Sweet Euphoria


Today my body is weary.. My mind is slow and there is drama brewing around me that makes me ill at ease. I am however in a place that none of those things can touch me. I am sitting at my sewing machine. I am making an outfit for one of my closest friends, Jasmine. She will be doing several shows in her hometown of Sturgis this year and I am making her costumes that she may want to wear there. I love Jasmine… I am so excited to be going to Sturgis with her and I hate Sturgis.. But I don’t care because I will stand and watch her sing night after night. I would be excited to be going to Antartica with her just to be with her. Our friendship is ironic because you see, Jasmine is a singer.. And I am ninety percent deaf. I play her songs all the time just to hear her voice but I don’t actually know any of them because I can’t hear well enough to learn them. I love her for herself.. Not for her music.. Because her music is a part of her I cannot reach. I love to watch her in concert to see her red hair flying and her pretty smile and her tiny body wielding a bass with deadly precision. I mostly love the glint in her eyes of her doing what she loves most. So, I will sit here at my sewing machine and try to give her a tiny piece of happy in return for all the joy she brings into my life. Her voice is in my ears from an iPod as I carefully work intricate stitches into tiny little clothes… And I am at peace. I am with her in my mind. Nothing can touch the wonderland that is my friendship with Jasmine, and it’s one of my favorite places to retreat. I think of her when I hear Axle Rose sing ‘Her hair reminds me of a warm safe place where as a child I’d hide..’
Sweet Euphoria by Jasmine Cain


One Response to “Sweet Euphoria”

  1. That really touched my heart Amy, VERY beautiful!!!

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