Waco Cops Give Head to the Jury

So today, at the friendly neighborhood Wacogate Abortion Clinic… Reyna and the other bumbling idiots who run Waco like Auschwitz on crack took yet another rusty coat hanger to the vagina of Justice…

As reported in the Waco Tribune.. They have now placed a cop on the jury. What happened to ‘if you know anyone involved you are ineligible?’ This is the most ludicrous sack of rotting bull testicles I ever heard.
This home cooking is smelling more and more like doughnuts and DA dick cheese every single day….

A Waco police detective was selected Wednesday to preside over a new McLennan County grand jury that could be the panel that considers the Twin Peaks shootings.

The grand jury was selected using the new state-mandated random method.

James Head, a 34-year police veteran who has spent 26 years with Waco PD, was among the first 14 on the panel qualified to serve on the grand jury and, beyond that, 19th State District Judge Ralph Strother selected Head to serve as the foreman.

After the 12 members of the grand jury, plus two alternates, were chosen, Head, wearing his police badge and service pistol, entered the grand jury chambers with the others to begin considering about 100 criminal cases presented by the McLennan County District Attorney’s Office.

This panel, which will meet twice a month for the next three months, could consider indictments against the 177 bikers arrested in the wake of the May 17 Twin Peaks shootout that left nine dead and 20 wounded. A grand jury, at some point, also will review Waco police officers’ actions in response to the melee that broke out between rival biker groups that day.

“That’s the way it turned out,” Strother said after Head was selected, noting Texas law says the first 12 people who are qualified are selected for the grand jury.

“There was nothing to prevent the detective from being a qualified member of the grand jury, just like there is nothing to prevent him from being a qualified juror,” the judge said. “If there is nothing that challenges his impartiality, he is qualified. We have lawmen who get on jury panels all the time. Who is better qualified in criminal law than somebody who practices it all the time?’

McLennan County District Attorney Abel Reyna was present as the grand jury was sworn in.

“That’s the system,” he said. “He was chosen totally at random, like the law says.”

Source: the Waco Tribune</a

Now… As if THIS doesn't stink to high heaven already…. Officer (Amy will have endless fun with my name) Head serving on the jury and all… What does Waco PD and Anal Reyna have to say about…. HIS SIGNATURE ON PAPERS FOR THE WARRANTS!


How is someone who WORKED the case going to now be eligible to TRY the case?! Untainted jury, my ass. I think this right here should break ALL ATTEMPTS to sequester their ridiculous ever changing lies and swamps of treacherous noxious double dealing. It’s time for SOMEBODY’S lawyer to march into Waco and demand the truth.


10 Responses to “Waco Cops Give Head to the Jury”

  1. Stinks bad.

  2. This is totally absurd, discussing and unfair. FK Waco !

  3. jjsolari Says:

    “Hey, it’s the law, what can i do?” except for the “hey its the law” part every mexican on earth gives the last part as his reason for doing something wrong or for not doing something right. bureaucrats just put a few words in front of it. its still just mexican.

  4. What a bunch of bullshit! That’s a rigged jury if there ever was one!

  5. I hate Waco and the crooked police force. I’ll never drive thought that piece of shit place.

  6. Well, if you’re gonna “Pick-A-Pal”, you might as well get Head.

  7. WTF where is our so called president or elected officials, when is enough gonna be enough this was a set up & still a set up How the hell can a cop of 34 years of age be with the pd fo 26 years and be over the jury THIS IS AMERICA!

  8. This is how Wacky Waco justice system works, McLennan county ihas the 4th highest incarceration rate in Texas . I am embarrassed to say I am from Waco

  9. Please email me. I am a defense investigator on the case. All of the defense attorneys are concerned about this and we have been trying to find out where the snapshot of that warrant return (?) came from. If it is actually related to the biker case and was in fact filed, we need to get a copy of it NOW to oppose Head’s presence in the Grand Jury.

    • I know you are all standing on your heads for this. It is legit. I will not tell you whose it is. I have actually seen two of them. I have asked this victim for a full copy… And demanding things with me first thing in the morning doesn’t work all that well especially when I am doing everything I can to get it already. Beyond that.. Whose lawyer are you? I won’t hand this to just anybody, and I have no idea who you are.

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