Well, we all read a rather fantastic piece of journalism yesterday… A long time respected biker blogger released the startling news that the five “unarrested” in Reyna’s shady letter to Peterson were most assuredly snitches in a big FBI – ATF sting gone wrong. It was a riveting story laid out in his ever flawless wit and superb literary skill that cuts like a knife through the bullshit in a droll way of making you believe every word he says.  He showed everyone a nice little five piece puzzle that fit together all neatly. He was wrong.

The Story

It reads:

The Twin Peaks Massacre has always, clearly, been an ATF or FBI operation gone terribly wrong. The Waco police and most of official Waco have been lying about it since May 17. A couple of pieces of evidence became generally available this weekend that shine a little light into this black hole of deceit.

First, it is now absolutely inarguable that at least 182 people were arrested on May 17 and that five of them were “unarrested” by 5:28 a.m. the next morning. In an early morning fax from Waco Detective Sam Key to lay Justice of the Peace “Pete” Peterson, Key says, “These are the five guys we ‘unarrested.’ Thanks for all your help.”

I agree with everything up until this point. Then things take a turn for the umm, well.. you’ll see.

The five men set free were ————(removed out of respect for innocent veterans who asked me not to use their names)—————–. Generally, in ATF biker roundups, confidential informants are arrested with other suspects and then turned loose when nobody is looking.

Confidential Informants
Confidential informants in numerous cases are paid around $3000 a month and they are allowed to keep everything they can steal. In multiple cases, for example Mesa Mike Kramer, the CIs are alowed to get away with assaults and murder. Their primary job is to act as agents provocateur and solicit drug and gun buys and instigate other crimes. Some confidential informants are men who have been caught at some crime and are offered the choice of betraying their friends or going to prison. Some CIs are pros – like the semi-famous snitches James “Pops” Blankenship, Alex Caine, Ashley Charles Wyatt (who is now calling himself Charles Falco and who has been cited as a biker authority in news accounts of the Twin Peaks massacre), George Rowe, the late “Coconut Dan” Horrigan, “Mesa Mike” Kramer, James “Pagan Ronnie” Howerton and Steve Veltus. They are all loathsome men. They are all career criminals who have avoided punishment by entrapping other men who loved them like brothers. They are all men who ruin lives for a living

Since they were actually arrested, the men released in secret at dawn on May 18, were clearly not undercover agents. —–author—- has been told and has reported that two members of the Cossacks Motorcycle Club took off their club insignia and put on police windbreakers and balaclavas shortly after the shooting stopped on May 17. They were probably undercover FBI or ATF agents. —–author— believes the men released on May 17 were part of an ongoing federal investigation that exploded into violence. Based on interview with numerous sources, —author—– believes the violence was instigated by federal agents, that it was unnecessary and that the blatant Waco coverup that has ensued is intended to protect federal, state and local policeman from civil and criminal liability and embarrassment.


There are a few problems with this story… The main one being, of course, some innocent veterans went to Twin Peaks to hear a guest speaker on Motorcycle Safety. They happened to be in the general vicinity of some shooting. After being held all night, more than likely because of their predominantly red and yellow patch, they were released without being told anything specific about why they were released. Also, they were booking people in to that jail  for two or three days straight.. There is a very good chance that they were just next in line… One has to assume that’s what happened there, of course..  unless you have asked them yourself. ..Nobody really knows. I don’t understand why someone would assume these vets were snitches when there are so many shady people involved in other ways? I am horrified these five upstanding, distinguished men who served our country so valiantly, who embrace her and defend her still,  these vets who are members of various churches, patriot groups, and veterans groups, all of them in country vets of a sort, are suddenly treated like Jews in the Third Reich at a restaurant, and by the time they almost get over THAT, someone releases an article calling them out as snitches. So, I asked them.

Those are five innocent veterans.. good men who are assets to our biker community and there is no reason to think this about them. Their reputations have had enough needless blows this year. If nobody ever reads a word I write again after this, so be it. I sent these men friend requests on facebook and some of them accepted and answered my questions within ten minutes. They would have been just as cordial to the other journalist.

Rod “Hot Rod” Nash, the President of the IV Corps Chapter of the Texas In Country Vets MC, is the only publicly written about figure of the five, he and his wife Kay were the proud owners of Kay’s Motorcycle Mania in Nolanville, Texas for as long as anyone can remember, closing only due to health and age and retirement type things in the last year or two… By every indication this man is a cornerstone to the biker community in his area. Everyone I talked to mentions how much they have given their community, how they hosted literally hundreds of charity events, how they fed everyone who came to their business and were famous for always having a crockpot full of “gourmet hot dogs”.. served with a loaf of white bread, mustard, and ketchup. They have fed the soldiers with no families at the base and anyone else who was hungry or alone for fifteen years on Thanksgiving. This man is not a snitch.

I can totally see how this patch got mistaken for a support patch.. and why you would

I can totally see how this patch got mistaken for a support patch.. and why you would “unarrest” them after you realized what it says.

Patriot Guard Riders National Gathering of the Guard

Highway to Heaven Biker Church

Chisolm Trail Riding Club

KDH Vanessa Lynch Posted on Sep 8, 2013by Vanessa Lynch NOLANVILLE — To honor those who gave it all on 9/11 and to pay homage to those who have served and continue to serve, the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association hosted its second annual Vets for Vets Memorial Run at Kay’s Motorcycle Mania on Saturday. Motorcycle enthusiasts of all ages came together for a charity ride to raise funds for the William R. Courtney Veterans Home in Temple.

These five men all belong to various Veteran, Patriot, Christian, and other biker organizations.. I respect their privacy and will not tell you who is in which club or which chapters were involved… I am doing everything I can to exonerate their names from the damage done as gently as possible. They are all five fathers and husbands who serve and protect and love their communities. They are all five good examples of what men should be in various different ways. I am going to allow their military service to stand as their testimony as to the truth here.
<em>Good Morning Amy – we appreciate everything you’re doing. Please tell your husband ‘Welcome Home Brother’ for us. And you hit it square – our country is in trouble. The only thing I can say is that we attended the Reg 1 TCOC&I meeting in Waco same as we’ve been doing for years in other locations. There have not been problems and when we heard shots, we were as surprised as everyone else. We were not told why we were released and received no paperwork. We are retired from civilian jobs and some of us from the military, also. We have no association with cops nor their organizations. Please don’t use our names directly. There are family members very upset by this, as you can imagine. I know —————– are not snitches and have no association with law enforcement. We’re all family men with grown children and grandchildren. The whole mess remains bizarre. Thanks again.</em>

THIS IS NOT A CRIMINAL CLUB…. I can absolutely understand how a stupid cop would think so, however… If a person wants to dream up conspiracies about Washington perhaps they should think about how many Vets and Vet patches and Vet clubs are being hassled and the red and yellow Marine inspired Bandidos colors and the Seal Team and Jade Helm.. One so inclined should have PLENTY of stuff to make up theories about without crucifying five vets in one fell swoop, comparing them to the dredges of the the gutters of the bike world… the “experts” and snitches.  I can assure everyone if these five men had to they would lay their lives down for any cop or any 1%er in America right this second… I cannot see a single one of them laying down his honor. They eat sleep and breathe things like loyalty, truth, liberty, and justice. These are the kind of men who have lived doing that very thing in one way or another their entire lives and they will all five do it until their last dying breath, no matter how many times they get forsaken and abused by the countrymen they have fought to save.

Speaking of… Charlie Falco was mentioned. Hasn’t anyone but me noticed Charlie Falco posted a big ol back selfie on his main public Facebook page of a Cossack vest.. Yea, I know cops do that crap.. but, first of all… its normally done like a mounted deer head, a trophy…. Another thing is, cops will usually display them on a desk or a table or hanger or case.. I don’t think I have ever seen a cop wearing a biker’s vest from a bust for a selfie. I don’t think I have ever seen the back of a patch on Falco just standing around, and I KNOW I have never seen Steve Cook in one. But, this photo has been on Falco’s open public facebook wall since he made it his profile picture on May 23rd. It is most assuredly somebody WEARING the vest. There are several photos of Twin Peaks that show a guy who looks very much like him. I have been trying to verify if any of these guys know who the man in the photo is. I still am.

falco2 falco

I cannot force anyone to believe me over someone else. I also won’t argue over the point.  As far as the “two let out in the morning”, there are at least two or three very good possibilities of snitches… They could be Jeff Veillon and Ray Nelson who were neither one posted with a mugshot, and were listed on some jail lists but not on others… and let go, even though they allegedly lost their vehicles… One guy it says had a gun on the porch and lied about going to his bike to get it, the other said he had a sawed off in his vehicle. Isn’t that against federal law? There was Cossack Paul Miller, Hill County President who was shot and let go home… who called everyone who would listen to him, including me, in the first few days after it happened. There was two other guys released with no bonds who didn’t make other lists.. I am not done researching those two yet. I will tell you what I know when I know it.

Another possibility out there in the air is the whole backstory with the Ghostriders and the Gator bar and that butthole surfer Wade whining all over facebook about ‘wanting to wear a Texas rocker and the Bandidos won’t let them and they innocently went to an event and some Bandidos attacked them and the CoC is really just money going to the Bandidos and how he has been spouting all over central Texas how “he is gonna walk right into a CoC meeting and take it over.”

Do these words from a known rat in Central Texas sound vaguely familiar to anyone?

And the day it happened he is calling the Bandidos the terrorists who are going to kill him for what he’s involved with and talking about his blood family needs to distance themselves from him because the terrorists are going to come after him on his facebook page.

How can anyone come to a definitive conclusion with all these heavily loaded variables still weighing in the balance?

Meanwhile, ask yourself. Who do you think caused all this? The people known for causing trouble and getting mad about patches, or the men you all know and love whose mottos say things like….
Veterans who served in Vietnam; on the ground, in the air and on the water. We follow the code established by our Brothers, the first returning Viet Nam Vets who formed Outlaw motorcycle clubs. We are not allied with any other motorcycle club. We do not claim territory and we are not 1%ER. We respect all motorcycle clubs and follow local protocol established by the dominant 1%ER motorcycle club. We have the right to defend ourselves. We have paid our dues in Vietnam and in each of the many states in which we ride. We claim a special kinship with all men who served In Country Vietnam. We say “Welcome Home, Brother,” and for our Brothers who did not come home we say “Rest in Peace, you will NEVER be forgotten.”

 The other unarrested is a member of a smaller club, Fidei Defensor Motorcycle Club. it was established in 2005 and is comprised of Veterans and Private Military Contractors who have decided to guide themselves as a brotherhood under our founding principles. Our passion is the open road and the experience and memories of riding with our brothers. Our club business is our own and we will not interfere in yours. If you would like to ride with us or just hang out feel free to do so. Most of the Fidei Defensor MC members are still serving our country overseas, and we have lost many of our brothers .Therefore, FDMC is steadfast in its commitment to the brotherhood of our members and their enjoyment on the open road and their time together. We will ride any distance to spend the time to have a beer or a cup of coffee and share the camaraderie that few men will ever know. The Fidei Defensor Motorcycle Club proudly supports our troops, honors our veterans and all those who have gone into harms way in support of our nation and our nations allies. The FDMC and its members support the rights and freedoms of the United States of America, our Allies and our servicemen. The Fidei Defensor Motorcycle Club is 100% against what Islamic extremism stands for and imposes on its people and western societies. FDMC is also against anyone who opposes the ideals and principals that our great nation was founded upon. We have and will again, gladly, give our lives to preserve these values and ideals that our founding fathers and our brothers have bled and died for and to prevent extremism and tyranny from our soil, our children and our families. We do not dwell or live in the past. We do not worry about or be afraid of the future. We live for right now, today, this minute. Tomorrow may not come.”



  1. toodles Says:

    Thank you! Great write-up. These are some great guys, who do not deserve what they’ve been getting. Glad to see someone standing up for them. Thank you.

  2. Thanks, Amy. While I don’t know each and everyone, I have ridden with most of them.

    Let me just speak of Rod since he is discussed above. I have known and ridden with Rod for many years. I have been to the fund raisers and seen the dedication and commitment. I will stand for and with him at any time.

    He was at the meeting as a member and officer of a non 1% club who explained that he was and was exonerated. He was swept up in the mass arrest and initially some were released under similar circumstances. Then somebody put the kebosh on any releases until the investigation was completed and money issues were determined.

    In Country is a group consisting of Viet Nam veterans joining together out of unique circumstances and experiences that they share.

    But then everybody gets tarred with the same brush.

    The internet is full of BS sites that interpret actions to fit their own agenda just like the mainstream media. Because they are sometimes right doesn’t prevent the sheeple from following and believing that they are always right.

    I see that Rod has contacted them and they don’t seem interested in interviewing him other than to request an email.

    It takes the same amount of digging to do a story correctly as it does to bury yourself with “the facts” collected and posted in favor of your personal point of view. Why not do it correctly? What followers are they aiming at, and are they just collecting numbers?

    Rod is a good man and deserves better. He was caught up in a bad situation because he was wearing a back patch and rides a motorcycle. As were many others that day.

    To paint him in this light is disingenuous and intolerable.

    Regards and Respect.

  3. Amy, I owe you an apology. I was rude toward you on Rebel’s site. I now realize that there are always layers and levels of truth. I hope you can accept an apology from someone who jumped too soon on too little. It’s funny that now there is ONLY an image of the release email on said site and my memory is quite good.

    I’ve learned much through my time between news sites and have come to realize that I will stick to what I know; looking a man in the eyes and hearing him out (you ladies too, no offense).

    • It’s alright, Tooj. Not too long ago I woulda defended him too. Know that right or wrong, I am trying my damnedest to tell the truth, and if I fuck up, I own it. I am saddened and disgusted by what I have learned of that person… Makes me rethink everything I read over there as truth, watching it go on from the inside. Damnedest shit I ever seen?

      • Kinda ballsy to think I will take on all the Cossacks and cops in fuckin’ Texas but that I wouldn’t stand up to Hisself? I bet he reads Hunter S. Thompson and jacks off on a photo of Steve Cook, I really do. I’m just livid he never apologized to them nice old guys.

      • Yeah, I remember. I do the same (rethink), but this internet keyboard hidden bullshit makes it all smoke and mirrors. Next time I’m in AR can I use the number you had listed in the screenshots? I fucked up, I own it, I’m sorry and appreciate how gracious you are.

        Those fellows (ICVMC) will take care of themselves; you know that. I get your angst since that is my natural state, but hang loose. Those fellows know that this is the internet and it will be okay. Eye to eye is always better, I found that out today talking to a 77. FAR better than this plastic, fake internet posturing. Anyone who knows them will know better, the ‘Net is just annoying as fuck.

      • Sure… Come see me anytime… Just call ahead and make sure I’m home. There’s a pretty steady stream of bikers thru my house… I feed all of you guys. Haha.

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