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Checkmate, Swanton.. HAHAHA

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I just filed with the city of Waco for a release of all information. This is my letter.

To the City of Waco…

Your letter to the Texas Attorney General is considered null and void as you have been contacted via electronic messaging, under the CAN-SPAM Act enacted in Texas within the last two years. That Act states that ANY Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, email, or electronic communication of any sort where you sign in with an email address is considered a viable “electronic message.” According to that, you are now violating my Freedom of Information Act, by my count of how many times I contacted Swanton in the first two weeks, about 250 times. I am only one of hundreds of people who have contacted him via electronic message.

pay attention now… I started messaging him on May 17th…

Information that may be withheld due to an exception

  • By the tenth (10th) business day after a governmental body receives your written request, a governmental body must:
    1. request an Attorney General opinion and state which exceptions apply;
    2. notify the requestor of the referral to the Attorney General; and
    3. notify third parties if the request involves their proprietary information.

now read this part….

  • Failure to request an Attorney General opinion and notify the requestor within 10 business days will result in a presumption that the information is open unless there is a compelling reason to withhold it.

and then….

  • Requestors may send a letter to the Attorney General arguing for release, and may review arguments made by the governmental body. If the arguments disclose the requested information, the requestor may obtain a redacted copy.
  • The Attorney General must issue a decision no later than the 45th working day from the day after the attorney general received the request for a decision. The attorney general may request an additional 10 working day extension.
  • Governmental bodies may not ask the Attorney General to “reconsider” an opinion.

Under the Freedom of Information Act, I as a journalist and representative of the family members of the Waco bikers, hereby request the names of the officers, the police reports and all the video evidence, on the basis that Sgt. Swanton. your public information officer, received so many electronic messages from the date of the incident, May 17th, in light of the public knowledge that he in fact had to go into hiding and shut down all his social media. Every day you do not release that information is a law suit for each and every person who contacted him.

Do not send me the 19 pages of crap… send me the full FORTY NINE pages. And the videos. Swanton claimed that you didn’t have any dash cams, yet the court records quite plainly mention them.. i want those too. The amount of bail, the lies in the news, the changing numbers of arrests and injured and weapons all point to the fact that all the bikers are telling the truth. We as the American people demand FULL transparency in light of current misconceptions and inaccuracies reported by the Waco Police Department before five o’clock today, or else a few more attorneys are going to have a field day on your ridiculously arrogant stupidity.

i also demand to see the cell phones of all cops and officials at Twin Peaks that day under the Texas Public Information Act.. Since Swanton’s email is now called into question with all the letters and such, i think that needs public disclosure too.

The Public Information Act covers
virtually all information possessed by
governmental bodies; “the form in which
a governmental body stores information
does not affect its availability.” Tex. Att’y
Gen. ORD-461 (1987). Electronic mail
generated or received by a public entity
may be but is not automatically subject
to public disclosure. Op. Tex. Att’y Gen.
No. JC-3828 (2001). There is no firm state
policy for retention of e-mail; for example,
open-government advocates urged reform
when it was discovered that Gov. Rick
Perry’s aides were instructed to routinely
delete office e-mail after seven days.
In April 2009 a Texas appellate court
reversed a trial court’s decision that a Dallas
mayor’s Blackberry e-mail messages were
public information, leaving the question
open for further judicial interpretation.
The trial court had held that because the
messages were made in connection with the
transaction of official business, they were
public under the Texas Public Information
Act, as information “collected, assembled,
or maintained under a law or ordinance or
in connection with the transaction of official
business by . . . or for a governmental


Of Bikers and Venutians and Such…

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image I told Jj Solari the other day that he probably wrote bikers better than anyone else on earth. He was a legendary comedy writer for early Easyriders and published a book entitled ‘When Bikers Meet Humans.’ At a glance, it looks like Jj is making fun of us while attempting to use every dirty word on earth… But, if you pay attention, his stories have a whole different lesson…. image His bikers are always kind of broken, kind of needy, kind of messy, kind of dumb… And always a hilarious exaggeration of SOMEBODY you know… Yet, even at their caricature worse, somehow the bikers are still LIGHT years smarter than the cops and various other citizens they encounter. Jj smoothly dissects the fact that average people hate bikers because they feel inferior to them. He released a new blog today highlighting his aversion to cops… Here is his introductory post…
Jj’s new blog….

 Everyone in government is a cop. By definition. Obama’s a cop. Judge Thomas is a cop. The IRS auditor is a cop. The negro woman taking your license-renewal money behind the thick plate window so you dont kill her in a fury of rage is a cop. Everyone in government can, by calling over an officer, land you in prison without the officer even bothering to get your side of things. He will obey the government employee. It would not occur to him not to. He’s a machine powered by government. Like a dog in the living room protecting the humans, the cop is that dog and his humans are State officials and employees.
   However the average American only has real ongoing relentless problems with the ordinary police officer who prowls around outside of government offices, looking for Americans to accost and either kidnap or rob or both. Usually both. This is the idiot workhorse of the State Overlord of your particular life.
   All countries have these worthless assholes but America has – by definition – the ones who are the most vile. And this is because America is believed to be founded in liberty. It wasn’t, the Constitution obliterated that little experiment immediately. However the fiction and fairy tale in the minds, if you can call them minds, of the “average American,” is that this is the land of the free. So, while being a cop in any country is a criminal enterprise, being a cop in America is especially disgusting.
   Oddly, American non-cops are not at all bothered by this. Americans are convinced they need policing. In fact they will pay cops any amount the cops demand. They don’t mind. Which is good because if they did mind they would find out real quick who the real criminals are in America. And its not the arrested. It’s the arresters.

imageThe old guys will remember Jj’s hilarious works that ran alongside the magnificent artwork of Hal Robinson, Dave Mann, Jon Towle, and others… Their amazing comedy and satirical attitudes towards ourselves helped to shape America’s bikers as we know them. I find it funny to think about the way the biker cult media in its heyday described to a tee the way we are all just a little… Well, DIFFERENT from mainstream society… For instance… Take the campfire-Venutians scene from Easy Rider.. Substitute the word ‘biker’ in when George is describing the aliens. Kinda sounds like he was describing US, doesn’t it? image That was a UFO, beamin’ back at ya. Me and Eric Heisman was down in Mexico two weeks ago – we seen forty of ’em flying in formation. They-they-they’ve got bases all over the world now, you know. They’ve been coming here ever since nineteen forty-six – when the scientists first started bouncin’ radar beams off of the moon. And they have been livin’ and workin’ among us in vast quantities ever since. The government knows all about ’em. George describes more of his “crackpot idea” to Billy about how aliens from the planet Venus have already landed on Earth and the reasons why they don’t reveal themselves as living and working people. In his theory, the government leaders have repressed information about the extraterrestrials: Well, they are people, just like us – from within our own solar system. Except that their society is more highly evolved. I mean, they don’t have no wars, they got no monetary system, they don’t have any leaders, because, I mean, each man is a leader. I mean, each man – because of their technology, they are able to feed, clothe, house, and transport themselves equally – and with no effort…Why don’t they reveal themselves to us is because if they did it would cause a general panic. Now, I mean, we still have leaders upon whom we rely for the release of this information. These leaders have decided to repress this information because of the tremendous shock that it would cause to our antiquated systems. Now, the result of this has been that the Venutians have contacted people in all walks of life – all walks of life. (He laughs) Yes. It-it-it would be a devastatin’ blow to our antiquated systems – so now the Venutians are meeting with people in all walks of life – in an advisory capacity. For once man will have a god-like control over his own destiny. He will have a chance to transcend and to evolve with some equality for all. image The government knows all about em… This is all something I have been wanting to say about bikers.. We ARE our own society living quietly in the middle of everything else going on. We have our own EVERYTHING needed to be a functioning society in and of ourselves.. We have rich and poor, loud and quiet, cooks, preachers, doctors, lawyers… Everyone. And they are divided into different families, same as a town.. and our town runs just fine until we are subjected to outside interference.


I know its perhaps frivolous to yearn for a day that existed when I was only just a child.. but, how can i not, when i see the old ways as something in need of preserving? I see the LED lighted fake tit and bike night world crumbling beneath our feet to reveal that the old guys had it right all along..  Mainstream society does in fact still carry a thinly veiled hatred for us and aversion to our ways. We are still misunderstood and persecuted by ridiculous cops.. We still have idiotic “experts’ who curl their chin whiskers into little pig tails talking a bunch of inane clap trap that solidifies the fact that they never infiltrated anything at all.. and the public gobbles it up faster than Brando drawling “what’dya gut?” At least in the world that used to exist, the world where Miraculous Mother and Gorgeous George saved the day, at least then, we EXPECTED IT.. .we weren’t blindsided by the unfairness aimed at the biker community. I prefer for my enemies to hate me to my face so I know where I stand. Call me old fashioned…. I had rather be hated for what I am than feared for what I am not.


An Eyewitness Account of the Waco Biker Massacre

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Around 11 o’clock on May 17, 2015, many bikers were gathering in the Twin Peaks restaurant for their regularly scheduled Confederation of Clubs Meeting. There was not an over abundance of Bandidos there, and in fact most of the other clubs had just as many attendees if not more. Nothing was out of the ordinary beyond the fact that they were secretly surrounded by SWAT teams and cops. Note there are very few uniforms in the photos. less than ten Bandidos were there just hanging out, probably eating lunch. Cossacks started rolling in… This was the first time this has ever happened. They kept coming until there was around a hundred of them. A little after 12, some more Bandidos rolled in, less than ten of them. They were surrounded by Cossacks in the parking lot. An altercation ensued and the Bandidos were fighting them off with their hands and helmets because they hadn’t even gotten off the bikes yet. Suddenly one Cossack pulled a gun and fired into a Bandido’s shoulder. There is some confusion as to the next shot fired, but then the SWAT team came out and shot up everyone… killing nine, wounding more than 20. The reason so many Cossacks died is because they had the Bandidos surrounded. They were the aggressors in every way. If the Bandidos had known this was going to happen, there would have been much more than 20 or less there. Allegedly there is a Cossack snitch named Voodoo. Also there is possibly two more Cossacks who were involved with the cops, as well. There is a man telling a story out there who also says he contacted the cops because he is in a child custody battle with his ol lady, who left him for a Cossack. The video the AP has shows very little of the real altercation, but does show a Cossack take out a gun and fire it. This was possibly the second shot heard before the cops shot thousands of rounds into innocent people. Most of the Cossacks did know they were headed there to start a fight with the Bandidos. Very few knew about the cops.

There WAS a gang shoot out that day. Cossacks and Cops. Not one single member of the Bandidos Motorcycle CLUB or the Texas CoC are guilty of anything but self defense. This is written to the best of my ability to convey what I have now heard from three eye witnesses. Only one of them is a red and gold supporter, and one of them has viewed the tape the AP has. If any detail is wrong, my apologies, its not intentional. The cops are being shady because they don’t want the world to know they shot around 30 people in cold blood, claimed that nail clippers and jewelry were weapons, arrested nearly 200 innocent people, and made some kind of sneaky under the table deals with one of the “gangs” they are supposedly so afraid of. The legal system and the lawyers are now extorting tens of thousands of dollars out of people who should by rights just be sent home with apologies.

I have been advised by an attorney not to tell this story because I may be arrested. I will not reveal my sources no matter what. I tell no story until I have heard it three times. When this incident occurred, I came out of basically retirement to try to save innocent bikers… and I said that I would do anything within my means to help the Bandidos, the dominant club in my state. I cannot not tell this story. I cannot live knowing that innocent people are being blamed. I am their journalist.. They depend on me to tell them the truth and I will not let them down. If I go to jail or get killed or anything else for this, so be it. I am willing to lay my life on the line to clear the name of one of the greatest clubs in motorcycle history. I am willing to do this for 177 innocent in jail and nine dead. I am willing to do this for my biker family and every patch in America, and to take down those murdering cops and the others responsible for this. before I write. May God have mercy on my soul. Amy Irene White

Update: this may help you decide whether I am telling the truth… Introducing the marvelous, esteemed motorcycle attorney Stephen ‘Bow tie’ Stubbs..

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~I believe this to be true because all three told me the exact same story beyond confusion over whether there was seven or eight Bandidos or exact times. I depend on you all to take into consideration my reputation for telling the truth as best I can and for researching my information before I write. I do make mistakes, most assuredly in something as crazed and busy as this situation, but I honestly am pretty positive this is a very close and accurate rendition of what occurred.

The St. Crispin’s Day speech is a famous speech from William Shakespeare’s play Henry V in Act IV Scene iii 18–67.

On the morning of 25 October 1415, shortly before the Battle of Agincourt, Henry V made a brief speech to the English army under his command, emphasizing the justness of his claim to the French throne and hearkening back to the memory of previous defeats the English kings had inflicted on the French. According to Burgundian sources, he concluded the speech by telling the English longbowmen that the French had boasted that they would cut off two fingers from the right hand of every archer, so they could never draw a string again.

In Shakespeare’s account, King Henry begins his speech in response to Westmoreland’s expressions of dismay at the English army’s lack of troop strength. Henry rouses his men by expressing his confidence that they would triumph, and that the ‘band of brothers’ fighting that day would be able to boast each year on St. Crispin’s Day of their glorious battle against the French. Shakespeare’s inclusion of Westmoreland is however unhistorical as he was not present during Henry’s 1415 French campaign.

If we are mark’d to die, we are enow
To do our country loss; and if to live,
The fewer men, the greater share of honour.
God’s will! I pray thee, wish not one man more.
By Jove, I am not covetous for gold,
Nor care I who doth feed upon my cost;
It yearns me not if men my garments wear;
Such outward things dwell not in my desires.
But if it be a sin to covet honour,
I am the most offending soul alive.
No, faith, my coz, wish not a man from England.
God’s peace! I would not lose so great an honour
As one man more methinks would share from me
For the best hope I have. O, do not wish one more!
Rather proclaim it, Westmoreland, through my host,
That he which hath no stomach to this fight,
Let him depart; his passport shall be made,
And crowns for convoy put into his purse;
We would not die in that man’s company
That fears his fellowship to die with us.
This day is call’d the feast of Crispian.
He that outlives this day, and comes safe home,
Will stand a tip-toe when this day is nam’d,
And rouse him at the name of Crispian.
He that shall live this day, and see old age,
Will yearly on the vigil feast his neighbours,
And say “To-morrow is Saint Crispian.”
Then will he strip his sleeve and show his scars,
And say “These wounds I had on Crispin’s day.”
Old men forget; yet all shall be forgot,
But he’ll remember, with advantages,
What feats he did that day. Then shall our names,
Familiar in his mouth as household words-
Harry the King, Bedford and Exeter,
Warwick and Talbot, Salisbury and Gloucester-
Be in their flowing cups freshly rememb’red.
This story shall the good man teach his son;
And Crispin Crispian shall ne’er go by,
From this day to the ending of the world,
But we in it shall be remembered-
We few, we happy few, we band of brothers;
For he to-day that sheds his blood with me
Shall be my brother; be he ne’er so vile,
This day shall gentle his condition;
And gentlemen in England now-a-bed
Shall think themselves accurs’d they were not here,
And hold their manhoods cheap whiles any speaks
That fought with us upon Saint Crispin’s day.

The Most Heartbreaking Story Yet From the Waco Massacre

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Melissa Owens tells a love story worthy of Nicholas Sparks watching Sleepless in Seattle. She and Bobby were high school sweethearts… they drifted apart after high school.. she went to college, he took four years of training to become a master electrician. When several years later she left a loveless marriage with her two boys in tow, she ran into her high school sweetheart, and it was like they had never been apart. She was afraid to tell him she has a disabled child.. but when she did, he said “I loved you since junior high.. I’m not going to stop now.”

Her crisp efficient voice fades into a dreamy sigh as she describes how this amazing man rode into her life like a white knight on a chrome horse. The first time Payden, her non verbal son, met Bobby, he immediately reached for him, threw his arms around his neck, and pointed at the motorcycle.  When Payden is wheeled out of the house in his wheelchair, he reaches out to touch the motorcycle. Her voice catches as she describes how Bobby took all the training necessary to help her care for her son..  She rattles off the intimidating words.. feeding tube, catherization, shots.. all the things that Bobby learned to do to help the woman and kids he loved so much so quickly. She tells how she works all day every day caring for 14 horses, and sometimes comes in to find Bobby fixing her dinner or taking care of her boys, or maybe curled up napping with Payden and his iPad on the couch.


Unfortunately, Melissa’s glass slipper slipped.. and fell crashing from her hand onto the floor of the Waco jail. She tearfully tells how some prisoners are to have court dates on June 5th, but the ones who don’t have court appointed attorneys have to wait until the first part of July… it seems that the city of Waco has decided to just work the bikers in whenever they can on their regular docket.

Bobby suffers from sleep apnea.. He cannot sleep in his breathing machine unless he agrees to stay in solitary confinement throughout his incarceration. Melissa is of course worried about his physical well being.

He is also the President of Distorted MC… she proudly tells me of the fundraiser held for her little boy by this club, and all the charities they hope to work for in the future.


“Bobby and I are childhood sweethearts. We lost touch after high school and got back in touch about 2 yrs ago. We need to go grow up and now that we have found each other again it was like coming home for the both of us. I am a single mom with twins, one of which is medically fragile. Bobby has a Heart the size of Texas, he has welcomed me and my boys into his life with no hesitation. Last June when we found out that Payden would need a kidney transplant, Bobby stepped into action to put together a Benefit to raise money for him. He worked selfless hours to make it happen for Payden. When Bobby had some time off work he came down to stay with myself and the boys. He learned how to care of all of Payden’s needs including breathing treatments, chest treatments, pulling and administering medicines, g-button care, chateteration, making Payden milk mixture, setting up his feeding pump and has attended many weekly therapy session a long with attending doctors appointments when he was not out of town working. Bobby always makes sure that we have our time even when we are raising our boys. He looks forward to giving back to the community and helping others. Bobby and I have personally attended several benefits in and around our hometown of Rockdale. Since his Motorcycle Club came together about 6 months ago we have helped with several benefits and charity rides. We hope to continue in the future. I also wanted to let you know that Bobby loves his family and would do anything to protect them. He would never put his family (me and the boys, or his Distorted family). In harms way.  I have had him come stand next to me because a gentleman at a benefit walked to close to comfort for him and did not like the way the man looked at me. He is a family man even though he has no children of his own. He is a man of character, kindness compassion and love.”
At the time of this print, Bobby has been in jail for ten days.. Even though he has no criminal record of any sort and belongs to a tiny family club, he is being held on a million dollar bond in Waco over a shootout he had nothing to do with except he happened to be standing in the parking lot when it occurred. Please pray for this man to get out of jail and get back to his family really soon… because right now, when Payden is wheeled out of the house, and when he reaches out to touch the motorcycle.. there is nothing there.

The Distorted Truth.. Biker Victims of Waco

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distored distored2

Distorted MC is a new mom and pop motorcycle club in Texas. “Mom and Pop” means they are family oriented, all very close knit and loving and most club events are okay to bring the whole family. They are proud of their seven members and five ol ladies, who spend one hundred percent of their club time and money doing things to help children in need, clothes drives toy runs, and sponsoring families at Christmastime. The fact that this MC is very much NOT one of the hardcore clubs is that it allows women to become full patch wearers. Everyone in the biker community knows that women absolutely never under any circumstances are allowed to join clubs such as the Bandidos or the Hells Angels. That MC stands for “men’s club” in their opinions. Distorted is indeed a baby club, born only six months ago. They hadn’t even had time to wear the shine off their patches when their lives changed unexpectedly.

They all went to just another CoC meeting on another bright Texas Sunday afternoon. Julie Perkins, a full patch member, left her ol’ lady at home not feeling well and joined several of her club brothers, while Morgan English decided to attend the meeting at the last minute with her husband. The Distorted members were not in the immediate vicinity of the altercation or the shooting, by two separate accounts when they heard shots fired. They heard someone yell for them get down. Julie saw her friend from the Line Riders go down. The cops came in like swat with AK-47s and made them lay on the floor face down for quite some time. They were then taken outside where they had to sit around for several hours. Around 8 p.m. Julie messaged Kamala that they would be taken to a convention center to answer a few questions and then she would be home. This was the last she heard from Julie that night. The next morning it was on the news that the bikers had all been arrested. Over half of Distorted MC has been behind bars for over a week, including the two women, Julie and Morgan. They have all lost their jobs, vehicles, and reputations. Their club would have to gather an accumulative 6,000-6,000,000 to get them all out on bond. Morgan and her husband are both in jail, which has to be having a detrimental effect on their home and life.

morgan2  morgan4

Julie is an Army veteran. She has been a fireman and an EMS/EMT. She currently was working at a school where the children now walk around asking “Is Miss Julie a gang member?”


When asked for a quote about Morgan English, this is how her sister in law Melissa English responded.

“She(Morgan) is a bank teller. She and my brother married three years ago. They do not have children, just three dogs that they consider their children although they have recently started trying to start their family. She’s always one of the first to volunteer for fundraisers and charities, such as the fundraiser for one of the children of a member of their mc who is awaiting a kidney transplant and she always participates in Relay for Life. She was even able to get my brother to wear a dress to one of the events! She’s very outgoing, funny and fiercely loves her family and friends. Going to Twin Peaks with my brother was a last minute decision, she was literally throwing things together as they were walking out the door. They have been dealing with a possible move into Houston, as my brother is looking for a new job. He was one of the approx 160 people laid off from Valmont recently. She went with them last Sunday as a way to take a break from all the stress. They had just gotten to twin peaks when everything started happening. My brother said they were walking toward the front door when they heard the commotion on the patio side, they started to walk over to the patio to see what was going on but before they got there the shots started. They ducked and ran the other direction.

She is strong, but this has been very hard on her. She is keeping her sense of humor and says she calms herself by telling herself she’s just on a “cheap vacation”.


We ask that you keep the members of this fledgling club in your hearts and minds. They do not have the resources to help each other out of tight spots. This is extremely devastating on all of them. The English family have this fundraising account set up to try to help them out of jail…

We are coming together to ask for your support in raising the money needed to help a United States Marine veteran and his wife with legal fees, home utilities, house mortgage, etc. in a very difficult time. William English and his wife Morgan ride motorcycles with a group of friends who regularly get together to host fundraising events for local charity. They are not violent criminal gang members, but instead the kind of people who would give the shirts off their backs to help absolutely anyone in need. Will and Morgan pulled into Twin Peaks in Waco, Texas on Sunday, May 18th, anticipating a fun evening with fellow motorcycle riders; however, when they walked up to the restaurant, they were greeted by the site of bikers running for cover as gunshots rang through the parking lot. Will ran his wife to safety; however, because they were both wearing leather vests with a patch, they were both arrested and are currently facing charges for engaging in organized criminal activity and their bond is set at $1,000,000 each. Neither Will nor Morgan were involved in any of the violence, but they are being held, nonetheless as criminals, as are nearly 170 others, most of which have no prior criminal history. To top things off, William was among approximately 160 fellow employees who were recently laid off when their division was shut down company-wide. William has been employed with this company for the last nine years since his return home from his tour in Iraq as a Marine. Will and Morgan were counting on his severance package to carry them through until he could find new work; however, now that they are in jail, he has been unable to contact work and has been terminated, losing all benefits. William served his country bravely, he was proud to fight for the freedom of those he loved, and now he is being treated like a violent criminal just for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. As his family, we desperately need your help in raising the funds to hire an attorney to have them released. The attorney that we spoke with in regards to William’s case quoted us $15,000 for him alone, we are expecting the cost for an attorney for Morgan to be about the same. We also are trying to make sure that we are able to cover their mortgage, home utilities, car impound fee, as well as the cost of communicating back and forth over the phone from the jail, which has already cost us several hundred dollars. Please consider donating to these wonderful people, Will has given so much in defending our great country, they both have hearts of gold and they don’t deserve what is happening to them.


Thank you for your support!


This is a quote from the facebook page of Julie’s partner, Kamala….



As you all know I have not said much on here about the shit in Waco. As I sit alone and think, I realize how many great people I have around me. I have had so many friends and family call me, text me, help me in my time of need, and just plain be there for me. I’ve had friends that I have not spoken to in a while that have jumped up and been there. From the bottom of my heart I want to thank each and every one of you.

Well here it goes….

I understand Julie Perkins , Bobby Samford , William English , Morgan Allen English, Steven Walker , Jimmy Spencer have all been arrested for their unproven involvement with the incident that occurred at Twin Peaks in Waco, Tx.

They are all dedicated friends, and community members. They work with local youth, and elderly communities all over the state of Texas. They have helped organize fundraisers, food, toy and clothing drives as well as many benefits to help the needy, appreciative families, individuals, group homes and orphanages in Texas.

The clubs in which they belong to are ones that are focused on the community. They do ride alongs to protect military families during the burials of the fallen.

They have huge hearts for humans and animals alike and are unbelievably loyal and loving.

I understand that not everyone in attendance in Waco is a law abiding member of society. However, this group of individuals are. They are dedicated to protecting and building up the communities they live in and around.

We are engulfed in worry and concern about their physical and mental health… As we know they are concerned about our well being.

If there is any way for you all to take the time to truly investigate these individuals, you will see you are holding the innocent for no legitimate reason.

These are only a few of the heartbreaking situations being caused by the nefarious behavior of the Waco Police Department. We the bikers feel that the video should be released immediately, or the prisoners released immediately. The reports of how many of them are doing without proper medicine or insulin, of wounded still in jail with bullets or fragments inside them, and of course around 170 people who watched their friends gunned down in cold blood before they were then basically kidnapped themselves, are sickening. Its time to speak up, America. Its time to question where is the justice department… Its time to tell the truth.

~~ i will follow up with the men of Distorted MC tomorrow