“i got her first motorcycle!”.. no you didn’t, dickhead.

I really abhor Miley Cyrus’s existence. i seriously want to vomit when i hear her name. So, of course, her banty rooster haircut is plastered across every damned website I open. I don’t know why she doesn’t go ahead and make porn with kanye and get it over with. well, here is a whole new level of stupidity. There’s this article on yahoo that says Billy Ray “owned by my slut daughter so i pretend not to care she’s a whore” Cyrus got his daughter a sporty new ride! and he is quoted “I got her first motorcycle!” It listed a price of $24,000. so, being a real fucking biker, and knowing i have seen billy gay himself riding a Road King, I figure its gonna be a tricked out Sportster with, I dunno, a custom tongue and teddy bear paint job or something, right? Well, no. It’s a can am. a spyder. a backwards trike. Now, I admit to being a harley snob, but whoever wrote this article must have the IQ of a day old condom stuck on the door handle of a brothel in downtown Amsterdam… that’s, technically, NOT a motorcycle, asshole. She probably doesn’t have sense enough or is ever sober enough to actually balance on two wheels. She also probably licked it. I hope now that she is 21 she will shut up about being a grown up… but I doubt it. I expect her next video to be her swinging her uterus over her head.. thats the only thing we haven’t seen of her nasty ass self…. or maybe licking the sidewalk in front of a truck stop in Laredo with a spoon up her butt. Billy Ray is a pussy to even associate with this tramp at all, not that I ever doubted it for a hot minute anyway.


One Response to ““i got her first motorcycle!”.. no you didn’t, dickhead.”

  1. Don’t hold back, tell us how you really feel. Lol

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