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I know you said you aren’t writing Stories anymore but I hope you will share this. I was a waitress there. The bikers are telling the truth. They saved our lives. The policemen in Waco really were pretending to be bikers. They have been trying to be setting up the bikers for months because one approached me trying to get me to help him. He was here as a biker and as a policeman that day. They scared us all to death and treated us like common crimimals. I still have nightmares of the black policeman screaming at me that he was going to shoot me. I may forget what it smelled like in the freezer. I may forget watching them scream at dying men and wouldn’t let them have ambulances or doctors. I may forget that biker cop and the way he smiled at me like he was having fun. I will never forget the fear I felt that day because I felt like I was in a war and the policemen were the bad guys. If you don’t want to write any more stories it’s okay.


9 Responses to “An inbox message…”

  1. I’ll be glad to write your story. Contact Jim Parks on Facebook. I publish Your story is very important. – Jim

  2. Dan Gillen Says:

    For years I have been saying that , what was once an honorable profession has morphed into thugs with badges. Old school cops
    Would only become brutal when you spit on them or assaulted them, if you behaved yourself you wouldn’t have a problem with them. Now when I treat them with respect they try to provoke a confrontation. Now if you fail to respond to their commands perfectly, they shoot ya and then leave you to bleed out.

  3. I simply cannot imagine the chaos and fear. Thank you for writing this.

  4. Then speak up to the media not fb

  5. Of everything I have read since the beginning of the Waco tradegy and injustice, this made me want to cry but makes me furious at the same time. You did a good thing by sharing with Amy. I hope you continue being strong and not let what that low life cop did control you now.

    • The cop didn’t do it to ME. I wouldn’t knocked his fucking teeth out. Haha.

      • I meant the girl that sent you the message. Sorry if I was not clear. Also, this is my first time commenting on your site. I come here everyday and want to say I have alot of respect for you and what you are doing.

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