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BREAKING.. Unedited Photo of the Iron Order Shooter in Colorado 

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the Iron Order Police Gang struck once again in Denver this past weekend, this time pursuing a confrontation with members of the Mongols MC, a veteran based club of motorcyclists with an established history since 1969 who participate in the pursuance of unity amongst clubs in America.

Here is a never before released unedited photo of the corrections officer and everyone who was there when he fired the only shots that day. how can anyone look at this disgusting creature and not be sickened that he wasn’t even arrested?

He obviously has had his ass handed to him and retaliated by shooting someone. Look at his buddies standing around and not trying to stop him.


Rebel Without a Clue…

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I believe that a journalist shouldn’t be judged by how well they write a news story.. Anyone can do that. They should be judged by how well they handle their mistakes. I made a huge mistake a week or two ago.. It’s easy to do when dealing with 200 people and about a dozen patches. However, as soon as the mistake was made, I apologized and wrote a retraction, and then wrote the truth. I’m tired of being bashed for someone else screwing up.

Since the Aging Rebel chooses NOT to follow the path of saying ‘I’m sorry, I was wrong’, and instead chooses to discredit me and several others, let’s look at the TRUTH about what has went on between me and Rebel lately. See here how he pretends I’m just a silly girl?


First off, ‘burning a source.’ No, I didn’t. I have a private secret facebook room with only family, mostly red and gold, family members in it.. None of whom have ever talked to Don Charles Davis. Most certainly no one he could call a ‘source.’ None of them even know or care who he is. I asked his permission to put him in the room to try to help him find some sources because he hasn’t got sources in Waco and in fact asks me for information about once every week or two. I have throughout all this, even though he has treated me really rudely, been open and shared lots of information with him and answered his questions. The truth about Waco is all that matters to me and I was trying to perhaps contribute to the bigger picture. Anyone that wants to question this is welcome to read all those emails I wrote him to back this up. How exactly am I in a contest with him and handing him stuff to write at the same time? For instance? You know how he wrote about Big O? Well… I sent him everything he knows about him weeks ago. There was pages and pages attached to these emails. I sent him stuff throughout this whole ordeal which he uses then says I don’t know anything. I’ve had enough.





So, I put him in this completely private room and nobody cared who he was. I posted a post introducing him.. And nobody cared. Several days later he jumped my shit for REVEALING his name. The dumb motherfucker has books out with his NAME on the cover. He refers to himself as DON CHARLES DAVIS several times in his public blog. He has never once told me his name was a secret. I don’t know what made him act so ridiculous but if I had to guess I would say ‘alcohol.’ So, anyway, he puffs up like a little girl and blocks me on facebook. He’s pissy because he had a good source got burned alright.. ME. And Don Charles Davis did the burning. image Don’t believe that he gets a lot of his info and ideas from me? Check out these dates…

He likes to pretend he has secret sources giving him tips no one else has. Usually everything he writes has already hit my blog, the treehouse, and the waco tribune by the time he gets around to writing it. This one in particular is just a straight up lie. That photo was all over the Internet. I took a screenshot of it in June from radio legendary.. I’m not even going to get into not knowing the difference in Combat Vets and IVCMC.. Boy, he researched THAT story.  Rebel’s fax appears to be the same photo from my cell phone. Speaking of cell phones…



And speaking of burning sources… He first nags me for this one, then doesn’t answer them and makes me look bad. This isn’t the only one of my FRIENDS.. I don’t have sources.. That he has treated this way, either. Apparently if they don’t tell the story he wants to hear, it doesn’t even require a ‘thank you for your time.’ Apparently the people he wrote outrageous lies about begging him to listen to truth doesn’t matter either.


At one point he reported nobody out of jail when even the Waco Tribune reported over 20 out.

He also reported this next story as Stubbs broke it, but no there was no verification of its validity when in fact I broke it just a few minutes before Stubbs did.. And sent it to the Rebel. He KNEW it was already out. I don’t give a shit who broke it first, except.. I validate Stubbs and he validates me. I couldn’t have written my story off his video cuz it posted about the same time… But then rebel turns around talks shit about Stubbs too, so it doesn’t matter.. He treats both of us the same way. He has said snarky shit about me to many, many people lately, as well.

He reports third hand Cossack stories from the mainstream media but not second hand stories from me, even though he was in fact in a room with the last names of pretty much everybody in jail on the red and gold side and the other CoC members… wives and daughters and sisters.. He KNOWS I was talking to them.. He never attempted to question them himself, either. What’s that about? It’s looking more and more to me like the Rebel has indeed chosen a side in all this.






I have dozens more screenshots like this if anyone would like to see them.

I have lost my temper at him once before in all this stupidity of his. I felt bad about it and apologized in public. But then he decides to call those five vets snitches.. After I’ve told him it wasn’t them. I KNOW exactly who the cop infiltrator is, I just found out last nigh, and Rebel is out in left field. THEN, when they beg him to please talk to them and try to tell him the truth, he publicly ridicules them instigating more ugly chatter including name calling, family members, and addresses, THEN writes another story about them even worse than the first one. These men are easily found on facebook and all are very distinguished members of their hometowns. One works for Entergy.. Most are retirement age and have loved full lives easily verified on social media. One owned a giant bike shop that hosted the national Patriot Guard. All five ‘unarrested’ have similar stories. Rebel never sent a friend request to a single one.. They are quite open to talking and being honest. Those of us who paid attention know that they didn’t start checking the prisoners in.. One at a time… Until after midnight on May 17th and it went on for about two days, until sometime in the 19th. There were people released here and there as the cops didn’t find anything to hold them for, namely preachers and old vets. A GIRL writing their story does not have any precedence over their innocence and its obtusely ridiculous to say otherwise.

Don Charles Davis has just proven to the entire world he is no better than the talking heads on NBC and the Waco cops. He sold out five innocent men for something to feed his brainwashed readers and refuses to retract the story with all of us yelling about it.

It kinda makes me look twice at all his COP readers like Paladin and inside info on all the snitches and ‘ability to write how cops treat bikers’ and inside Intel on the Iron Order. Everybody around here knows all about me, from where I was born to where I have worked to what I think and feel and what I been writing for bikers for 16 years comes from my heart. I’m never shady.. In fact I’m honest to a fault. I sure would like to know if anybody knows where Don Charles Davis came from? I can’t find anyone who knows who the hell he was before he started a blog in 2008.

But maybe he isn’t a cop. Maybe he’s just a dried up old prune with no sources making up lies because he has Brett Favre syndrome. Let the hens in his henhouse cackle about THAT.

I’m done with this person unless he wants to flap his yap at me again.. I have real bikers to write about.

Waco To Hire 11 Cops.. Not Medical Staff… To DEAL with Mentally Ill??!

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Source: Waco Tribune



Local government leaders are hoping to keep more mentally ill people out of jail by hiring 11 new sheriff’s deputies trained in mental health issues.

Using a proposed $2.5 million annual grant from the Texas Department of State Health Services, the McLennan County Sheriff’s Office would deploy an around-the-clock team to respond to mental health cases around a six-county region. The officers would have knowledge of medications and local treatment options as an alternative to incarceration.

McLennan County commissioners and Waco City Council members heard presentations on the program Tuesday and voiced support for it.

“I’m prepared to take a leap of faith and go with this program,” County Judge Scott Felton said. “You can burn up a lot of money in that jail with folks with mental illnesses, and they come out in no better shape than (when) they went in.”

Jail officials have said that nearly a quarter of those in the McLennan County Jail at any given time are on medication for mental health issues. The mentally ill are more likely to be jailed repeatedly and are more expensive to house than other inmates, and they are often chronically homeless, county officials say.

Local law enforcement has been trying to focus on taking mentally ill people for treatment, but that can tie up an officer for several hours, said Barbara Tate, executive director of the Heart of Texas Region MHMR.

She said the new mental health team, which includes caseworkers, would handle about 1,200 cases a year, responding directly through dispatched calls or being summoned by regular officers who encounter a problem with mentally ill people.

“It would relieve police officers of a tremendous amount of time they’re currently spending on individuals whose primary problem is a mental health crisis,” Tate said.

Waco Police Chief Brent Stroman said the program would be a “tremendous help,” and similar programs in places such as Williamson County have proved their value.

If the grant is approved, the money could be available in September and renewable on an annual basis.

The city and county would be required to spend $60,000 in matching funds for the program.

Existing deputies

The county already has six mental health deputies, including two funded by the state. The grant would expand the number to 17 total, with five of those stationed in surrounding counties.


What fresh new hell is this now? Are they kidding? Let’s not mention how soldiers with PTSD were forced on the ground in the midst of gunfire and screams of ‘Get on the ground or I’ll fucking kill you.’ Let’s look past the abhorrent treatment of them in jail by refusing medicines and threatening them with solitary confinemen… We won’t mention them trying to sell their jailhouse shrinks to the people suffering from the after effects of Twin Peaks like a candy bar at the commissary… Help was based on cash, not need.

Pardon me for my politics here, but I read this and thought ‘his had to have come from that idiot in Washington… ‘ and sure enough…
From the Washinton Post…

And on the surface, this sounds like, okay, maybe they are trying to help people… But then. Read closely..

In a speech yesterday, Hillary Clinton urged the U.S. to reduce its prison population. “It’s a stark fact that the United Stations has less than 5 percent of the world’s population, yet we have almost 25 percent of the world’s total prison population. The numbers today are much higher than they were 30, 40 years ago, despite the fact that crime is at historic lows,” she said.

A heart-breaking truth is that part of this increase is due to a widespread failure to treat mental illness. After public psychiatric hospitals in the early 20th century came to be criticized for inhumane and disturbing treatments, beginning in the 1950s there was a movement to deinstitutionalize mental health and treat patients in more community-based treatment centers. At their highest peak in 1955, state mental hospitals held 558,922 patients. Today, they hold about 35,000 patients, and that number continues to fall.

The Democrats are saying Mental Health Facilities aren’t doing a good enough job in April, and so their answer this month is add a bunch more cops. has been known for almost 200 years that confining mentally ill persons in prisons and jails is inhumane and fraught with problems. The fact that we have re-adopted this practice in the United States in recent years is incomprehensible. Prison and jail officials are being asked to assume responsibility for the nation’s most seriously mentally ill individuals, despite the fact that the officials did not sign up to do this job; are not trained to do it; face severe legal restrictions in their ability to provide treatment for such individuals; and yet are held responsible when things go wrong, as they inevitably do under such circumstances. This misguided public policy has no equal in the United States.

Even more troubling is the fact that they can MEDICATE you even if you refuse it. Some more of that ‘we are keeping you from harming yourself and others’ crap from DC…


What process is due under the U.S. Constitution when a prison or jail seeks authorization for administration of nonemergency involuntary psychotropic medication?

In 1990, the United States Supreme Court held that an inmate with mental illness need not be imminently dangerous before being medicated over his objection and that authorization may be determined in an administrative hearing rather than a judicial one.

In the seminal case of Washington v. Harper, 494 U.S. 201 (1990), Walter Harper, a Washington state prison inmate, sued the state of Washington claiming that his due process rights were violated when antipsychotic medication was administered over his objection without the state first providing a judicial hearing. He also alleged that medication could not be administered over his objection unless a judge found him incompetent to make his own medical decisions.

Washington v. Harper addressed only antipsychotic medications (also known as neuroleptics) used to treat psychoses. Injectable medications are not limited to antipsychotics and virtually all state involuntary medication policies govern both antipsychotics and other psychotropics. Only a few state policies make a distinction between antipsychotic medications and other psychotropics (e.g., Massachusetts and Minnesota).

Pursuant to the Washington State Department of Corrections policy, authorization for the involuntary administration of antipsychotic medications was decided in an administrative hearing conducted before a three-member special committee consisting of a psychiatrist and a psychologist, neither of whom may be involved in the inmate’s treatment at the time of the hearing (referred to in some states as a nontreating psychiatrist and a nontreating psychologist) and a representative of the correctional facility. The inmate was afforded procedural protections, including notice of the hearing, an opportunity to be heard and to present witnesses, and a right to appeal the committee’s decision. The policy empowered the committee to authorize medication only upon a finding by the psychiatrist member and at least one other member that the inmate met the criteria stated in the policy.

The Supreme Court upheld Washington’s policy, reasoning that:

“There can be little doubt as to both the legitimacy and the importance of the governmental interest presented here. There are few cases in which the State’s interest in combating the danger posed by a person to both himself and others is greater than in a prison environment . . . We confront here the State’s obligations, not just its interests. The State has undertaken the obligation to provide prisoners with medical treatment consistent not only with their own medical interests, but also with the needs of the institution. Prison administrators have not only an interest in ensuring the safety of prison staffs and administrative personnel, but also the duty to take reasonable measures for the prisoners’ own safety.”

The Court rejected Harper’s claim that medication could not be administered over his objection if he was competent to provide informed consent but refused to do so. The Court also upheld the state’s criteria for administering involuntary medication, which required that an inmate with mental illness be “gravely disabled” or pose a “likelihood of serious harm” to himself, others or property. The Court based its decision on prison officials’ interest in maintaining a safe environment to protect corrections officers and prison staff, as well as the obligation to provide for the medical needs of its prisoners.

Source: TAC Reports


Now, we all know that between the biker massacre, the stupid woolly mammoth money, and the funds suddenly rolling in for new cops to handle sick people, it’s obvious that the officials of Washington drink from the stream that flows from Obama’s ass. But check this out:

The Los Angeles Police Department’s mental evaluation unit is the largest mental health policing program of its kind in the nation, with 61 sworn officers and 28 mental health workers from the county. The unit has become a vital resource for the 10,000-person police force in Los Angeles.

Cook County ‘s Mental Health Issues

The ‘cop’ part of this article is snuck in at the bottom…

In addition, Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., recently introduced legislation that would add county and municipal corrections employees to the National Health Service Corps, enabling them to qualify for up to $50,000 each in federal student loan relief. After Cook County health workers were excluded from the program in 2011, 11 left Cermak, officials said.

Preckwinkle and Sheriff Tom Dart support the bill, officials said.

Minneapolis Jail Goes Crazy
‘We are at a crisis’

Delays under the 48-hour rule are not limited to urban jails. Beltrami County Sheriff Phil Hodapp said he wasn’t surprised when he received two letters in the past few weeks explaining the lack of available beds at Anoka-Metro. He is sympathetic that DHS may be too overwhelmed and understaffed to handle the growing number of 48-hour law inmates, but his colleagues have been talking about this problem for several years.

“It’s just a struggle across the board,” Hodapp said. “It’s a bad problem and it’s getting worse. We are at a crisis across the state and we need more action.”

Mississippi Jumps In Too

The sheriff wants the state legislature to take action.

“It’s a strain on the jails that’s trying to watch this young lady because you have to check on her every 15 minutes to try to make sure that she don’t harm herself and you have to try to keep her away from other inmates,” said Sheriff March.

There are only 35 Forensic Service beds for the entire state for pre-trial evaluations and treatment. Holmes county isn’t alone.

Rankin County jail administrator Lt. James Rutland says they are holding 6 inmates awaiting mental evaluation to stand trial.
The longest has waited two years.. Medication for the mentally ill there can range from $75.00 per month per inmate to $475.00 depending upon the prescription.

The costs can take a toll on small county jails like Holmes.

… New York

The Behavioral Health/Criminal Justice Collaboration project is also exploring the idea of training police officers in behavioral de-escalation techniques and mental health first aid. Mr. Ruetten said he already conducts trainings like these for probation officers and some corrections officers in the area.

Ideally, he said, a large portion of incidents could be resolved at the scene with the proper training.

“The hope is that training will help (officers) identify people dealing with mental issues and de-escalate the situation,” he said.

In a report presented at the summit, Mr. Ruetten referred to the Emotionally Disturbed Persons Response Team used in Rochester. Prior to the team’s training, police officers were injured on 12 percent of responses to mental health incidents. After the training, no officers were injured, and the use of force dropped from 20 to 3 percent.

Austin has 144 ‘Mental Health Officers’

In addition to the Crisis Intervention Team, APD has 144 mental health officers who have additional training to assist with mentally ill people.


I try my best not to become one of those weird truther people who hoard pork n beans and buries a school bus to live in. However… Who DOESN’T think about all those articles that claim the government is going to  start declaring freedom fighters and veterans crazy and carting them off to jail while reading this stuff? Who ever heard of training cops in mental illness? And when Hillary and jails in half the states in the Union are singing Jailhouse Rock to the tune of mental illness? At the very least, I can’t help wondering if we are only one step away from cops being allowed to declare someone ‘mentally ill’ right then and there and then take them to jail and medicate them out of their gourds for the rest of time.. If they are lucky. Remember Miriam Carey?

Longtime Waco Cop Caught Armed and in Uniform Attempting to Meet a 17 year old for Sex..

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While Waco Police and Judicial Departments are doing everything in their power to make up some sort of trumped up charges for 177 bikers while blatantly disregarding the law, a former McLennan County deputy constable was placed on two years’ deferred misdemeanor probation after he pleaded guilty to a prostitution charge, according to Tommy Witherspoon of the Waco Tribune.


More than two dozen Central Texas men, including a McLennan County deputy constable and a Fort Hood sergeant, have been arrested during a weeks-long online prostitution sting conducted by the McLennan County Sheriff’s Office.

Sheriff’s deputies announced the sting investigation Tuesday, during which they posed as young girls, prostitutes and pimps to drudge up those seeking underage sex and underage prostitutes to traffic, the Waco Tribune-Herald reported.

RELATED: Sheriff: 20 ‘weird sickos’ arrested in Central Texas child solicitation sting

Deputies arrested 29 suspects from their early 20s to mid-50s, according to mugshot information provided by the sheriff’s office. Many of the suspects are registered as sex offenders or were previously convicted on charges of prostitution, the Tribune-Herald reported.

Steve Canava, a 51-year-old deputy constable for McLennan County, was arrested Feb. 27 as part of the sting and charged with soliciting a prostitute under the age of 18, a second degree felony punishable by up to 20 years in prison.


Steve Canava, 51, was among 29 men arrested in an online prostitution sting in February. Detectives pretended to be prostitutes, teenage girls and pimps throughout the investigation. 
Intermission for a crack from Amy: 
Wanna know something funny? There’s only one cop I have EVER seen that could pull off “pretending to be a teenaged girl”… that would be Swanton’s daughter, Sabrena Swanton, Waco’s hottest new rookie… Somehow that vermilion faced buffoon Patrick produced a tall gorgeous blonde that probably makes most men think very nasty things in her little cop uniform and white gold curls… She also attended that China Springs ISD school and as far as I can tell her graduate studies have been a lot of time at Antioch Baptist Church and cop college while living at home… She appears to be innocent as a lamb in THAT aspect. As a matter of fact, the person I believed to be her attempting to cuss at me on my blog came across as Hayley Mills saying a dirty word and stomping her foot at her twin sister?   So what does Swanton and the rest of the Waco cops do with his own daughter and-or any other impressionable young ladies who have recently joined the force? Dressed them up like hookers to catch perverts? At least that’s what it appears by he said by what information they have released. I believe if I was a man who lied as much as HE does, I would spend less time trying to fabricate crap on bikers and more time trying to make up some lies about what she was really doing at work. He sure had a lot of nerve talking about those Twin Peaks waitresses the way he did. 
swanton morning

Steve Canava initially was arrested on second-degree felony charges of soliciting sex with someone under 18… or as they put it in the Waco Tribune when wrongfully accusing a biker with mistaken identity….  ACCUSED OF TRYING TO HAVE SEX WITH A CHILD. But prosecutors, of course, reduced the charge to a Class B misdemeanor, and McLennan County Court-at-Law Judge and Resident Reyna Ass Kiser Mike Freeman accepted the ridiculous slap on the wrist plea agreement. And make no mistake.. this was NOT a Romeo and Juliet situation… This was a 51 year old cop trying to buy sex for a hundred bucks from a little girl… in uniform… And of course the GENIUS Waco cops, who have been chasing perverts with their new little rookie girls and boys since October, just figured out the man working right beside them every day was one of the perverts they were chasing.


Of course the good ol’ boys are gong to gloss over the nasty acts he attempted to carry out… Canava’s attorney, Gerald Villarrial, said the veteran officer wanted to put the incident behind him.

“You have a guy who had a great career at Waco PD and had a great career in law enforcement, and I hate that something like this would tarnish all the great years that he had serving this community,” Villarrial said.

McLennan County Precinct 1 Constable Walt Strickland initially placed Canava on unpaid administrative leave after his arrest. But he fired him a week later after an internal investigation. According to records filed in his case, Canava agreed to meet a person he thought to be a 17-year-old girl “for sexual intercourse for $100.”

McLennan County Sheriff’s Detective Joseph Scaramucci said in the affidavit he identified Canava using law enforcement databases.

The sting was designed to catch suspects seeking underage escorts for sex acts or people trying to become pimps by trafficking underage prostitutes. Officials said all suspects were given a choice of ages, and most chose to arrange sex with a minor. Canava, a former longtime Waco police officer, was wearing his uniform and was armed at the time he was caught showing up for the afternoon rendezvous. Canava surrendered his pistol to the officers, some of whom he had worked with for years.

source: Waco Tribune


It seems that the cops in Waco LIKE setting up people to arrest…. We already know they were in collusion with rat fink snitch Steve Cook to set up, ambush, murder and imprison around 200 bikers…

Cook and Swanton Planned Twin Peaks

I reported awhile back how Swanton sets up people to be arrested for selling stolen batteries, copper, electronics, and other things through his metal and used electronics junkyard…

Skinny on Swanton

It seems they like to spice it up a little, too…  The McLennan County Sheriff’s Office arrested 20 people for online solicitation of a minor in a similar two-week sting beginning Oct. 14. That cop must be really stupid or really horny to try to make a date with a 17 year old four months into a kiddie ring sting?



OH, and one OTHER interesting bit of information… at least TWO of the men involved in their little Waco Sex Sting were MUSLIMS. Nice company ya’ll keep, Waco cops. AND at least one of the Muslims had a $5,000 bond on comparison to the $25,000 the cop got who was, like him, trying to buy little girls… and in comparison to the MILLION DOLLAR BONDS hung on innocent bikers. I guess there aren’t any people having sex with kids who the Waco judges think need to be made an example of.. Or maybe it was because the Muslim was really good at “acting like a victim.” Speaking of the cesspool of attorneys that stink up the place.. Reyna sucked up 11 vehicles in this deal, too.

Many of the men arrested had prior convictions on prostitution charges or were registered sex offenders. Most were from McLennan County, but some stretched to other states, Detective Joseph Scaramucci said.

Anthony Farrior, 27, a truck driver from Kentucky, was charged with three counts of conspiracy to commit human trafficking after Scaramucci said he planned to take underage prostitutes to Eagle Pass in Maverick County in his 18-wheeler and sell them to other men, then switch them out for others on a trip back to Waco.

Farrior allegedly arranged to sleep with two young girls while at the Pilot Travel Center, or “Flying J,” truck stop, 2409 South New Road, in order to see which he would rather pimp out.

“He was going to sample the goods,” Scaramucci said.

Detective Brad Bond said another man, Justin Buntyn, 34, wanted to engage in sex acts with a minor in a public library.

In the arrest affidavit for Mohammad Nabi, 22, Scaramucci wrote, “Nabi was seeking an escort, who would be provided for deviate sexual intercourse and sexual intercourse.

“I did agree to provide Nabi with a prostitute, and terms of a trafficking arrangement were made for a fee.”

Nabi was released from jail Feb. 18 on a $5,000 bond.

Some of the people arrested in the operation were charged with prostitution under 18. Others were accused of online solicitation or criminal conspiracy in the trafficking of persons.


Funny fact, here… A LOT of people in that town have accused bikers of being wrapped up in drugs, human trafficking, assaulting people, extortion, kidnapping… when you add in the DTF agent Sgt. Barnum who is on leave for assaulting someone on June 29th, the only gang I see batting ten for ten is the Waco Police Department.


This is what bikers think of pedophiles….



What Fresh Tomfuckery is This?

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Now the city of Waco has taken to sending crooked sloppy screenshots as their way of legal correspondence…. There isn’t credible anything… I would be ashamed of myself if I was releasing this childish sloppy crap as public legal work for the world to see?







A Note to the Waco Police Department….

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Hello, fuckers… guess what.. All you have done is driven me to using my actual website which has lots more reach and capability. what you didnt know is this.. you were getting me CENSORED up until this point…

A Little Love Song

and furthermore….

Introducing Officer Roscoe P… P….wait.. Introducing Buford T.. No, Hang On… Introducing Bernard P..P.. Oh, Hell.. the Skinny on Sgt. Swine-ton

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Introducing Officer Roscoe P… P….wait.. Introducing Buford T.. No, Hang On… Introducing Bernard P..P.. Oh, Hell.. the Skinny on Sgt. Swine-ton

I started a blog on Swanton last night about the time you all went to bed… That guy stinks to high heaven… I am going to ATTEMPT to fit it all into one post…

Swanton has been married twice and has two daughters one by each wife, former and current… this is interesting in that the daughter by his current wife Shirley.. Is ALSO a Waco cop!! Before you get mad at me thinking why did I go and post his pretty little girl.. Think about she could have very well been one of the killer cops on duty.



He lives on Norm Street in China Springs Texas.. And oh, did I mention, Sgt. Swanton owns.. A GOAT FARM?!

The Swanton Goat Farm

Here is a nice map to go look at all the pretty little goats…



right here is where swanton complained not about information about his wife or daughter.. oh no… he complained because i made fun of his GOAT FARM!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA


He seems to be all tied up in this rather strange community, China Springs, that’s basically built around this stepford child type school. And it appears that THOSE people are wrapped up in this Antioch church.. Who has been pissed about Twin Peaks putting in a breastaurant a couple miles from their new multi million dollar missionary community center complex thing called the Hippodrome, which appears to be a reopened and revamped building, aimed at a young people’s worship.. Apparently Twin Peaks set up camp within a couple miles of this multimillion dollar facility, and the sordid lure of bikes, beer and boobies so near their worship center could quite obviously be the source of Swanton’s complaints about Bike Night and threats to get rid of the bikers or else.

The Antioch Church was hosting, basically, how to shoot people classes immediately after Waco…

On top of all THIS, I have found that: Swanton owns an LLC called M. Lipsitz & Co… Which owns a metal scrap yard that appears to be a source of quite a few arrests in Waco. Nice little racket he has there, an ‘off duty officer’ busts some guy for selling stolen copper or batteries… To HIM.


Swanton seems to think quite a bit of himself, as if we didn’t know… His LinkedIn page has a list of law enforcement virtues that would intimidate Steven Segal! I bet he TOTALLY knows that trick about killing someone with a soup ladle!

Swineton’s Linkedin



if THAT is how hostage negotiators behave… Well!

Patrick Swanton puts on his hi-diddly-oh neighbors Ned Flanders hat to welcome college students…. A few of the more sickening quotes are:

‘Wanna try something really different? I double-dog-dare you to do a ride-along with us (Waco’s Finest). It’s a real eye-opener to the world and — who knows? — we may even spark an interest in your new desire to become the po-po-police. And, incidentally, the yearning to eat doughnuts is not obligatory — it’s an acquired trait.’


Safety first: Remember — your safety is paramount to us at the Waco Police Department and, as much as we like bustin’ bad guys, we don’t need volunteer victims. Statistically speaking, you’re much safer in groups than you are alone. Your purse is not safe in your car, even if you were only going to be inside some venue a few minutes. The iPad, iPhone, GPS or any other electronic device that Mom and Dad gave you so they could track you (sorry, Moms and Dads, but it’s not like they didn’t know!) make great items for some crackhead to sell for a few rocks. They (the dopers) really don’t care that you’re having a meltdown because you can’t “instagram,” update status or Tweet about the cops fingerprinting your burglarized car. That’s life and it does occasionally happen. But do what you can to make it inconvenient for the bad guys. Yes, we do have crime in Waco. We aren’t as bad as some other cities, but we aren’t Mayberry either. The important thing to realize is you can make a difference in your own safety. Be aware of your surroundings. Pay close attention to that “sixth sense.”


We welcome you to get to know your local police officers but strongly encourage you not to experience our jails. And guess what? It really doesn’t matter to us who your parents are.

Swanton’s Vomit Inducing Blather

The National Institute of Crime Prevention also slurps at the armpit drippings of this cowardly, lying piece of garbage. No wonder no crimes are ever actually prevented.

Patrick is a 1979 graduate of Waco High School. He attended McLennan Community College and started with the Waco Police Department as a Cadet in 1980. Sgt. Swanton was selected to attend the Waco Police Department’s academy in 1981.

In Swanton’s 29 + years of service with the Waco Police Department, his assignments have been numerous. The first ten years he served in Patrol as a Patrol Officer, Special Investigator, and Field Training Officer training new recruits.

During the next four years, Swanton was assigned to the Special Operation’s Unit (S.W.A.T. Team) where he became certified as a Crisis Negotiator. Swanton has attended many courses in negotiation and holds basic through advanced certificates in Crisis Intervention. Sgt. Swanton is currently the team leader over the Crisis Intervention Unit. While in Special Operations he furthered his training by attending a course provided by the National Guard on helicopter assaults and courses on basic through advanced S.W.A.T. Team Tactics. While in Special Operations Swanton was also involved in the aftermath at Mount Carmel and was awarded the Police Commendation bar along with his other teammates for their involvement.

In September of 1994 Swanton transferred to the Community Services Section where he specialized in Crime and Drug Prevention Programs. Swanton taught groups ranging from children to the elderly. Swanton also attended D.A.R.E. Officer training where he became certified as a D.A.R.E. Instructor. While attending D.A.R.E School, Swanton received the award of “Top Team Member” from his D.A.R.E Instructor. Sgt. Swanton has been the guest speaker at meetings such as Kiawanas club, Young Lawyers Association, Boy Scout Ceremonies, VA Women’s groups, McLennan Community College, Baylor University, and others.

In June of 1999 Sgt. Swanton transferred back to Patrol where he was promoted the following October to Sergeant. In 2003 Sgt. Swanton took over as the Sergeant of the Family Violence Unit where he is currently assigned. He has twice been awarded the Police Commendation Bar, as well as the Certificate of Merit Bar, and the Meritorious Unit Award.

Swanton holds a Master Police Officer Certificate and an Instructor’s Certificate with the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Standards and Education. Sgt. Swanton also holds a certificate as a Basic School Resource Officer. He also has served on the Board of the Waco Police Association, Vice President of Training with the Texas Association of Hostage Negotiators Board of Directors overseeing statewide training for negotiators throughout Texas and has served on the Board of Directors for the Family Abuse Shelter.

Some content on this page was disabled on July 10, 2015 upon receipt of a valid complaint regarding the publication of private information. You can read more about’s private information policy here:
Some content on this page was disabled on July 10, 2015 upon receipt of a valid complaint regarding the publication of private information. You can read more about’s private information policy here:

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Comments on: Introducing Officer Roscoe P… P….wait.. Introducing Buford T.. No, Hang On… Introducing Bernard P..P.. Oh, Hell.. the Skinny on Sgt. Swine-ton

Fri, 10 Jul 2015 23:49:48 +0000

By: Terry Rains

Wed, 24 Jun 2015 03:19:46 +0000


I think I love you! With all of it’s seriousness & to those of us who are offended & effected deeply by Waco, I must say your response to her comment is one I will remember & laugh about I pray for years to come. There’s so much exaggeration to the ‘lol’ , but trust me when I say I lol & so did the crazies , my family, that I read it to! KEEPIN’ IT REAL!! Thanks, I enjoyed every word. Normally I refrain from the comments because they infuriate me beyond measure…evidently, the way they do you! LOVE IT!!! *Laughter keeps us from insanity or confirms it!*


By: Donna Samz

Fri, 19 Jun 2015 17:33:19 +0000


My my more wicked than she says me thinks thou protest just a little to much. An opinion is an opinion. Everybody has one. The fact this person of authority has his rookie daughter working under him and was present at the scene of a possible police fuck up sure wouldn’t be motive for any father to cover up a possible mistake that could very well cost her her life in prison or at very least her career. nah no father would be so unciousable to do that!!!!! If he has nothing to hide why is he all he has to do is provide a legal reason for why he will not. Why won’t he man up and defend himself with the truth all he has to do is provide the paper trail yet he has not. What else are we the people to think? Something stinks in Waco and it ain’t this blog.


By: Whatever Happened to Sgt. Swanton | Wicked Bitch, by Biker Author Amy Irene White

Mon, 15 Jun 2015 00:33:29 +0000


[…]; […]


By: more wicked than you

Sat, 13 Jun 2015 23:57:42 +0000


Wow such harsh words! Just shows your ignorance or even jealousy! For a southerner you make a big deal about a few goats. I think your article is ridiculous because you have no facts… and now you’re posting information on these two officers that could jeopardize their safety, just like ISIS has done with soldiers! I served as well and I know better than to associate myself with criminals. I don’t watch CNN which shows your ignorance. It’s a shame you try to intimidate me with your insults, I’m not scared of you. I think you’re pathetic attacking a family based on your “investigation” which is mere opinion.


By: more wicked than you

Sat, 13 Jun 2015 23:29:57 +0000


Wow such harsh words… like I said before, taking your anger out on others, maybe even jealousy! I’m not an idiot, I served as well but I’m smarter than to associate myself with such criminals. I doubt you are that southern if you’re bashing having a few goats…. please give me a break. My point is you don’t know the facts and now you put two officers at risk posting their info on here…. Just like ISIS posting threats on soldiers. I don’t watch CNN, so quit assuming like you did with your entire article. I’m not scared of you so the name calling just shows your class….


By: the Wicked Bitch

Sat, 13 Jun 2015 23:02:54 +0000


Hello, you holster sniffing cum dumpster. let me school you on a few things, “more wicked”.. first of all, you are a fucking idiotic moron to believe my problem with him is he is a southerner. I am more country than a turnip green and anyone with an IQ even one point higher than bean dip could tell that from the literary voice most common in my vernacular. Now.. that “poor little girl” more than likely was fucking involved in MURDERING a purple heart Marine veteran because he had on his red and yellow POW MARINE dew tag. IF you goddamned idiots would turn off CNN and start fucking paying attention you would see those idiotic cops change their stories more than they change their underwear. how about you get your head out of your vagina, T-bird Swag.. and you get the fuck off my blog.


By: more wicked than you

Sat, 13 Jun 2015 22:38:47 +0000


This is sad, no point to your article… you’re bashing a young girl and her father for doing their job. You don’t know who all was there and what happened. It’s sad that you have to revert to poor criticism to make yourself feel better. Those credentials you list for the sgt show he has great training. Just like the military the more training and experience, the more valuable you are. Just cause he has a southern drawl doesn’t make him stupid or ignorant. Get a life and leave your nose out of their business…


By: the Wicked Bitch

Fri, 12 Jun 2015 07:12:36 +0000


hahahaha gimme time.


By: Jsewell

Thu, 11 Jun 2015 19:30:35 +0000


Good article! I’ve been enjoying reading your insight & things you dig up. However, the picture of the how to react to an active shooter is from last year so not right after the incident. Other than that I’ve found your info good.


By: Kat

Thu, 11 Jun 2015 19:29:40 +0000


It would be very interesting what you dig up on the DA. Abel Reyna


The Eye Witness Testimonies That Implicate the Waco Police Department

Posted in Uncategorized on July 4, 2015 by the Wicked Bitch

The Eye Witness Testimonies That Implicate the Waco Police Department

Today, Stephen “Bowtie” Stubbs released the lng awaited statement from the Bandido Nation regarding Waco. The people who were put in jail have been released only under gag orders which state they cannot talk to media or other bikers. a few of them have anonymously sent me their eye witness testimonies. To, me they verify every word the Bandidos have said.. A lot of people have called me a liar. The news sources can’t report “second hand information.” I don’t know how someone getting out of jail and reporting a story to me isn’t just as viable as reporting on videos nobody has seen? He stated he didn’t see the videos but made extended synopsis on what was on them. I guess its okay to use selective second hand information.

The Bandido statement says this happened:

1) The Bandidos were at the Twin Peaks restaurant to attend an organized political meeting and nothing else. A regional meeting for the Texas Confederation of Clubs and Independents (a bona fide political organization centered on Constitutional rights) was scheduled, and a prominent member of the Bandidos was the key-note speaker at the meeting. This Bandido key-note speaker was to report on the National Coalition of Motorcyclist event that occurred weeks earlier. Because COCI members from across the state were expected to attend this special meeting, it was purposefully scheduled in Waco, TX, a central city between Austin and Dallas.

2) The Bandidos have no knowledge of any other meeting. The Bandidos are aware that members of other motorcycle clubs are claiming that there were plans to meet with the Bandidos in Waco, TX on May 17, 2015. This claim is not true.

3) All weapons in possession of members the Bandidos were legally owned and carried.

4) Members of the Bandidos were not aggressors, did not start the altercation, did not strike first, were not the first to pull weapons, and were not the first to use weapons. The majority of the Bandidos took cover, and all involvement in the altercation by members of the Bandidos was in self-defense. Texas law allows people to defend themselves with the same amount of force that is exerted against them, and a few members of the Bandidos acted in accordance with these laws. In fact, members of the Bandidos involved in the incident did not even have time or opportunity to get off of their motorcycles before police came in.

This was the first story released out of the jail, on June 3rd. Stephen Stubbs released a video at almost the same time as I published this.. We had nearly identical stories from different sources.

Around 11 o’clock on May 17, 2015, many bikers were gathering in the Twin Peaks restaurant for their regularly scheduled Confederation of Clubs Meeting. There was not an over abundance of Bandidos there, and in fact most of the other clubs had just as many attendees if not more. Nothing was out of the ordinary beyond the fact that they were secretly surrounded by SWAT teams and cops. Note there are very few uniforms in the photos. less than ten Bandidos were there just hanging out, probably eating lunch. Cossacks started rolling in… This was the first time this has ever happened. They kept coming until there was around a hundred of them. A little after 12, some more Bandidos rolled in, less than ten of them. They were surrounded by Cossacks in the parking lot. An altercation ensued and the Bandidos were fighting them off with their hands and helmets because they hadn’t even gotten off the bikes yet. Suddenly one Cossack pulled a gun and fired into a Bandido’s shoulder. There is some confusion as to the next shot fired, but then the SWAT team came out and shot up everyone… killing nine, wounding more than 20. The reason so many Cossacks died is because they had the Bandidos surrounded. They were the aggressors in every way. If the Bandidos had known this was going to happen, there would have been much more than 20 or less there. Allegedly there is a Cossack snitch named Voodoo. Also there is possibly two more Cossacks who were involved with the cops, as well. There is a man telling a story out there who also says he contacted the cops because he is in a child custody battle with his ol lady, who left him for a Cossack. The video the AP has shows very little of the real altercation, but does show a Cossack take out a gun and fire it. This was possibly the second shot heard before the cops shot thousands of rounds into innocent people. Most of the Cossacks did know they were headed there to start a fight with the Bandidos. Very few knew about the cops.

There WAS a gang shoot out that day. Cossacks and Cops. Not one single member of the Bandidos Motorcycle CLUB or the Texas CoC are guilty of anything but self defense. This is written to the best of my ability to convey what I have now heard from three eye witnesses. Only one of them is a red and gold supporter, and one of them has viewed the tape the AP has. If any detail is wrong, my apologies, its not intentional. The cops are being shady because they don’t want the world to know they shot around 30 people in cold blood, claimed that nail clippers and jewelry were weapons, arrested nearly 200 innocent people, and made some kind of sneaky under the table deals with one of the “gangs” they are supposedly so afraid of. The legal system and the lawyers are now extorting tens of thousands of dollars out of people who should by rights just be sent home with apologies.

I have been advised by an attorney not to tell this story because I may be arrested. I will not reveal my sources no matter what. I tell no story until I have heard it three times. When this incident occurred, I came out of basically retirement to try to save innocent bikers… and I said that I would do anything within my means to help the Bandidos, the dominant club in my state. I cannot not tell this story. I cannot live knowing that innocent people are being blamed. I am their journalist.. They depend on me to tell them the truth and I will not let them down. If I go to jail or get killed or anything else for this, so be it. I am willing to lay my life on the line to clear the name of one of the greatest clubs in motorcycle history. I am willing to do this for 177 innocent in jail and nine dead. I am willing to do this for my biker family and every patch in America, and to take down those murdering cops and the others responsible for this. before I write. May God have mercy on my soul. Amy Irene White.


This story came from someone inside Don Carlos:

Tonight I have spent about two hours on the phone with one of the Waco Widows. She told me about a group of men who were parked or parking at an empty building in the strip mall in a truck… The windshield of the truck was allegedly shot out, and SWAT immediately ran out of the building and surrounded them…. They were let go but the truck was confiscated. I though all cops were in their cars, Chief.


About the time I hung up the phone, I got this story in my inbox. I changed nothing…. It speaks for itself..

I was in the Don Carlos restaurant the entire time, from the first bullet shot until the police said it was safe to leave. As me and a friend started to exit the building two swat style cops snuck up from behind shouting get down throwing us to the ground. I had turned my hoodie inside out during the event due to watching what happened to others outside by police, I didn’t want to get caught up or shot in the situation as you could imagine. Don Carlos employees and customers apparently pointed the finger at us due me turning my red and gold hoodie inside out/ my friend was also wearing SYLB related gear. I told the officer I was inside the restaurant the entire time and had done nothing wrong at which point he added my friend and I to the line of bikers being detained. We sat outside for an estimated hour when a van pulled up and I was asked to get in, when asked why I was told I’m going to jail. We went to the convention center to be questioned and was honest to the Lady whom questioned me. I told her I saw the officer react in what seemed less than 10 seconds and started shooting everyone followed by if they knew it was going to happen then why didn’t they stop the COC instead of the seek and destroy tactics I witnessed, isn’t it supposed to be protect and serve not seek and destroy? Well that little interview got me a RICO related case, one month in jail and a million dollar bond. I have to say this entire bullshit unconstitutional chain of events is still stressing me to no end. I have an ankle monitor that cost $350 to install and another $250 a month. I can’t work due to the County limit restrictions, most of my work is done outside my county line preventing me from working. I’ve added up the entire cost of being inside Don Carlos restaurant that day watching what unfolded, keep in mind I wasn’t outside during the shooting and hadn’t done anything but tell the interviewing person I watched the cops shooting like crazy killing people. I’ve already spent $2500 in Bail, $10,000 to get my lawyer started and that’s just started, $350 to have the ankle monitor installed and $250 per month for services and I’m unable to work now. I was basically kidnapped by the Waco Police department for telling the truth about what I witnessed that day. If you ask my personal opinion the Waco Police Department just premeditated murder and jailed all that witnessed to keep them from talking, not to mention adding RICO related charges.


We pulled up in the shopping center from the service road from I-35 and saw police vehicles. I know some have said that they did not notice many marked vehicles, and perhaps they entered from another area where they weren’t prevalent, but we saw at least 8-10 marked police SUV’s and the armored vehicle parked in the shopping center parking lot. When we pulled into the Twin Peaks parking area, we looked for a spot to park and noticed a couple of Cossacks standing at the corner of the building towards where Don Carlos and the rest of the shopping center was. There was no parking available, so we ended up parking in the shopping center’s general parking area, between an area where many police cars were located. When getting out of the car, I saw a line of about 8-10 bikes pulling into the parking lot from the same entrance that we had pulled into. We let them pass before crossing the driveway and made our way up the sidewalk between Don Carlos and Twin Peaks. When getting to where the sidewalk stopped and walking in the median between the two parking lots, I noticed the bikes had stopped in the middle of the drive, and there was a large group of Cossacks and others wearing their black and yellow patches, lined up at the edge of the parking area, blocking the parking spaces. Not exactly sure what was happening, I continued to walk forward, and noted that the Cossacks were lined up and bunched up, and were about 3-4 people deep. There may have been 50 or more there. The next thing I saw was shoving and punches started, with most Bandidos still on their bikes and the bikes still running. I noticed brass knuckles on at least one of the Cossacks up front. At least 6 immediately behind them started swinging some type of stick or expandable batons. And in the very back, I saw at least one Cossack, a bigger guy with short dark hair, holding a pistol of some type. About that time, I heard 2 shots, and initially I thought they were the type you see on movies, where someone is trying to break up a fight by shooting into the air, but the report from the shot was short, like it was fired into someone. I looked around to see who had shot, and then shooting started from inside the group and from behind me somewhere. I took cover behind one of the vehicles in the Don Carlos parking area, looking towards Twin Peaks to see if anyone was following to shoot. The bigger, dark haired Cossack with dark hair was running back and forth from the door to Twin Peaks and back towards the crowd. I could not tell if he was firing his pistol due to all the shots ringing out at that point, but he had it pointed out towards the group. At that point, a group of police officers came up from the parking area with M4’s or similar rifle with what looked like a suppressor on it, yelling at everyone to get on the ground. I complied, got prone on the ground, and they made their way forward. Shots were coming from the front of Don Carlos also, so I tried to turn my body in a way I could see if anyone was coming from that area as well. Eventually the shooting stopped. The police came, frisked me, taking my knife and throwing it in a pile of other knives on the curb beside Don Carlos. I do not know how many knives and such were there, but they were all thrown in a pile, so cross contamination of evidence is extremely possible. After being frisked, we were told to go sit in the parking area with our groups. We were then frisked again, placed in flex cuffs, loaded into vans, and transported to the Convention Center. One at a time, we were taken back to give a “witness statement”. We were then put back in the room and waited for information. We were then all taken into another room in small groups, information was gathered on booking forms, and then we were taken to Mclennan County Jail and placed in holding cells. This happened around 4am. They fingerprinted us, photographed us, and changed us into jumpsuits, without ever telling us what we were being arrested or detained for. Then they moved us over to the Detention Center and put us into holding cells again. One at a time, they called us out and had us stand in front of this guy who they said was a magistrate, who told us we were under arrest for Conspiracy to Engage in Organized Criminal Activity, a First Degree Felony, and my bond was $1million. I asked why I was under arrest and why my bond was so high if I did nothing, no one could say I did do anything, and I had never been arrested, and he said that we could address that later. The time from when I was detained at the scene until I was told I was under arrest was around 18-20 hours.
At the scene, as well as at the convention center, I noticed officers wearing Mclennan County sheriff’s department identifiers, DPS uniforms, DEA jackets, ATF jackets, and of course Waco PD uniforms. There may have been others, but those I witnessed with my own eyes. Some were in plain clothes, with ballistic vests with the identifiers.
I had a pistol in my car. If I were going to cause a conflict, or if I were going somewhere knowing that it would be a dangerous situation, I would have carried my pistol with me. Why would I have left it in my car? It was a setup, but it surely was not one by Red and Gold.


You have to ask yourself…. Do you believe a couple of cops who have changed their stories every day, or the people who served this country who are getting out one by one and telling the same story over and over? We have this comment from someone just let out…

why won’t they just show the video? Bcuz they know what is on it and its them doing all the shooting and killing!! When the 1st shot rang out we all hit the ground and they all sprayed that parking lot!! They know what’s up!! ‪#‎Injustice‬ ‪#‎Freedom‬ ‪#‎Freemybrothers‬ ‪#‎FTP‬


Then have this more in-depth one that breaks my heart.

Let’s see if I can give you a readers digest version of things. 1st off, I’m a veteran of the US Army, and damn proud…I was a volunteer EMT and Firefighter in Burnet county and Travis county. I left my job with the city of Austin to go to work as a contractor in Iraq, as my army said I was to old and overweight to reenlist.

I made sure that our soldiers had hot showers, and flush toilets at FOB Falcon Iraq. I also was in charge of septic type cleanups when necessary. I also checked each water entry point on post 2x daily to make sure we weren’t being poisoned. I was there to take care of our kids…..I was injured a couple times…I’ve had 2 surgeries to try and repair my ankle…..shrapnel pulled out of my back….and 4 years of therapy for my PTSD, TBI, ADHA and whatever other letters they tried to tack on…..My motorcycle is what kept me alive when I got home….I could ride, catch wind…it’s where I found peace…I joined BACA…that was awesome, then moved into the Big Kids world by joining an MC…I was part of the Texas Defenders before it became the US Defenders….and damn proud of it. Now our Club, ——-, out of the ——– area was only approved this year…we didn’t get our patches sewn on until Feb……we got Soldiers, Marines, and a few that have the same soul as us….5 of our 7 members went to the UCOA meeting in Waco….

Damn, we were excited to go to a restaurant that served mixed drinks, potato skins…and wasn’t named after someone in our town. lol…we saw cops in the area, thought it was weird….but we wanted to go eat at this resaurant…..we knew there was some friction as we were walking in…..I’ve been in a war zone…I know the feel of hatred and anger…but we continued on past the not so friendly crowd….I didn’t know why they didn’t like us, but I damn sure knew they weren’t happy we were there……but….this fat biker likes to eat, so we continued on towards the front door. Now of course you have to smoke a cigarrette before going in….I saw my friend Mohawk and went and showed respect and then hugged his neck……I found out that he had been killed after I got out of jail……..anyway, we are at the front door, fixing to go get me some damned potato skins when we heard a ruckus from around the corner….well….I saw no guns pulled…no knives…just folks walking towards the ruckus….then we heard pop pop pop….small arms fire, maybe a 9mm……then I heard the sound of bigger badder weapons….not handguns….during the first pop pop pop, that was mine and my Clubs signal to get the hell away from the boom booms… I said earlier, I have PTSD, and don’t care for gunfire that’s not at a gun range….we hauled ass around the back of the building and that’s when we saw LE coming in from eveydirection….they did not have their duty weapons out, they had what looked like weapons I trained on in the Army and saw soldiers carry in Iraq. Cop running towards us, with weapons pointed towards us yelling get down…..I did an immediate belly flop….I looked up to see a friend of mine that had been shot in the stomach, and it damn sure didn’t look like a 9mm injury……anyway…y’all all know what happened next….we were herded like animals….ordered to hit the ground a couple more times..yada yada.

I lost my job at ——- School district…I lost my belongings of course, I’m trying not to lose my mind because this triggered my PTSD….lost phone, lost dignity, thankfully I didn’t loose my ol lady….she hung in with me….so….we are down to a 1 income home, can’t pay bills, don’t have internet….I “borrow” internet from various locations….and can’t fall right back into a job….I am not asking for a pitty party, but I wanted my story to be out….just in case something happens….these cops are following me all over….I want to thank Amy Irene White for what she is doing. I want to thank — for standing by me and many many others….. Especially some of the men I respect the most….The men in the Red and Gold, and the COC, and the US Defenders. Love and Respect to you all from —– MC, and little old me, ——— of the Club……stand strong my friends…..we will win.

These stories came from other sources….

This story was released a few days ago but I do not know who this one is… It was sent to me in an email and has not been verified yet…

No shots were fired by anyone inside the restaurant. No shots were fired by anyone at the police. When bikers decided to leave the restaurant and enter the parking lot, the police began shooting full-auto equipped guns like M-16’s into the crowd. Patrons began diving under tables and screaming for their lives. Little waitresses dropped their trays and ran with terror in their eyes behind the chef’s counter. A twice decorated Viet Nam War veteran was shot in the head and neck, although he was a highly respected pacifist, was unarmed and not involved in any of the scuffle inside the Twin Peaks establishment. Eight more US citizens were gunned down in cold blood. More than 500 rounds were fired by police, hitting cars, buildings, and injuring other innocent bystanders who happened to look like bikers. Two shots took seven of the nine people assassinated in the parking lot; one in the neck and one in the head fired by expert police marksmen.

This one came out on ABC News…

Ron Blackett, a Confederation of Clubs and Independents leader who is a former Army and Coast Guard officer, also reported hearing one or two pistol shots followed by a blast of assault rifle fire from where he was parked in a lot behind Twin Peaks.

According to some records released to the AP following a public information request for 911 calls, Officer Brandon Blasingame reported “shots fired,” to a dispatcher at 12:26 p.m.

“Two shot behind Twin Peaks,” Blasingame reported two minutes later.

“They have an AR-15,” he said in the next dispatch. It was unclear who he meant had the rifle, and if it was something he saw or was told.

The chronology ends at 12:31 p.m. and police have refused to release the rest of the report, saying it could compromise the investigation. Blasingame did not respond to requests for comment.

Then there’s this one..
“I heard, ‘pop, pop,’ small caliber, and then a rapid succession of shots from what sounded to me like an assault rifle,” said William English, a former Marine and Iraq war veteran who was approaching the front door of the Twin Peaks restaurant for a meeting of biker clubs.

There are at least three more vets out there that confirm this. Yes, this story, told over and over as soon as they get out is vastly different from the dozens of versions told by the cops.. and Cossacks.

More Shady Dealing in Texas….

Posted in Uncategorized on June 4, 2015 by the Wicked Bitch

Last night El Paso cops harrassed another CoC meeting, but thankfully didn’t murder anyone.


In other news, Waco finally made Yahoo news. I guess Kim and Bruce didn’t have any vaginal secrets to disclose today.. This reporter seems a bit shocked by the incompetency of the cops. HAHAHAHAHA I’m not.


The Waco cops  are now refusing to disclose the information by law required to be given to the public. They refuse to release a video from another restaurant, and have yet to mention the dash cam video they have that shows the whole thing.  Their personal vendetta against the Bandidos is completely obvious, and utterly without cause. The misinformation they have fed the media is so far biased, in the wrong way, that it would be laughable if lies weren’t lost and at stake. For instance, Why did they brag about the Cossacks “canceling a ride at their request” but posted warnings about the Bandidos riding across Texas to start an all scale war, om Memorial Day weekend…  when it fact the Bandidos were riding right on past Waco and down to Gulfport, Mississippi to raise money for the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation of America.

Note in this article how they humanize the Cossack and demonize the Bandido? This has been par for the course for almost three weeks now.

One could argue that maybe they just happened to have Cossacks willing to give statements, except for this OTHER little issue they have tried to sweep under the rug. Four Cossacks led credence to the rumors they were attempting to earn their 1% diamond in a really messed up way, because they beat down a former prospect in the parking lot of a Porter’s Thriftway Grocery in Andrews, Texas. The News reports that they were charged with criminal activity.. none of them are in the Texas penal system records, however. They also were posting on Facebook within one day of that situation happening. I sure would like to know where those four were on Sunday.. I also really would like to know why this beat down incident wasn’t splashed all over the news, especially after Twin Peaks.

image image image image

Completely outrageous lies about everything from retribution to bombs have been widely broadcast throughout the internet, lies that endanger the lives of bikers all over the country… .Because whether people realize it or not, the chance of a some trigger happy cop hopping out of a hiding place if he raised his voice, or parking in a parking lot and some old lady jumping out and giving him a bite of lead just because she thinks he looks scary, that has multiplied about a hundred fold. Cops in Texas have put a hit on the Bandidos, if any hits are put out on anyone. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to read through the slanted reporting and blown out of proportion fear baiting rhetoric. Take a good look at the photos from the arrest. Those are citizens of the United States of America having to pay Those cops, politicians and citizens for this humongous obstruction of justice and basic human rights. in that town should be ashamed of themselves, as should the ACLU who wont return anyone’s calls. As for the American people, all of you keep sitting home sharing Jade Helm theories while esteemed citizens of these United States languish away in an overpriced rent by the hour jailhouse. If you want to be all about Jade Helm, think about how easily those cops got the drop on the bikers because the state was told not to pay attention to military vehicles. I have to admit, its hard NOT to think that in light of the blatant miscarriages of justice going on when a restaurant and a VFW hut aren’t safe from trigger happy, gangtser cops. Something is seriously wrong when the President is emptying Gitmo of terrorists while cops are murdering and kidnapping and financially hobbling vets to lessen an inmate shortage in Texas.If this was in fact some sort of exercise by Jade Helm, you failed, America. you have allowed the gangster cops to kill, kidnap, and demand blackmail level exorbitant bonds from your second level of defense in this nation.. veterans and bikers.

Out in the West Texas Town of El Paso… Deadly Police Gangs Strike Again

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El Paso Gangster Cops

Today, Texas cops struck again when they arrived in great force at yet another run of the mill Coalition meeting at a VFW in El Paso and frightened everyone to death. Yet, again, there was absolutely nothing scary or nefarious at hand….

From their Facebook, which happens to have a Christian looking cross and star as Facebook cover photo:

Thank you for your interest in the El Paso Motorcycle Coalition. The El Paso Motorcycle Coalition is an alliance of avid motorcycle clubs and enthusiasts serving El Paso, Texas and our surrounding communities. There are 48 active clubs in this coalition and hundreds of independent riders. The goal of the EPMCC is to unify our local riders and serve the needs of our community. We organize local rides, public events; keep the biker community informed of issues and current events, locally and nationally. Each year our clubs are involved in variety of fundraisers including the annual Toy Run/Parade. All motorcycle riders are encouraged to join, whether as a club or individually.

The coalition meets at 7:00PM the first Wednesday of every month at The VFW Post 6388 on Cananea Lane. The meetings are open to the public. To learn more about the EPMCC, please join us.”

Eye witness quotes from FB:

“Police along with Sheriff’s deputies and State Troopers descended en masse on the El Paso Coalition of Clubs meeting. In the middle of discussing what upcoming charity events the various clubs were hosting, officers made their way into the building with the excuse that they were searching for someone who had evaded them earlier. It was an amazing show of force with several dozen law enforcement vehicles, including K9 units, as they searched for this ONE fugitive. They blocked off the entrance to the parking lot of the VFW hall where the clubs were meeting and milled about in front making it near impossible to leave the premises without forcing their way through a throng of officers. It was a wonderful example of what can happen in a police state.”

“Tonight at our monthly Coalition of Clubs meeting things started out pretty well, as you can see in the first picture a check presentation to the Alzheimers Association of El Paso from the Seed of Abraham bike run on Sunday, Shortly after that we were told that the meeting was breaking up as not to bring heat to the VFW where we hold our meeting. Unfortunately it was a little to late. As we were trying to leave we were met in in the parking lot by about 50 plus law enforcement personnel. We were herded back into the meeting hall a was told that we needed to stay put. The lame excuse that law enforcement used was” that they were looking for someone that had evaded them earlier” Then when we were allowed to leave the meeting hall we still could not leave. As you can see by the rest of the pictures the only way in and out was blocked by a couple of police vehicles. So the questions that I have are the following : Did it really take all those Law Enforcement people to look for that one person? What were they really looking for? I think that in light of what happened in Waco there is a lot more going on than what is being said. There are about 50 bike clubs in El Paso that get along in peace and harmony we all support our community by doing fund raisers thru out the year for different organizations. We get together monthly to pass around upcoming events and goings on. We also receive information on what is going on in the legislature pertain to anything that may affect our rights..”


Texas police got a taste of biker blood on May 17th in Waco, Texas. The Cossacks MC and Scimitars MC rolled into an Texas Confederation of Clubs Meeting. The Bandidos and other clubs present had no idea anything was out of place beyond all the Cossacks crew rolling in..until they surrounded some Bandidos in the parking lot and began and altercation over not wanting a Bandido to park next to them. A fight ensued where a large number of Cossacks attacked less than ten Bandidos, and ultimately shot one of them. This opened the door for the Waco police and swat team to open fire, and rain hundreds, maybe even thousands of rounds into a restaurant full of innocent people. They then rounded up the innocent people and threw them in jail with one million dollar bonds, then proceeded to slander them on every available media outlet.


These Texas gangster cops seem to get an uncommon thrill from harassing and killing veterans. Many vets in jail were made to wear their soiled pants for up to six days without a change. one wore a bullet in his chest for about ten days. One of the men they killed, Jesus Rodriguez, was a purple heart recipient Marine veteran, They have continuously downgraded him and bashed his memory because he was wearing a red and gold bandanna. If you looked at that bandanna closely, it was a POW/MIA emblem on it, not a Bandido. The marine insignia is red and gold and so of course that is what colors the Leathernecks and a good many Marine bikers wear. Pretty much the only “support” anything he wore was the standard Bandido crest on the front of his vest. It’s a shame that the policemen and their experts aren’t as educated as they think… a bikers “colors” are the patches on his BACK. the front of your vest is pretty much for name patches, rally patches, memorials and loved ones… patch wearers do wear some insignia on the fronts of their vests, such as officers name tags, military rank, in country or support patches, and  their coalition patches.


The police, DA, a Justice of the Peace and most assuredly Patrick Swanton have lied, connived, snuck around, and even broke laws on several different levels. They are making all the bikers who did nothing but show up for a meeting and get shot at by a swat team stay in jail until their families can scrape up the tens of thousands of dollars needed to bond out. They do indeed have to sign papers saying they won’t talk to or congregate with other bikers. This will be detrimental on the ministers they are holding, They also are forced to wear a tracking device on their ankles. why? they are innocent. Many of them haven’t even gotten paperwork for court appointed attorneys,and may not see a judge until August.

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