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God Save the Queen.. Another Female Biker Victim of Waco

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Ester Weaver was arrested for attending a CoC meeting in Waco, Texas where a shooting occurred… along with her husband and nearly two hundred other people. When Ester is searched out on the internet, the only club that can be found that she has any affiliation with herself is the Queens of Sheba (Social Club) M/C. This is an extremely interesting find. See, the Queens of Sheba? They are in fact acquainted with a secret fraternity of men who have meetings once a month all over America and shy away from media coverage… They are called the Masons. The Queens of Sheba are an order of the Eastern Star… pillars of their community. How did one of these women possibly get arrested for doing nothing more than riding her motorcycle to a meeting?

queens of sheba

“The Queens of Sheba Motorcycle Club is a group of Order of Eastern Star and/or women who would otherwise be eligible through the bloodline of a Master Mason, Prince Hall Affiliated. With members throughout District of Columbia, Maryland and Killeen, Texas. We are a group of strong, determined, committed, and focused women who came together to enjoy our love of Sisterhood and Motorcycling.”
The purpose of the club is to incorporate professional respectful women who enjoy riding motorcycles and who are interested in the relief of women, widows and youths.

Our Mission is to continue to build on our strong foundational roots within the order to:

  • Introduce the experience of motorcycling to our family and friends
  • Support our community through attendance and participation in local events
  • Help aid and assist the sick & shut-in, as well as contribute to the relief of women, widows and youths
  • Model a positive image of sisterhood through the community in all walks-of-life
  • Provide a support system to aid our PHAmily and community in times of need
  • Foster and promote unconditional love and respect for each other


Ester seems to be one of many beautiful, confident amazing women, predominantly black or hispanic, according to the photos. There is absolutely nothing about any of them to hint at criminal activity. Quite the opposite in fact.

esters club

The Killen chapter of the club describes itself as:

“The club initially based in the Maryland, Virginia and District of Columbia area. We have started a chapter in Killeen TX. Queens of Sheba M/C was formed to enjoy our love for sisterhood and motorcycling. QOS is a club with strong family values. We strive to create a positive image of sisterhood…”

As of this print, Ester and her husband are both still being held in Waco jail on false charges under a million dollar bond each.