BREAKING NEWS: First Play by Play Description of THE VIDEOS!

  • We are all aware that some bikers have recently had bonds adjusted and loosened… And some attorneys and clients are being allowed to see portions of the videos for their own defense. This is the perhaps the most chiling story that has been sent to me since it all began— 

warning: graphic context

Before I get into the vids, one thing that people aren’t mentioning about the autopsies. Anyone notice that both Sidetrack and Chain had extra rounds in their vest pockets? Without the vids, people may just say that they had those in there from somethin else.

I am gonna start with some of the Don Carlos stuff, because most of it is just incidental stuff, but stuff that I think may be good info.

In the Don Carlos video, what pissed me off the most is that there were little kids walking around within a couple of minutes of the jackasses starting the shooting. The guy in the blue shirt is in it, and I looked at a lotta views to find out where he came from.

He came in an extended cab Chevy or GMC truck and parked about 50 yards behind where that black SUV was backed in when the shit started. He walked to DOn Carlos walked in, and talked to the lady who seats you. He looked either high on some kinda upper, or nervous as shit. It looked like he had dark hair and a handlebar mustache. The camera inside at the front caught a pretty good view of him, but can’t say I know who he is. He talked and then walked back outside. Did his looking side to side, signaled, and then ran back to Don Carlos.. He never went inside the inner part of Don Carlos..  If they had a entranceway, he went in there, but not into the inside area at that point.

There are about 12 different cameras in the Don Carlos video. Most views weren’t great as far as outside. You see the usual grouping of people hanging around outside in different areas like at most COC meetings and stuff… You couldn’t  really tell who was who, exactly.

You see cops get out of their private trucks and cars already dressed for action with military rifles ready.

If I had more time then, I woulda been looking at the different views better. I mainly just looked at the ones that might would show important stuff and also I was concerned with looking to see where in the hell the blue shirt guy came from.

The Twin Peaks Video has 9 different views. The only parts of the video shown was what the Twin Peaks lawyers thought was important, I guess. I still dunno why they didn’t have parking lot cameras, but they didn’t.

Most interior views showed different people, Boozefighters and citizens, men and women, sitting at the bar, at tables, eating. When you click on one of the patio cameras, the first thing you see is all black and yellow patches.. LOTS of them. There are a shit ton of them and they completely filled up the patio where the COC meeting was supposed to be.

The patio was L shaped. The long side had an older Cosaack guy about 55-65 years old, sitting in front. He had a pistol visible on his hip. There were some looking out around the patio.

When I pulled up in my car, I saw 2 or 3 of them standing at the corner of the building on the same side as the patio but the other end of the building towards the fabric store. I really think it was stuff like has been said, they were acting as sentries or lookouts, letting their people know when other people showed up.

The video showed that old guy trying to shift the pistol around to get it comfortable or get it easier to grab and he finally looked up at the camera and covered it up with his vest. I was still deep in the parking lot when those Bandidos from Dallas showed up. There were about 7 or 8 bikes in the group. As I walked across the parking lot, the Bandidos got surrounded. On the Twin Peaks video about that time, it shows almost all of the Cossacks get up and walk out under that one camera. Almost all of them were reaching in pockets or in their vest or behind their backs. There wasn’t any Cossacks sitting around eating, and if they were going to aid a prospect who got hit by a bike, they weren’t moving very fast to do it. They were going out steadily, with a purpose.

That is what surprises me about Clendennan wanting the video released. He is shown in it, he walks out with the group. I saw the Cossack named Chain was talking shit in front towards the left side of the group if you were looking at that side of Twin Peaks… Another guy who I was told was Big O was talking shit about one layer deep in the bulk of the group, probably behind that orange Road Glide you see in the main pic.

I  agree with the Bowtie attorney that they must have left that blank spot in the parking lot open to set this all up.

I turned around, and there was some of them behind us on the curb.. They had everyone surrounded pretty much. I turned back and about then the pushing and punching started somewhere around Big O. Then someone shot a gun. I looked to try to see where it came from, and then guns just started going off everywhere.

On the Twin Peaks video, the long patio view, there may be three Cossacks still on the patio when the shit starts. You cant see most of it, but if you look up the side of the patio, there is a banner that blocks most of the view. You can see out some at the end. There’s a Cossack standing there outside the rail when the shit starts, I guess when guns start going off, and probably a second or two later you see him drop like he took a round to the head.

You also can see a Cossack swinging a chain at someone outta view. I say this part because if it were something like they say, as a meeting set up to make peace, who brings a 5 foot chain? It’s not even like a small pistol or something that some may bring. Shit, a huge fucking chain. I noticed that the Cossack Chain’s mom posted a pic with him carrying a giant yellow chain on his side before they came up there.

If you see the short side of the patio camera, there is a small gate at the front of the patio to enter from the front of Twin Peaks near that table and canopy that they had set up over there for whatever reason.

Right before shit breaks out, after the Cossacks are moving out across the parking  lot, you see an Escondido come out of TWin Peaks and sit at a table. You can tell when shit starts, because he runs back inside.

Soon after, a fat Cossack runs in through the gate and hides behind a table. Then this Cossack. comes into the gate and points a gun out and shoots wildly, one shot. He runs inside.

We see him later at the door that leads out to the patio hunkered down with the gun pointed out. A large group of Cossacks are over there, by the bathroom and office.

A couple of times some Cossacks go up to him and point out towards the parking lot. It then looks like he shoots that way. On the patio you see different Cossacks taking cover behind tables. Two have pistols out, one has some type of stick or bar in his other hand. You see smoke and cartridges from below the camera and the two with pistols look over and then look back at the parking lot. I guess it was that Cossack who waved the gun doing the shooting at this point. I’m not positive but by their reaction, I can almost guarantee it was a Cossack, because they didn’t seem too concerned at all.

When police come in, the Smith looking guy walks into the crowd and then steps back out empty handed. They all get on the ground. Cops never come within 20 feet of them. When they get up, one or two walk against crowd into bathroom and then walk out with hands up. Disposing of weapons must have occurred then, I guess?

Out of all the Cossacks I saw on video, most all of them that were there wore Sgt. At Arms ribbons.

I really think the WPD is trying to go after those Bandidos for some reason. They have more than enough from the Twin Peaks video added to the info they’re putting all over social media to pretty much nail the Cossacks. But, they don’t pay the bills, I don’t suppose.

Also,  I guess the Cossacks don’t interest Steve Cook or boost his portfolio. If WPD told the Cossacks to go to Twin Peaks, regardless if the Cossacks did what the cops thought they would do or if they acted on their own fantasies, they should be held just as responsible for Mohawk and Candyman’s deaths as their own brothers in my opinion.

Also if Bandido Spaz couldn’t avoid the deer because his arm wasn’t moving all that well, they should pay for that shit too.


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