence Community including federal, state, and local partners to optimize the intelligence processes for short or long-term law enforcement initiatives. The goal of the HUMINT Unit is to achieve intelligence superiority over criminal actors, organizations, and potential threats.

Swanton said authorities had received threats against law enforcement “throughout the night” from biker groups and stood ready to confront any more violence. Officials stopped and questioned motorcycle riders. Agents from the FBI and the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives were assisting local and state authorities.


The Texas Crime Information Center (TCIC) provides immediate access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to law enforcement agencies throughout the state. TCIC is accessed via the Texas Law Enforcement Telecommunications System (TLETS) resulting in responses within 12 seconds to inquiries from police departments, sheriffs’ offices, and other criminal justice users. TCIC also provides a direct link to the NCIC so that law enforcement officers throughout Texas know instantly whether a vehicle, a boat, or other property under investigation is stolen, or a person in question is wanted anywhere in the country. Crime Records strategies assist the local law enforcement agencies in their reporting to and inquiring in the on-line databases. Timeliness and validity of entry and removal of stolen and wanted records are the Crime Records priorities.

The Homeland Security Act was amendments in 2007 encompass all of this surveillance and speculation and entrapment on pretty much anyone they see fit to lurk.



The amended section 1016 of Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act (IRTPA) and amended the Homeland Security Act of 2002 to expand and further refine the scope of the Information Sharing Environment (ISE).

Sec. 521 formalizes many of the recommendations developed in response to the President’s information sharing guidelines, such as the creation of the Joint Counterterrorism Assessment Team (JCAT) (formerly ITACG) and the development of a national network of State and major urban area fusion centers; and
Sec. 511 requires the establishment of the Department of Homeland Security State, Local, and Regional Fusion Center Initiative to establish partnerships with state, local, and regional fusion centers.

Source: Bill Summary & Status 110th Congress (2007 – 2008) H.R.1 CRS Summary

Title V: Improving Intelligence and Information Sharing Within the Federal Government and With State, Local, and Tribal Governments – Subtitle A: Homeland Security Information Sharing Enhancement – (Sec. 501) Directs the Secretary to administer the Homeland Security Advisory System to provide advisories or warnings regarding the threat or risk of acts of terrorism.

Requires the Secretary to: (1) establish criteria and a methodology for the issuance and revocation of such advisories; (2) provide specific information and advice regarding protective measures and countermeasures; (3) limit the scope of each advisory to a specific region, locality, or economic sector believed to be under threat or at risk; and (4) not use color designations as the exclusive means of specifying threat conditions.

Directs the Secretary, through the Under Secretary for Intelligence and Analysis, to: (1) integrate the information and standardize the format of products of DHS intelligence components; and (2) designate an information sharing and knowledge management officer for each component who shall report to the Under Secretary regarding coordinating the different systems used in DHS to gather and disseminate homeland security information or national intelligence.

Requires the Secretary, through the Under Secretary, to: (1) establish DHS-wide procedures for the review and analysis of information provided by state, local, and tribal governments and the private sector and integrate such information with federal agency information; (2) develop mechanisms to provide feedback regarding the analysis and utility of information provided; (3) provide training and educational opportunities to DHS employees; and (4) evaluate how employees of the Office of Intelligence and Analysis and DHS intelligence components are utilizing homeland security or national intelligence information and participating in the information sharing environment.

Directs the Secretary to: (1) establish a comprehensive information technology network architecture for the Office that connects its various databases and related information technology assets and the intelligence components of DHS to promote internal information sharing among the intelligence and other personnel of DHS; and (2) report to Congress.

(Sec. 502) Amends HSA to define “Intelligence component of the Department” to include any DHS element or entity that collects, analyzes, or disseminates intelligence information within the scope of the information sharing environment, including homeland security information, terrorism information, and weapons of mass destruction information or national intelligence, except the Secret Service and the Coast Guard when operating under the direct authority of the Secretary or Defense or the Secretary of the Navy. Specifies information the Under Secretary shall receive from the Secret Service.

(Sec. 503) Sets forth the responsibilities of the head of each DHS intelligence component. Directs the Secretary: (1) to provide training and guidance for employees; and (2) through the Under Secretary, to develop a curriculum for training state, local, and tribal government officials that includes executive level training for senior level officers, intelligence analysts, and other emergency response providers. Requires the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center and other existing federal entities to carry out the training programs.

Authorizes the President or the head of an agency to consider the success of an employee in sharing information in making cash awards. Directs each department head to adopt best practices to educate and motivate federal employees to participate fully in the information sharing environment.

(Sec. 504) Amends the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004 (IRTPA) to define: (1) “homeland security information” as defined in HSA; and (2) “information sharing environment” as an approach that facilitates the sharing of terrorism and homeland security information. Defines “terrorism information” and “weapons of mass destruction information.”

Requires: (1) the departments represented on the Information Sharing Council, at the request of the Director of National Intelligence (DNI), to detail personnel to the program manager; and (2) the President to report to specified committees on the Information Sharing Environment. Authorizes the program manager to hire 40 full-time employees to assist the program manager. Authorizes appropriations.

Subtitle B: Homeland Security Information Sharing Partnerships – (Sec. 511) Amends HSA to direct the Secretary to establish a State, Local, and Regional Fusion Center Initiative. Directs: (1) the Under Secretary to assign officers and intelligence analysts from DHS components to such centers; and (2) the Secretary to develop qualifying criteria for a fusion center to participate in assigning DHS officers or intelligence analysts. Lists as prerequisites for such assignment intelligence analysis, privacy, and civil liberties training.

Directs the Secretary to make it a priority to assign officers and intelligence analysts from Customs and Border Protection (CBP), Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), and the Coast Guard to participating fusion centers located in jurisdictions along U.S. borders. Grants each assigned individual access to all relevant federal databases and information systems.

Directs the Secretary to: (1) create a mechanism for any state, local, or tribal emergency response provider who is a consumer of intelligence to voluntarily provide feedback to DHS; and (2) establish guidelines for fusion centers, including on incorporating emergency response providers and the private sector into all relevant phases of the intelligence and fusion process through full time representatives or liaison relationships. Requires an officer or analyst assigned to a fusion center by the Secretary before this Act’s enactment to undergo specified training within six months.

Requires: (1) the Secretary to submit to specified congressional committees a concept of operations report; and (2) DHS’s Privacy Officer and Officer for Civil Liberties and Civil Rights to report on the program’s impact on privacy and civil liberties.

(Sec. 512) Directs the Secretary, acting through the Under Secretary, to establish a Homeland Security Information Sharing Fellows Program.

(Sec. 513) Directs the Secretary to establish a Rural Policing Institute, which shall be administered by the Federal Law Enforcement Training Centern, to: (1) evaluate the needs of law enforcement agencies and other emergency response providers in rural areas; (2) develop and provide expert training programs to address those needs; and (3) conduct outreach.

Subtitle C: Interagency Threat Assessment and Coordination Group – (Sec. 521) Requires the DNI, through the program manager for the information sharing environment (designated under IRTPA) and in coordination with the Secretary, to coordinate and oversee the creation of an Interagency Threat Assessment and Coordination Group (ITACG), which shall consist of: (1) an Advisory Council to set policy and develop processes for the integration, analysis, and dissemination of federally-coordinated information within the scope of the information sharing environment; and (2) a Detail comprised of state, local, and tribal homeland security and law enforcement officers and intelligence analysts detailed to work in the National Counterterrorism Center of the Office of the DNI (Center) with federal intelligence analysts for the purpose of integrating, analyzing, and assisting in the dissemination of such information. Directs the program manager to monitor and assess the efficacy of the ITACG and report on its progress.

Includes within the ITACG Advisory Council: (1) representatives of DHS, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the Center, the Department of Defense (DOD), the Department of Energy (DOE), and the Department of State; (2) the program manager of the information sharing environment; and (3) executive level law enforcement and intelligence officials from state, local, and tribal governments.

Requires DHS’s Privacy Officer and Officer for Civil Liberties and Civil Rights to report on the impact of ITACG on privacy and civil liberties.

The 9/11 Commission Act plainly requires DHS and all other participating agencies to assess the impact of the Fusion Center Initiative upon privacy and civil liberties… They are apparently failing miserably at this particular assessment, since pretty much every civil liberty known to man was broken at Twin Peaks and in the ensuing arrests.

According to the Department of Justice, the fusion centers have a similar framework as the ones used to monitor the issuance of passports… This basically means, they have a ‘federation’ set up that shares information between different agencies:

Achieving information sharing objectives requires that partners establish wide-scale electronic trust among the caretakers of critical information and those who need and are authorized to use that information. The information is sensitive-inappropriate sharing is just as dangerous as lack of sharing. That is where a new and rapidly maturing technology called federated identity comes in. Federated identity allows a user’s roles, rights, and privileges to be communicated securely in the justice community and, in particular, to those who hold the information required to effectively safeguard our nation.

The Global Federated Identity and Privilege Management (GFIPM) framework provides the justice community and partner organizations with a standards-based approach for implementing federated identity. The concept of globally understood metadata across federation systems is essential to GFIPM interoperability. Just as a common Extensible Markup Language (XML) data model was the key to data interoperability, a standard set of XML elements and attributes about a federation user’s identities, privileges, and authentication can be universally communicated.

”Federation” is a fundamental concept in this framework. The federation provides a standardized means for allowing agencies to directly provide services for trusted users that they do not directly manage. A federation is defined as a ”group of two or more trusted partners with business and technical agreements that allow a user from one federation partner (participating agency A) to seamlessly access information resources from another federation partner (participating agency B) in a secure and trustworthy manner.” Major organizational participants in a federation vet and maintain information on the users they manage, and each federation partner retains control over the business rules for granting access to the sensitive information it owns. The federation partners establish the electronic trust needed to securely access information by sending standards-based electronic credentials to federation partner information service(s). The federation partner information service(s) evaluate the trusted electronic credential to determine whether to grant or deny access to the requested service or information.

A similar business model exists in passport processing. A federation of governmental agencies has agreed to vet and maintain information on its citizens as a prerequisite for issuing a passport. Border agents will grant or deny access to enter or leave the country based on evaluation of a passport-a trusted credential issued by a federation partner asserting identity and citizenship of a particular country. The country (federation partner) providing the service to enter or exit the country applies its own business rules based on the passport information and other attributes known at the time of the request.
Source: DO


The Eye Witness Testimonies That Implicate the Waco Police Department

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Today, Stephen “Bowtie” Stubbs released the lng awaited statement from the Bandido Nation regarding Waco. The people who were put in jail have been released only under gag orders which state they cannot talk to media or other bikers. a few of them have anonymously sent me their eye witness testimonies. To, me they verify every word the Bandidos have said.. A lot of people have called me a liar. The news sources can’t report “second hand information.” I don’t know how someone getting out of jail and reporting a story to me isn’t just as viable as reporting on videos nobody has seen? He stated he didn’t see the videos but made extended synopsis on what was on them. I guess its okay to use selective second hand information.

The Bandido statement says this happened:

1) The Bandidos were at the Twin Peaks restaurant to attend an organized political meeting and nothing else. A regional meeting for the Texas Confederation of Clubs and Independents (a bona fide political organization centered on Constitutional rights) was scheduled, and a prominent member of the Bandidos was the key-note speaker at the meeting. This Bandido key-note speaker was to report on the National Coalition of Motorcyclist event that occurred weeks earlier. Because COCI members from across the state were expected to attend this special meeting, it was purposefully scheduled in Waco, TX, a central city between Austin and Dallas.

2) The Bandidos have no knowledge of any other meeting. The Bandidos are aware that members of other motorcycle clubs are claiming that there were plans to meet with the Bandidos in Waco, TX on May 17, 2015. This claim is not true.

3) All weapons in possession of members the Bandidos were legally owned and carried.

4) Members of the Bandidos were not aggressors, did not start the altercation, did not strike first, were not the first to pull weapons, and were not the first to use weapons. The majority of the Bandidos took cover, and all involvement in the altercation by members of the Bandidos was in self-defense. Texas law allows people to defend themselves with the same amount of force that is exerted against them, and a few members of the Bandidos acted in accordance with these laws. In fact, members of the Bandidos involved in the incident did not even have time or opportunity to get off of their motorcycles before police came in.

This was the first story released out of the jail, on June 3rd. Stephen Stubbs released a video at almost the same time as I published this.. We had nearly identical stories from different sources.

Around 11 o’clock on May 17, 2015, many bikers were gathering in the Twin Peaks restaurant for their regularly scheduled Confederation of Clubs Meeting. There was not an over abundance of Bandidos there, and in fact most of the other clubs had just as many attendees if not more. Nothing was out of the ordinary beyond the fact that they were secretly surrounded by SWAT teams and cops. Note there are very few uniforms in the photos. less than ten Bandidos were there just hanging out, probably eating lunch. Cossacks started rolling in… This was the first time this has ever happened. They kept coming until there was around a hundred of them. A little after 12, some more Bandidos rolled in, less than ten of them. They were surrounded by Cossacks in the parking lot. An altercation ensued and the Bandidos were fighting them off with their hands and helmets because they hadn’t even gotten off the bikes yet. Suddenly one Cossack pulled a gun and fired into a Bandido’s shoulder. There is some confusion as to the next shot fired, but then the SWAT team came out and shot up everyone… killing nine, wounding more than 20. The reason so many Cossacks died is because they had the Bandidos surrounded. They were the aggressors in every way. If the Bandidos had known this was going to happen, there would have been much more than 20 or less there. Allegedly there is a Cossack snitch named Voodoo. Also there is possibly two more Cossacks who were involved with the cops, as well. There is a man telling a story out there who also says he contacted the cops because he is in a child custody battle with his ol lady, who left him for a Cossack. The video the AP has shows very little of the real altercation, but does show a Cossack take out a gun and fire it. This was possibly the second shot heard before the cops shot thousands of rounds into innocent people. Most of the Cossacks did know they were headed there to start a fight with the Bandidos. Very few knew about the cops.

There WAS a gang shoot out that day. Cossacks and Cops. Not one single member of the Bandidos Motorcycle CLUB or the Texas CoC are guilty of anything but self defense. This is written to the best of my ability to convey what I have now heard from three eye witnesses. Only one of them is a red and gold supporter, and one of them has viewed the tape the AP has. If any detail is wrong, my apologies, its not intentional. The cops are being shady because they don’t want the world to know they shot around 30 people in cold blood, claimed that nail clippers and jewelry were weapons, arrested nearly 200 innocent people, and made some kind of sneaky under the table deals with one of the “gangs” they are supposedly so afraid of. The legal system and the lawyers are now extorting tens of thousands of dollars out of people who should by rights just be sent home with apologies.

I have been advised by an attorney not to tell this story because I may be arrested. I will not reveal my sources no matter what. I tell no story until I have heard it three times. When this incident occurred, I came out of basically retirement to try to save innocent bikers… and I said that I would do anything within my means to help the Bandidos, the dominant club in my state. I cannot not tell this story. I cannot live knowing that innocent people are being blamed. I am their journalist.. They depend on me to tell them the truth and I will not let them down. If I go to jail or get killed or anything else for this, so be it. I am willing to lay my life on the line to clear the name of one of the greatest clubs in motorcycle history. I am willing to do this for 177 innocent in jail and nine dead. I am willing to do this for my biker family and every patch in America, and to take down those murdering cops and the others responsible for this. before I write. May God have mercy on my soul. Amy Irene White.


This story came from someone inside Don Carlos:

Tonight I have spent about two hours on the phone with one of the Waco Widows. She told me about a group of men who were parked or parking at an empty building in the strip mall in a truck… The windshield of the truck was allegedly shot out, and SWAT immediately ran out of the building and surrounded them…. They were let go but the truck was confiscated. I though all cops were in their cars, Chief.


About the time I hung up the phone, I got this story in my inbox. I changed nothing…. It speaks for itself..

I was in the Don Carlos restaurant the entire time, from the first bullet shot until the police said it was safe to leave. As me and a friend started to exit the building two swat style cops snuck up from behind shouting get down throwing us to the ground. I had turned my hoodie inside out during the event due to watching what happened to others outside by police, I didn’t want to get caught up or shot in the situation as you could imagine. Don Carlos employees and customers apparently pointed the finger at us due me turning my red and gold hoodie inside out/ my friend was also wearing SYLB related gear. I told the officer I was inside the restaurant the entire time and had done nothing wrong at which point he added my friend and I to the line of bikers being detained. We sat outside for an estimated hour when a van pulled up and I was asked to get in, when asked why I was told I’m going to jail. We went to the convention center to be questioned and was honest to the Lady whom questioned me. I told her I saw the officer react in what seemed less than 10 seconds and started shooting everyone followed by if they knew it was going to happen then why didn’t they stop the COC instead of the seek and destroy tactics I witnessed, isn’t it supposed to be protect and serve not seek and destroy? Well that little interview got me a RICO related case, one month in jail and a million dollar bond. I have to say this entire bullshit unconstitutional chain of events is still stressing me to no end. I have an ankle monitor that cost $350 to install and another $250 a month. I can’t work due to the County limit restrictions, most of my work is done outside my county line preventing me from working. I’ve added up the entire cost of being inside Don Carlos restaurant that day watching what unfolded, keep in mind I wasn’t outside during the shooting and hadn’t done anything but tell the interviewing person I watched the cops shooting like crazy killing people. I’ve already spent $2500 in Bail, $10,000 to get my lawyer started and that’s just started, $350 to have the ankle monitor installed and $250 per month for services and I’m unable to work now. I was basically kidnapped by the Waco Police department for telling the truth about what I witnessed that day. If you ask my personal opinion the Waco Police Department just premeditated murder and jailed all that witnessed to keep them from talking, not to mention adding RICO related charges.


We pulled up in the shopping center from the service road from I-35 and saw police vehicles. I know some have said that they did not notice many marked vehicles, and perhaps they entered from another area where they weren’t prevalent, but we saw at least 8-10 marked police SUV’s and the armored vehicle parked in the shopping center parking lot. When we pulled into the Twin Peaks parking area, we looked for a spot to park and noticed a couple of Cossacks standing at the corner of the building towards where Don Carlos and the rest of the shopping center was. There was no parking available, so we ended up parking in the shopping center’s general parking area, between an area where many police cars were located. When getting out of the car, I saw a line of about 8-10 bikes pulling into the parking lot from the same entrance that we had pulled into. We let them pass before crossing the driveway and made our way up the sidewalk between Don Carlos and Twin Peaks. When getting to where the sidewalk stopped and walking in the median between the two parking lots, I noticed the bikes had stopped in the middle of the drive, and there was a large group of Cossacks and others wearing their black and yellow patches, lined up at the edge of the parking area, blocking the parking spaces. Not exactly sure what was happening, I continued to walk forward, and noted that the Cossacks were lined up and bunched up, and were about 3-4 people deep. There may have been 50 or more there. The next thing I saw was shoving and punches started, with most Bandidos still on their bikes and the bikes still running. I noticed brass knuckles on at least one of the Cossacks up front. At least 6 immediately behind them started swinging some type of stick or expandable batons. And in the very back, I saw at least one Cossack, a bigger guy with short dark hair, holding a pistol of some type. About that time, I heard 2 shots, and initially I thought they were the type you see on movies, where someone is trying to break up a fight by shooting into the air, but the report from the shot was short, like it was fired into someone. I looked around to see who had shot, and then shooting started from inside the group and from behind me somewhere. I took cover behind one of the vehicles in the Don Carlos parking area, looking towards Twin Peaks to see if anyone was following to shoot. The bigger, dark haired Cossack with dark hair was running back and forth from the door to Twin Peaks and back towards the crowd. I could not tell if he was firing his pistol due to all the shots ringing out at that point, but he had it pointed out towards the group. At that point, a group of police officers came up from the parking area with M4’s or similar rifle with what looked like a suppressor on it, yelling at everyone to get on the ground. I complied, got prone on the ground, and they made their way forward. Shots were coming from the front of Don Carlos also, so I tried to turn my body in a way I could see if anyone was coming from that area as well. Eventually the shooting stopped. The police came, frisked me, taking my knife and throwing it in a pile of other knives on the curb beside Don Carlos. I do not know how many knives and such were there, but they were all thrown in a pile, so cross contamination of evidence is extremely possible. After being frisked, we were told to go sit in the parking area with our groups. We were then frisked again, placed in flex cuffs, loaded into vans, and transported to the Convention Center. One at a time, we were taken back to give a “witness statement”. We were then put back in the room and waited for information. We were then all taken into another room in small groups, information was gathered on booking forms, and then we were taken to Mclennan County Jail and placed in holding cells. This happened around 4am. They fingerprinted us, photographed us, and changed us into jumpsuits, without ever telling us what we were being arrested or detained for. Then they moved us over to the Detention Center and put us into holding cells again. One at a time, they called us out and had us stand in front of this guy who they said was a magistrate, who told us we were under arrest for Conspiracy to Engage in Organized Criminal Activity, a First Degree Felony, and my bond was $1million. I asked why I was under arrest and why my bond was so high if I did nothing, no one could say I did do anything, and I had never been arrested, and he said that we could address that later. The time from when I was detained at the scene until I was told I was under arrest was around 18-20 hours.
At the scene, as well as at the convention center, I noticed officers wearing Mclennan County sheriff’s department identifiers, DPS uniforms, DEA jackets, ATF jackets, and of course Waco PD uniforms. There may have been others, but those I witnessed with my own eyes. Some were in plain clothes, with ballistic vests with the identifiers.
I had a pistol in my car. If I were going to cause a conflict, or if I were going somewhere knowing that it would be a dangerous situation, I would have carried my pistol with me. Why would I have left it in my car? It was a setup, but it surely was not one by Red and Gold.


You have to ask yourself…. Do you believe a couple of cops who have changed their stories every day, or the people who served this country who are getting out one by one and telling the same story over and over? We have this comment from someone just let out…

why won’t they just show the video? Bcuz they know what is on it and its them doing all the shooting and killing!! When the 1st shot rang out we all hit the ground and they all sprayed that parking lot!! They know what’s up!! ‪#‎Injustice‬ ‪#‎Freedom‬ ‪#‎Freemybrothers‬ ‪#‎FTP‬


Then have this more in-depth one that breaks my heart.

Let’s see if I can give you a readers digest version of things. 1st off, I’m a veteran of the US Army, and damn proud…I was a volunteer EMT and Firefighter in Burnet county and Travis county. I left my job with the city of Austin to go to work as a contractor in Iraq, as my army said I was to old and overweight to reenlist.

I made sure that our soldiers had hot showers, and flush toilets at FOB Falcon Iraq. I also was in charge of septic type cleanups when necessary. I also checked each water entry point on post 2x daily to make sure we weren’t being poisoned. I was there to take care of our kids…..I was injured a couple times…I’ve had 2 surgeries to try and repair my ankle…..shrapnel pulled out of my back….and 4 years of therapy for my PTSD, TBI, ADHA and whatever other letters they tried to tack on…..My motorcycle is what kept me alive when I got home….I could ride, catch wind…it’s where I found peace…I joined BACA…that was awesome, then moved into the Big Kids world by joining an MC…I was part of the Texas Defenders before it became the US Defenders….and damn proud of it. Now our Club, ——-, out of the ——– area was only approved this year…we didn’t get our patches sewn on until Feb……we got Soldiers, Marines, and a few that have the same soul as us….5 of our 7 members went to the UCOA meeting in Waco….

Damn, we were excited to go to a restaurant that served mixed drinks, potato skins…and wasn’t named after someone in our town. lol…we saw cops in the area, thought it was weird….but we wanted to go eat at this resaurant…..we knew there was some friction as we were walking in…..I’ve been in a war zone…I know the feel of hatred and anger…but we continued on past the not so friendly crowd….I didn’t know why they didn’t like us, but I damn sure knew they weren’t happy we were there……but….this fat biker likes to eat, so we continued on towards the front door. Now of course you have to smoke a cigarrette before going in….I saw my friend Mohawk and went and showed respect and then hugged his neck……I found out that he had been killed after I got out of jail……..anyway, we are at the front door, fixing to go get me some damned potato skins when we heard a ruckus from around the corner….well….I saw no guns pulled…no knives…just folks walking towards the ruckus….then we heard pop pop pop….small arms fire, maybe a 9mm……then I heard the sound of bigger badder weapons….not handguns….during the first pop pop pop, that was mine and my Clubs signal to get the hell away from the boom booms… I said earlier, I have PTSD, and don’t care for gunfire that’s not at a gun range….we hauled ass around the back of the building and that’s when we saw LE coming in from eveydirection….they did not have their duty weapons out, they had what looked like weapons I trained on in the Army and saw soldiers carry in Iraq. Cop running towards us, with weapons pointed towards us yelling get down…..I did an immediate belly flop….I looked up to see a friend of mine that had been shot in the stomach, and it damn sure didn’t look like a 9mm injury……anyway…y’all all know what happened next….we were herded like animals….ordered to hit the ground a couple more times..yada yada.

I lost my job at ——- School district…I lost my belongings of course, I’m trying not to lose my mind because this triggered my PTSD….lost phone, lost dignity, thankfully I didn’t loose my ol lady….she hung in with me….so….we are down to a 1 income home, can’t pay bills, don’t have internet….I “borrow” internet from various locations….and can’t fall right back into a job….I am not asking for a pitty party, but I wanted my story to be out….just in case something happens….these cops are following me all over….I want to thank Amy Irene White for what she is doing. I want to thank — for standing by me and many many others….. Especially some of the men I respect the most….The men in the Red and Gold, and the COC, and the US Defenders. Love and Respect to you all from —– MC, and little old me, ——— of the Club……stand strong my friends…..we will win.

These stories came from other sources….

This story was released a few days ago but I do not know who this one is… It was sent to me in an email and has not been verified yet…

No shots were fired by anyone inside the restaurant. No shots were fired by anyone at the police. When bikers decided to leave the restaurant and enter the parking lot, the police began shooting full-auto equipped guns like M-16’s into the crowd. Patrons began diving under tables and screaming for their lives. Little waitresses dropped their trays and ran with terror in their eyes behind the chef’s counter. A twice decorated Viet Nam War veteran was shot in the head and neck, although he was a highly respected pacifist, was unarmed and not involved in any of the scuffle inside the Twin Peaks establishment. Eight more US citizens were gunned down in cold blood. More than 500 rounds were fired by police, hitting cars, buildings, and injuring other innocent bystanders who happened to look like bikers. Two shots took seven of the nine people assassinated in the parking lot; one in the neck and one in the head fired by expert police marksmen.

This one came out on ABC News…

Ron Blackett, a Confederation of Clubs and Independents leader who is a former Army and Coast Guard officer, also reported hearing one or two pistol shots followed by a blast of assault rifle fire from where he was parked in a lot behind Twin Peaks.

According to some records released to the AP following a public information request for 911 calls, Officer Brandon Blasingame reported “shots fired,” to a dispatcher at 12:26 p.m.

“Two shot behind Twin Peaks,” Blasingame reported two minutes later.

“They have an AR-15,” he said in the next dispatch. It was unclear who he meant had the rifle, and if it was something he saw or was told.

The chronology ends at 12:31 p.m. and police have refused to release the rest of the report, saying it could compromise the investigation. Blasingame did not respond to requests for comment.

Then there’s this one..
“I heard, ‘pop, pop,’ small caliber, and then a rapid succession of shots from what sounded to me like an assault rifle,” said William English, a former Marine and Iraq war veteran who was approaching the front door of the Twin Peaks restaurant for a meeting of biker clubs.

There are at least three more vets out there that confirm this. Yes, this story, told over and over as soon as they get out is vastly different from the dozens of versions told by the cops.. and Cossacks.

God Save the Queen.. Another Female Biker Victim of Waco

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Ester Weaver was arrested for attending a CoC meeting in Waco, Texas where a shooting occurred… along with her husband and nearly two hundred other people. When Ester is searched out on the internet, the only club that can be found that she has any affiliation with herself is the Queens of Sheba (Social Club) M/C. This is an extremely interesting find. See, the Queens of Sheba? They are in fact acquainted with a secret fraternity of men who have meetings once a month all over America and shy away from media coverage… They are called the Masons. The Queens of Sheba are an order of the Eastern Star… pillars of their community. How did one of these women possibly get arrested for doing nothing more than riding her motorcycle to a meeting?

queens of sheba

“The Queens of Sheba Motorcycle Club is a group of Order of Eastern Star and/or women who would otherwise be eligible through the bloodline of a Master Mason, Prince Hall Affiliated. With members throughout District of Columbia, Maryland and Killeen, Texas. We are a group of strong, determined, committed, and focused women who came together to enjoy our love of Sisterhood and Motorcycling.”
The purpose of the club is to incorporate professional respectful women who enjoy riding motorcycles and who are interested in the relief of women, widows and youths.

Our Mission is to continue to build on our strong foundational roots within the order to:

  • Introduce the experience of motorcycling to our family and friends
  • Support our community through attendance and participation in local events
  • Help aid and assist the sick & shut-in, as well as contribute to the relief of women, widows and youths
  • Model a positive image of sisterhood through the community in all walks-of-life
  • Provide a support system to aid our PHAmily and community in times of need
  • Foster and promote unconditional love and respect for each other


Ester seems to be one of many beautiful, confident amazing women, predominantly black or hispanic, according to the photos. There is absolutely nothing about any of them to hint at criminal activity. Quite the opposite in fact.

esters club

The Killen chapter of the club describes itself as:

“The club initially based in the Maryland, Virginia and District of Columbia area. We have started a chapter in Killeen TX. Queens of Sheba M/C was formed to enjoy our love for sisterhood and motorcycling. QOS is a club with strong family values. We strive to create a positive image of sisterhood…”

As of this print, Ester and her husband are both still being held in Waco jail on false charges under a million dollar bond each.