I Take Alot of Pride in What I Am…..

“i take alot of pride in what i am…”

i exist between satin sheets and swim whiskey rivers. i am lookin for adventure and whatever comes my way. she told me not to smoke it but I did, and it took me far away. i soar on silver wings and hang out with honky tonk heroes like me. i’ve sold my diamond rings to buy boots and faded jeans, and i went back to the wild side of life. i was once an ordinary girl with ordinary dreams. i rule a smoky kingdom. i have tied a red bandana around my auburn hair, been busted flat in baton rouge, and got runned over by a damned old train. i have taken the midnight train to Memphis, only God knows why.. i have walked into a restaurant strung out from the road and i have seen a husband driven to drinkin’ in a hot rod Lincoln. i have been known to visit fist city, and i stand barefooted in my own front yard quite frequently as well. i’ve heard that train a’coming as it rolls around the bend, and i park my big ol hog out on the lawn. i enjoy takin’ my ol harley on a three day cruise, drivin’ my chevy on the levee, wanting to go where everybody knows my name, driftin’ down the dusty dixie road, rollin down the road in some cold blue steel, and workin’ ten hours on a john deere tractor. i adore goin’ downtown in the middle of the night, sportin short dresss wearing spike heeled shoes, smokin’ lucky strikes and wearin’ nylons too. i was raised crusin’ in daddy’s pick up truck, doin’ things with my hands that most men can’t, and i like being the young thing beside him that understands. i have one more silver dollar. i have built an emerald city from grains of sand. he has touched my cheek before he left me. there ain’t no kinda cure for my disease. a man of low esteem has stood by my side, and you never met a motherfucker quite like me. i can make folks feel what i feel inside, and i know its a long, hard ride.


One Response to “I Take Alot of Pride in What I Am…..”

  1. tonyjohn Says:

    wow , she nailed it ………i know , i was there ………. what a woman !

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