Black Racists Own a Harley Dealership

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So, yesterday we get this innocent confused story that the black owners of the Harley Davidson Dealership just had no idea what the troublemaking black supremacy preaching Farrakhan was up to when he booked an event at their dealership… They posted a mealy mouth placid apology on their facebook page.

I got to thinking, how could these rich, successful black people in Washington DC NOT know who or what he is. So, I decide to do a little digging, expecting to find a Muslim.

First, let me tell you what I have found on Thomas Moorehead himself, owner of not only Harley Davidson of Washington but also of BMW dealerships, and is the first black man to ever own a Rolls Royce dealership in America.. arguably one of the richest men in Washington who isn’t on television or Capitol Hill every day.

I didn’t find he was a Muslim, though. I found he is a big wig in the African Methodist AME Church… So much so that he and other national leaders have cooked up some sort of black power scheme to take over America by selling very expensive vehicles to black people to create more jobs?

One interesting thing to note is Jesse Jackson also thought to make some type of power play with black car dealership owners in the 1970s..

Yea, I know. It didn’t make much sense to me either. I did find he does have ONE thing in common with Sharpton….

I also found some foreclosures and such in his name…

He serves on all those black people only committees with Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, too… Kinda hard to believe this guy wouldn’t know what Farrakhan is up to in his own dealership lot, huh?

They are also on the list of Obama’s shady ‘money bundlers.’

He’s not really the most interesting part of this little deal at Ft. Washington, however. See, I’m from Arkansas… And as such, I happen to know quite a bit about.. His wife.

This is Joyce. When she was Joyce Hanks, she attended Bethune University, which of course we know is an intellectual birthplace of black civil rights activists and female lawyers, such as another well known member of the AME church, their first ordained female minister, Miss Dovey Roundtree.

Dovey Johnson Roundtree is a retired Washington, civil rights and criminal defense lawyer whose 1955 victory before the Interstate Commerce Commission in their first bus desegregation case by a court or federal administrative body. That case, Sarah Keys v. Carolina Coach Company which Dovey Johnson Roundtree argued with her partner and mentor Julius Winfield Robertson, was invoked by Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy during the 1961 Freedom Riders’ campaign to end Jim Crow in public transportation.

Dovey Roundtree was saluted by First Lady Michelle Obama on the occasion of the release of her 2009 autobiography, Justice Older than the Law, which Roundtree co-authored with Washington writer Katie McCabe. In a tribute to Roundtree at the Women in Military Service for America Memorial Foundation at Arlington National Cemetery, the First Lady cited Roundtree’s historic contributions to American life and stated: “It is on the shoulders of people like Dovey Johnson Roundtree that we stand today, and it is with her commitment to our core ideals that we will continue moving toward a better tomorrow.”

As a protégé of the black activist Mary McLeod Bethune, she was in the first class of black women to be trained as officers in the newly-created Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps during World War II, and one of the first women to achieve full ministerial status in the AME Church with her 1961 ordination. In one of Washington’s most sensational and widely-covered murder cases, United States v. Ray Crump, tried in the summer of 1965 on the eve of the Watts riots, Roundtree won acquittal for the black laborer accused of the murder of Georgetown socialite and CIA wife Mary Pinchot Meyer, a woman with romantic ties to President John F. Kennedy.

Yes, she was a good bit older than Joyce Hanks and, while she most certainly list look up to her, perhaps it would be a stretch to think this young woman got to even meet the fabulous path blazing black lawyer back then…

If not for the fact that Joyce Hanks married a young black lawyer named George F. Knox, who just happened to be a partner in Dovey’s law firm.

George F. Knox was a very intelligent, very enthusiastic young man. He became the first black city attorney in Miami Florida. George Knox is a Visiting Faculty member at the Florida International University College of Law, and is the Director of Non-Litigation Advocacy Programs within the Center for Professionalism and Ethics. He teaches courses in Negotiation, Mediation and Dispute Resolution. Mr. Knox is a Florida Supreme Court Certified Circuit Court Mediator, and an American Arbitration Association arbitrator in Complex Commercial transactions.

Long recognized as one of Miami’s most respected business and community leaders, Mr. Knox was named one of Miami’s 100 Most Powerful People. He has been designated a Legal Legend by the 11th Judicial Circuit Historical Society.

Active in The Florida Bar, George Knox has served on the Florida Bar Standing Committee on Professionalism and the Board of Directors of the Florida Bar Foundation.. A long way from a poor black boy gaining a law degree in Little Rock, huh?

Back before he broke all those records, he indeed became the first black faculty member at the University of Arkansas… He was the talk of the campus as he ran around dreaming up new ways to look at the law with his two best friends.. The three became known around campus as ‘The Mod Squad.’… He spent all his time with his two comrades, racing from class to class or huddle with their heads together, bright young minds planning their futures. You probably know these two friends of his best as Bill and Hillary Rodham Clinton.

So, Joyce, you want to pretend to be Miss ‘I don’t know what’s going on with Farrakhan and his black pride rally in the parking lot’, even though you collect black pride husbands who collect black firsts like trophies? You want to clutch your pearls and be naive about your husband writing articles about how he is contributing to the ‘browning of America’ with Harley Davidson Motorcycles? You don’t deserve to polish the rims on a Harley, much less own the dealership. You are not what the Harley Davidson Company represents, with all your donations to the campaigns of the NAACP President and hanging out trying to take over our country your whole rotten life with your racist comrades. I don’t care how many civil rights activists you have housed in your vagina or how many colleges you speak at or how many black kids you send to college, or how many Rolls Royce dealerships you own.. There’s something that you can never change no matter how far above and beyond Arkansas you go, Miss Lady.

You are still just a liar.


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