Dirty Judge in Wacogate Gags Broden

The good ol boy club strikes again as Judge Johnson performs another reach around for his little caliente Boy Toy District Attorney Abe Reyna.

Everyone in America has been watching the MCLENNAN COUNTY Abortion Clinic of Justice murdering one civil liberty after another after another. Attorney Clinton Broden scored a baby step for justice today as he subpoenaed the video of the Twin Peaks incident.,.and won. Unfortunately the gonad licking bastard of a judge bent over once more to become Abe’s little cum dumpster by placing a gag order on Broden, using the laughable excuse that he doesn’t want to ‘taint the jury pool.’ Snort.. You mean like allowing Swineface to blather on and on with a bunch of lies and BS on television? Swanton… speaking of taints… That’s a perfect description of him. He is most assuredly a useless waste of skin that’s something between an asshole and a pussy.


4 Responses to “Dirty Judge in Wacogate Gags Broden”

  1. agent provocateur Says:

    Reblogged this on Nevada State Personnel Watch.

  2. Has people forgot that People already been speaking of what went down on the inside that day…several stories are out and the all are the same!

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